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I’m Baaaaack

As of 24th August (coincidentally my 55th birthday) I’m not longer an editor at Pajamas Media. This should allow more time to write, among other things, including writing for PJM some more.

Comments Notice

They’re allowed. That is all.


Please note that I’ve updated the Prajñaparamita Hridaya Sutra page with some further explanaiton, following the Sunyata post below.


That was, by the way, my 100th post on Explorations. As I’m posting this, Sitemeter says I’ve had 1,366 visitors.


I’m just setting up a connection with Technorati here. Technorati Profile Move along.

Stage Fright and a Sense of Order

Beyond the mere fact of having been busy, and the discovery that I like writing for paying markets (okay, I knew that, but I haven’t been doing it for a while), there have been other things that have deterred me from posting, and especially from posting on Buddhist topics: stage fright and a sense (perhaps […]

Administrative note

Another Test

I’m writing this without the “help” of the WordPress visual editor. I’m finding the visual editor very frustrating: I do something creative with it (like right-aligning an attribution on a quote) and it will happily accept it, show the right thing on preview, and then rewrite my code so my creative thing goes away. This […]


This is just a test.[1] Footnotes:This is only a test. [↩]


I’m inaugurating a new category, Books.  It’s about books. Blogging is all about  creativity.