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By Way of an Announcement

Last night I ordered the first month of a NutriSystem Diabetic plan, which I expect I’ll start roughly 1 June. I’ll be diary-ing it here.

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  1. heychuck1 | 2009-May-26 at 00:08 (@047) | Permalink

    I took the plunge with NutriSystem Oct/Nov/Dec and lost 28 pounds. I now have another month of food in my kitchen mocking me. I only gained 1/2 back. Breakfast is good, lunch good, dinner… um… BTW, it works much, much, much better if you add a little daily exercise. Once I did that, the lbs flew off. Good luck.

  2. Charlie | 2009-May-27 at 13:43 (@613) | Permalink

    Thanks. Honestly, I think the most appealing part is that I don’t have to think “now what to eat?” What I really need is ood pills like on the Jetsons.

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