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{ Monthly Archives } December 2008

General Tso and His Chicken

Review: iPhone: the Missing Manual Application

Just posted this to the iTunes store. Thanks to O’Reilly for the review copy of the app. iPhone: The Missing Manual is a new O’Reilly publication; the full text of the O’Reilly book, packaged with the Stanza reader application. I’ve had an iPhone 3G for a month or so, and I’m a pretty experienced geek, […]

Botali and Me

Kinda working blue here — that’s the way the Boulder crowd goes.

What is a “bigot”?

Warren Throckmorton: John Cloud here redefines bigot. Bigot means someone who is intolerant of others opinions and actions. Seemingly unaware of the contradiction, Cloud calls Obama a “very tolerant sort of bigot.”

Tragedy Above the Arctic Circle

… via cousin Bill in Alaska.

Understanding Your Abyssinian Cat

more animals

Can we have kippahs for breakfast?

Happy Hannukah!


more animals

That’s Me

There I am, giving my talk at Ignite Boulder on Big Organizations That Act Like Idiots.  Here are the slides.

How to Prevent a Digital 9/11

A new article up at Pajamas Media.