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{ Monthly Archives } January 2009

How much is 2+1?

Musical Interlude

A New Milestone

I’ve got two pieces in PJM’s top five today:



Oh look, a new post! Yeah, I’ve been MIA. Holidays are hard on me — you’re expected to go out, have fun, spend time with your family. There’s all sorts of interpersonal interaction, using unnatural spoken communication instead of the much more natural and convenient form of email; this increases the stress. Add to that […]

Public servants or public masters?

Glenn Reynolds, for a change not at Instapundit: You can see their reasoning. Herring’s a bad guy. Why punish the police by letting a guilty man go free when they just made a simple mistake?Except that the rest of us enjoy no such immunity. If you’re a citizen who, say, accidentally carries a gun into […]

It’s All Lilek’s Fault

He said something about “if code is poetry then WordPress is Ginsberg” and this is what happened: I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, ranting and pounding their keyboards, dragging themselves through CSS options at dawn looking for an angry fix anglebracketed geeksters burning for the ancient mathematical connection to the […]