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{ Monthly Archives } November 2008

Hand Lettering with a Brush

Dear Mom

more animals

Family Motto

On Thanksgiving, you can eat something bigger than your head.

On Surface, You Eat Calamari

Coming Thing

“Doctor, I have an orgasm every time I sneeze.” “Goodness.  What are you taking for it?” “Ragweed.” More here.

Save the Sock Puppet

A Geek’s Thanksgiving

My new piece on Edgelings.

Needed: 1500 cubic kilometers of limes

My first Edgelings post

I’m pleased to announce that i’m now an Edgeling.  My first Edgelings article us up here.

What are P, NP-Complete, and NP-Hard?

I ended up writing this for someone on StackOverflow; thought I’d preserve it here too. We start with the idea of a decision problem, a problem for which an algorithm can always answer “yes” or “no.” We also need the idea of two models of computer (Turing machine, really): deterministic and non-deterministic. A deterministic computer […]