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Another test

This appears to be a known bug, but the WordPress forums don’t have an explanatino, and login on the WP forum site appears to be broken.

Yes, that’s impressive.

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  1. eprov | 2011-Jan-17 at 15:32 (@689) | Permalink

    While I realize this blog has not been active for some time, I can’t seem to find a direct way to contact you either here or through Pajamas Media.

    In 2008, you wrote “A Cosmopolitan One Room Schoolhouse.” I understand that you meant your analysis ironically, as a “modest proposal,” but actually, I’ve been working toward opening a one-room schoolhouse since 2006. I chose the one-room structure because I believe in individualized education, incorporating as little bureaucracy as possible.

    With a curriculum and business plan in place, I’m now reaching out to New York families, intending to build a community and open within the next two years. Is this an idea in which you have serious interest? If so, I’d enjoy exchanging messages with you.

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