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Tragedy Above the Arctic Circle

… via cousin Bill in Alaska.

“Career limiting”, defn.

From Andrew Sullivan’s Daily Dish, but by Excitable Andy’s assistant: The easiest way to disprove these conspiracy theories is to consider what would be required for them to be true. Palin’s doctor, along with a good number of Mat-Su Regional’s doctors, nurses, and administrators would need to be in on the cover-up. On multiple occasions […]

Palin Rumor # — oh, who the hell knows?

Palin Interviewed at Working Turkey Farm, Doesn’t Scream and Run Away as Farmer Kills Turkeys. Tim Blair has a delicious collection of comments, of which my favorite is: What she does not know is that at least two helpless turkeys are being slaughtered alive in the background, their legs wiggling as their heads are stuffed […]

Troopergate final report

Anchorage Daily News: The state Personnel Board-sanctioned investigation is the second into whether Palin violated state ethics law in firing her public safety commissioner, and it contradicts the earlier findings by a special counsel hired by the state Legislature. Both investigations found that Palin was within her rights to fire Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan. […]

#99: McCain/Palin Rallies are Violent Mobs

Dana Milbank and a bunch of others have made a whole lot of stew out of one oyster — that someone at a rally shouted “kill him” about, variously Barack Obama or William Ayers. The story has been whipped up pretty good: there have been supposedly-serious suggestions that Palin and McCain could be prosecuted for […]

#98: Palin cheated on her taxes.

There is no serious debate (at least, none that has been brought to our attention) about the fact that at least the amounts paid for the children’s travel — $24,728.83 in 2007, according to the Washington Post — are taxable. The campaign’s tax lawyer has got at least that much of the law, and perhaps […]

#97: Palin thinks Nightline and Lou Dobbs are “Magazines”

Matt Yglesias reported that Alaska Magazine wrote: “In one part of the interview, I asked her what newspapers and magazines she read before being asked to be John McCain’s running mate,” Couric said. “And she couldn’t name any. So again, I turned to the crew and I said, ‘Hold it, guys,’ and I went to […]

#96: Palin Lied About Inexperience

Sarah Palin’s trip to New York this week was billed as the Republican vice-presidential candidate’s first chance to meet with foreign heads of state. That perception was fueled by her comment this month, when she told ABC News’ Charles Gibson that — as Alaska governor — she never had met with the leader of another […]

A Palin Rumor

I don’t know whether to give this a number or not. Okay, this is now my favorite. The whispers bouncing around the halls of NBC today say Palin is currently considering doing a surprise pop-in on the long-running late-night sketch comedy show. Additionally, OK! is hearing that Emmy-winner Fey might reprise her now-infamous impersonation. You […]

#94: Palin Racist, “Doesn’t do black guys.”

Is Sarah Palin Racist? “Well, She Ended Our Conversation When She Learned I Was Black” A year or two after her marriage, when she’d just had Track and was very likely pregnant with Bristol, she was hanging out in a fast food joint in Anchorage trolling for musicians and told this guy she doesn’t do […]