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In which I link a Kos diarist, approvingly

Jonathan Pollard: A while back, I wrote a diary about Warren, who I met while canvassing for Obama in southern Fairfax County. Warren was well into his 70’s and white. He began our conversation by informing me, quite bluntly, that he was voting for McCain because of “the lazy coloreds on welfare”. In spite of […]

Public servants or public masters?

Glenn Reynolds, for a change not at Instapundit: You can see their reasoning. Herring’s a bad guy. Why punish the police by letting a guilty man go free when they just made a simple mistake?Except that the rest of us enjoy no such immunity. If you’re a citizen who, say, accidentally carries a gun into […]

What is a “bigot”?

Warren Throckmorton: John Cloud here redefines bigot. Bigot means someone who is intolerant of others opinions and actions. Seemingly unaware of the contradiction, Cloud calls Obama a “very tolerant sort of bigot.”


Sippican Cottage: The reason I don’t care “California’s broke” is I know that means that the government of California is broke, not its citizens. …. When a fellow you know comes up to you at the racetrack and says he’s lost all his money because his can’t-miss horse threw a shoe, and wants to borrow […]

Obama to retain indefinite detention?

Jeff G@Protein Wisdom: I think any such revolt [against Obama by Move On et al, if he continues Guantanamo and indefinite detention] will be essentially toothless and perfunctory, and that Obama’s administration will suffer no ill-effects from staying with a policy of detention that has kept the US safe since 911. And this is because […]

Last Three

Culture 11: And then there were three. Henry Allingham, 112, Harry Patch, 110 and William Stone, a mere stripling at 108, are the only ones left. They are the last three men living in Britain who served in the First World War. This morning they will assemble, for perhaps the final time, in London’s Trafalgar […]

Power to the People

The Guardian: Nuclear power plants smaller than a garden shed and able to power 20,000 homes will be on sale within five years, say scientists at Los Alamos, the US government laboratory which developed the first atomic bomb. The miniature reactors will be factory-sealed, contain no weapons-grade material, have no moving parts and will be […]

Obama the Politician

The Obama campaign kicked the reporters for papers that endoresed Senator McCain off the campaign’s plane, and the campaign has refused to give another interview ever again to a TV station that asked Senator Biden tough questions in an interview. The campaign and its friends has sued or threatened to sue its critics. Senator Obama […]

Why I’ll Vote for McCain

I was asked this at some length by an old friend. It happens that Jim Treacher reminded me of this, David Foster Wallace’s article on the McCain campaign in 2000: Here’s what happened. In October of ’67 McCain was himself still a Young Voter and was flying his 26th Vietnam combat mission and his A-4 […]

I wish I could write like vanderLeun

After thousands of years of crawling up from the swamp of totalitarianism we can see, at last, in the distance a world where this ancient nightmare is removed from the world. But we cannot get there if America does not stand. Again. The world cannot rid itself of the terror of totalitarianism if America does […]