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{ Monthly Archives } March 2009


I think I wrote myself out on Tuesday, which is always a mistake. But these things come in waves; when inspiration strikes, you strike back! And then wonder why you hit it and knocked it out, because it’s just gurgling now and making these gross wheezing, hacking sounds.


Not a lot of updates recently, I know. There’s been a combination of general life suckitude and my having had some health issues — relatively minor, but I’ve just been dopey and grumpy (a two-dwarf day) for a while. Things are, I hope and believe, getting better.


Are broken; I’ll figure it out.

Quote of the Day

Tom Maguire: [N]o serious Dem wants anyone to join the military and considers it a sign of a great social failure when they do. They just want gays to have the same right to not join the military as everyone else.

Polluted Information Stream

The Other McCain: Among the ill effects of liberal bias in the media is that much political “news” amounts to thinly disguised DNC talking-points. The conservative must learn to think critically about news and politics, to filter out that which is misleading, or else he will internalize the funhouse-mirror distortions of reality that define the […]

Wish I’d Said It

Tom Maguire: RETIRING THE TITLE:  I loved this death knell for the Reagan Era in headline of a Friday Times piece on the new Obama budget: A Bold Plan Sweeps Away Reagan Ideas So Obama proposes to increase cumbersome regulation, raise taxes, weaken our national defense, and restore the Soviet Empire.