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{ Monthly Archives } September 2009

I like it.

If my father had seen this, he’d be in the garage at the table saw as soon as everyone was in bed.


I rarely think very well of things Kathryn Jean says at NRO. Here she nails it: It would have been nice to have gotten my friend Barbara Olson’s reaction to Wednesday night. To today. And to rumors Hillary might run for governor of the Empire State! But she was killed by men who hate America. […]


Or see here:

The Japanese have the best toys

Kawaii des, ne?

Okay, I only get a little bit of what she’s saying, but this is Yukichi, his mom is Yuki, they’re snow leopards, and she says he’s really cute (kawaii). And she’s right. Odds on that mom is 雪 (yuki, “snow”) and son is 雪一.

Quote of the Day

To me, the most tragic part of the Post’s story is Ms. Childs stopping to watch a Tea Party rally and believing she saw people who would hate her instead of knowing that she was watching the people who love her the most, who honor her the most and who are fighting for capitalism because […]

Quote of the Day

It was an exceptionally lovely weekend, but almost cruel; summer is going, and it shows up for the court appearance to finalize the divorce in a Wonderbra and high heels. — Lileks

Kicky tune, fun video