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Bakin’ Bacon

This has been sitting in the queue for a few days, so I thought I’d get it off my mind. Some days ago I read a couple of pieces discussion the best way of cooking bacon. One of them sounded really interesting: put the bacon on a rack in a 200°F over and let it cook for a long time.

A long time. Like hours. Seriously. Here’s two hours.

So I tried it. Here’s the result:

It ends up being really really good. It has a chewy, meaty texture instead of the crumbly-crisp texture of crispy-fried bacon; it also shrinks far less. Of course, if you’re going to cook it for two hours this isn’t something you want to do for breakfast, but I’ve filled a plastic bag with baked bacon and kept it in the refrigerator; if anything, it gets better over a couple of days in the fridge. A few seconds in the microwave brings it back to temp, or you can add it as an ingredient. (Chopped and added to scrambled eggs is good.)

All in all, a very interesting experiment indeed.

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