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Tech Issues for PJM

I’m sort of the editor who looks at tech issues now (be nice, kids, the other editors are pure writers, not impure ones like me) and until/unless I convince Roger we need an editors blog within the site, use this to leave comments about the tech.

And yes, this will be moderated to, don’t get all excited.

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  1. Lifeofthemind | 2010-Apr-09 at 18:24 (@808) | Permalink

    Good idea to use this and advertise it. Advanced advertising of changes and a link at the PJM top page would help bring the traffic that belongs here, here.

    Now about the moderation monster, how about a good posted explanation of how it works and good mechanism for getting legitimate posts out of the flush locker.

  2. Charlie | 2010-Apr-09 at 18:31 (@813) | Permalink

    It’s the usual Akismet spam filter. The main thing, though, is that we at PJM don’t actually moderate Wretchard’s comments, or do the Tocque thing — that’s all his.

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