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{ Monthly Archives } May 2009


Project Management for Dummies

NPV of Higher Ed?

Having attended both Duke and Carolina, this one struck me: Now the next question is: Will consumers become more sophisticated too? Tuition, room, and board at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill cost about half what they cost at nearby Duke. Is a Duke education really twice as valuable as one from UNC? […]

Damn fools renamed Skene’s Gland

Created by Sex Otherwise I’d have 100 percent.

By Way of an Announcement

Last night I ordered the first month of a NutriSystem Diabetic plan, which I expect I’ll start roughly 1 June. I’ll be diary-ing it here.


What does this remind me of…

Play it HD, full screen

static : pulse from Samuel Cockedey on Vimeo. Remember, even if we don’t have flying cars, this is the future.

Basically, sometimes all you can do is look.

VDH on Media

For the last eight years, rendition (hey, they even made a hit-piece movie about the supposedly awful practice), intercepts, military tribunals, and Iraq were sort of the refrains of the liberal-media choruses. Looking back, in light of the Obama media, was such hysteria simply politics, pure and simple? Bush did it: bad; Obama did it: […]


I have a theremin in the garage; it kind of got pushed out by extra computers and books. I’ve got to dig it back out.