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To Sail Beyond the Sunset

When Tennyson is on, he’s still among the best. And when Sir John is on, he was better.

[And thanks to commenter dmacb for pointing out I had it wrong. Duh.]

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  1. dmacb | 2008-Nov-01 at 14:25 (@642) | Permalink

    Hi Charlie – Just followed a link from “The Other McCain” and it looks like I’ve found yet another enjoyable place to visit.

    Just a tad curious about your caption. Since that’s “Sir John” (Gielgud) making Lord Tennyson’s words soar, are you saying that “Sir Ralph” (Richardson) was better?

  2. Charlie | 2008-Nov-01 at 14:28 (@645) | Permalink

    No, I’m just an idiot. “It’s not what you don’t know that’s trouble, it’s what you think you know that ain’t so.”

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