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Palin Rumor # — oh, who the hell knows?

Palin Interviewed at Working Turkey Farm, Doesn’t Scream and Run Away as Farmer Kills Turkeys.

Tim Blair has a delicious collection of comments, of which my favorite is:

What she does not know is that at least two helpless turkeys are being slaughtered alive in the background, their legs wiggling as their heads are stuffed into a grinder  by a smiling camera-hog executioner.[1]

One wonders about the parallel universe in which the writer exists, where turkeys are slaughtered in some other way than when they’re alive.

As Granddaddy used to say, “Hmph.  City folks.”

  1. Well, not really a grinder. The conical thing is actually kind of like a funnel; it keeps the turkey still while the turkey is slaughtered by cutting an artery in the neck. []

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