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{ Monthly Archives } February 2009

Second Quote of the Day

Baseball’s singular purpose, some seem to have forgotten, is to entertain us. So the moral panic surrounding Alex Rodriguez’s steroid use is unquestionably counterproductive. If an athlete decides to sacrifice his testicles to the gods of baseball, who am I to object? — David Harsanyi (What can I say? I’ve gotten behind.)

Quote of the Day

“Never underestimate self-regard and pomposity.” — Roger L. Simon.

Firefox Issues

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I Know How He Feels

Cecil Adams at The Straight Dope: There’s this thing called a “joke,” Frank, that you should become acquainted with. A joke is a display of cleverness intended to engender yux. Some people, however, require advance notice if they’re to recognize a joke when they see one. In polite society it’s customary when in the presence […]

My Own Private Cloud

A new piece on Edgelings.


I’m starting to see people in the Rightosphere worring about HR 645, which sets up emergency centers on unused military bases, with the implication that it’s preparation for detention camps. HR 645 is real. before making a whole lot of that, I’d remind you all of the succession of moonbat sites insisting Bush and Halliburton […]


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Just remember, the nostalgia now isn’t based on the New Deal helping the country. It’s based on the New Deal helping politicians. — Glenn Reynolds