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Michael Crichton, Honest Skeptic

A new piece up at Pajamas Media.

Twittering for Terrorists

The last couple of weeks have been so busy that I forgot to post this; I had a piece up at PJM about the potential for Twitter being used by terrorists and other intelligence services. By the way, my obituary for Michael Crichton should run tomorrow.

Making Sense of Our Financial Mess

My long piece on the financial crisis is up at Pajamas Media.

PJTV Today

See me on the blogger whip today at Pajamas Media TV. Today, I’m talking about space: Congratulations! 恭喜!! The Chinese Space Program has orbited another successful manned mission, including a space walk. The Hubble Space Telescope has suffered a hardware failure. It should be back in limited service soon, but the Space Shuttle (can we […]

Manufacturing on Demand: the Future is Now

A new article on Pajamas Media.

They’re heeeear

First day of of my PJM Convention coverage.

McCain and the Lama

A new piece up at PJM.

When a bank gets the runs

A new piece on Pajamas Media.

How much is that marriage in the window?

A new article at Pajamas Media.

Why Trains Won’t Work

A new post on PJM.