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{ Monthly Archives } February 2009

Why US Will Bail Out Some Mortgages

A new piece up at Pajamas Media.

First Contact

Every time I look a big octopus in the eye I think “He’s smarter than we’re giving him credit for being.”


Robots with Rat Brains

This isn’t Robert Heinlein territorty. This is Cordwainer Smith territory.

In which I link a Kos diarist, approvingly

Jonathan Pollard: A while back, I wrote a diary about Warren, who I met while canvassing for Obama in southern Fairfax County. Warren was well into his 70’s and white. He began our conversation by informing me, quite bluntly, that he was voting for McCain because of “the lazy coloreds on welfare”. In spite of […]

The Real Question

Jonah Goldberg: As for it being undesirable, I am consistently amazed when liberals and libertarians (and even some conservatives) want the right to abandon its dogmatic aversion to statism in favor of some more nuanced and compassionate gumbo or some kind of rightwing progressivism. If the right ever loses its anti-statism, we will have a […]

Zero Tolerance Nonsense

My piece on the Marie Morrow case, at Pajamas Media.

Second Quote of the Day

[S]ome of the effete elitist intellectuals in the GOP orbit are going to have to get over their craving for a Republican Party that’s “respectable” by the standards of Manhattan, Georgetown and Brentwood. — Robert Stacy McCain Okay, it’s happening again.

Quote of the Day

“Our journalists know that good men are often despised by the mob; it just never seems to occur to them that they might be the mob themselves.” — Andrew Klavan at NRO

Did we Really Waste $78 Billion on the TARP?

A new piece up at Pajamas Media.