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Tearsheet — Publications

Publications in Reverse Chronological Order since February 2008

  1. Michael Crichton: A Devout and Honest Skeptic
  2. Twittering to Terrorists
  3. What if McCain Knows What He’s Doing?
  4. Making Sense of Our Financial Mess
  5. Manufacturing on Demand: The Future Is Now
  6. Separating Palin Fact from Palin Fiction
  7. McCain and the OODA Loop
  8. Live from the DNC: Bill Keeps It Short
  9. Live from DNC: Eyewitness to Mayhem
  10. Live from DNC: ‘Ask Charlie Anything’
  11. Agile Programming Cargo Cults
  12. Why McCain’s Meeting With Dalai Lama Should Be Big News
  13. IndyMac: Not Such a ‘Wonderful Life’
  14. How Much is that Gay Marriage in the Window?
  15. Why Trains Won’t Work
  16. There’s Good news and Bad News About the US Budget
  17. A One-Room Schoolhouse for the 21st Century
  18. Amazon Kindle Draws the Reader In
  19. What Your Next Computer Will Do
  20. A New Kind of Agent
  21. Managing Security is Managing Risk
    (Note: the title and first paragraph are not mine through a horrible editing mishap.)
  22. Bear Sterns and March Madness
  23. Twenty for a Penny
  24. Sir Arthur Charles Clarke, RIP
  25. It Ain’t Insurance
  26. The Appeal of Authority
  27. Don’t Panic About Disk Encryption
  28. How Bad is the National Debt Really?
  29. How Karma is Like Pool

Television, Radio, Internet (reverse chronolgical order)

  1. Pajamas Media TV, 9 September 2008 (video)
  2. Kresta in the Afternoon, 8 September 2008 (audio)
  3. Fox News, 8 September 2008 (video)
  4. The Martha Zoller Show, 28 September 2008 (audio)

Disguising Shameless Self-Promotion via Other People’s Comments

  • Michael Barone, “I am not the only one to notice that John McCain and Sarah Palin have gotten inside the Obama campaign’s (and mainstream media’s) OODA loop. Blogger Charlie Martin sprang into pixels on before I could spring into print with this column.”
  • “I think this is the best thing that I have seen this whole long long year of election coverage.”
  • New York Times’s TierneyLab: “The judges decided to award the grand prize of “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Astronomy” to Charlie Martin of Boulder, Colorado, a computer scientist with Sun Microsystems as well as a blogger. In addition to getting the first two questions correct, he got extra extra credit for coming up with not just “October Sky” but also an anagram linked to a Star Trek icon. As Mr. Martin explained, “I’m fond of ‘Cob Trek Soy’ for its image of James T. Kirk during his Iowa childhood.” Mainly, though, the judges were impressed by the cogency and prose in his answer to the question on whether humans need to explore space:…. ”
    [Emphasis (read “bragging” mine.)]
  • “Moral Choices”, linked in Orson Scott Card’s “Links of interest”, 19 May 2008.
  • “Homodicy”
    “[T] he other problem is the balance of evil we humans place our own thumbs on, playing godlet. Does the end ever justify the means? Can we do evil — take life, cause pain — for a greater good? When can we? And if we don’t, don’t we still? And don’t we pay, don’t we have to pay, even when we are right? … Responsibility, he decides, is the key word. Read the whole thing.”
  • “Homegrown Futurologist”
    “If I were a publisher, I’d snap up Charlie Martin’s article on PJM today as the basis for a future book on computing by Charlie.”
    “That was one of the best things that has appeared on PJM. PJM needs to have more stuff like that, stuff that can’t be found anywhere else, pieces that provide new insight into what is going on and likely to develop in the worlds beyond politics and the MSM.”
  • “Stop Napping. This is Important.”
    “Charles Martin explains the Heart Sutra, perhaps the seminal text of Mahayana Buddhism.
    I’m not saying you’ll come away enlightened. But I’m not saying you won’t, either.”
  • “Electoral Karma”
    “You think ‘karma’ means ‘fate’? Charlie Martin, who’s been doing a superb series on basic Buddhist concepts in plain English over at his blog Explorations, explains that it’s a lot more like ‘snooker,’ and diagrams a few of karma’s possible November 2008 bank shots in a post that’s been picked up by Pajamas Media.”
  • “Random stuff I just wanted to share, all crammed into one post”
    “Charles Martin explores Buddhism (and some other things) in a revived blog that I’m sure will be worth reading. So I’ve added it to my Best of Blogolalia list.”
  • “The Explainer”
    “Charlie Martin is turning out to have a real genius for demystifying the arcane, putting it into plain English and commonsense concepts that nonetheless do not get it wrong or dumb it down: on the contrary.”
  • “Dukkha vs. Tsuris”
    “My friend Charles Martin has a compelling look at the Buddhist concept of dukkha, the omnipresent suffering and unsatisfactoriness that is ‘at the root of the four noble truths,’ according to the Shamhala Dictionary of Buddhism and Zen.”
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