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Me, speaking in my own voice, about things I think.


I guess this is going in Commentary, as I don’t have a category for “out and out whining”. Some number of my friends know that I’ve suffered from depression for a good long part of my life; I think my first real acute episode was when I was 13 or so, and certainly I had […]


This is another one of these “commentary” category pieces which I suspect pushes the envelope of my intention to make Explorations an “aggressively non-political” blog. None the less, my intention is not political, at least in the sense that I don’t intent to make a position for either political party, and don’t accept the usual […]

On Obscurity

This is still on my mind today; its an extension of the thoughts below, and the Orwell piece “Politics and the English Language“, which I strongly commend to anyone who hasn’t read it in the last few weeks. I want to return to the maxim: as I suggested, I think that anyone who understands something […]

Moral Choices

This is going to pass perilously close to political commentary, even though I describe this as an “aggressively non-political” blog. It’s not that I claim no political opinions; it’s just that we’re at a stage in history where disagreeing with someone’s political opinions can be enough to discredit any thought they might have about anything. […]