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Proclamation, def.

proclamation, n., a legislative document that gives the appearance of action without committment. (See.)

Recursion, def.

see more pwn and owned pictures See, “recursion.”

Divisive, def.

Divisive, adj., what my opponents are being when they disagree with me. (Yes, I changed it. This is a draft website.)

Bipartisan, def.

Bipartisan, adj., when my opponents don’t keep me from doing whatever I want. (See, divisive.)

Consultant, def.

Consultant, n., One who finds out what the lower levels in an organization are saying, and bills $500 an hour to tell the upper levels. (Note: I think this is a paraphrase of something from Robert Townsend’s great Up the Organization, but can’t find my copy to confirm.)


Lawyer, n, a professional who has undertaken years of training in the notion that any position, no matter how idiotic, is true as long as (a) he wants it to be true, or (b) he’s getting paid by the hour by someone who wants it to be true.


Capitulation, n., (financial markets), When the losers, having lost all hope, solidify their losses by selling everything to the winners.

“Common good”, def.

Common good, n.p., that which leads to more votes in a contested election.