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{ Monthly Archives } September 2008

Is it real, or is it satire?

#97: Silly Sarah Palin Thinks You Can See Russia from Alaska

Yes, you can so see Russia from Alaska. More assistance from Beldar.

Found! Sarah Palin’s Swimsuit Competion Video! Honest!

Here’s a youtube version: Okay, she’s hot. I didn’t think she looked as good at that age as she does now, but she looks good. The embed code doesn’t look like it’s working, but here’s a link to it. Okay, maybe I’ll add some Google whoring. (I do so enjoy gaming google.) Sarah palin, (like […]

Kudlow on the Convergence

At NRO: The single-biggest mistake in the Paulson bank-rescue-plan marketing effort has been the failure to explain clearly how taxpayers are going to recoup $700 billion used to buy toxic assets at auction in order to unfreeze the banking system. In other words, folks don’t understand how taxpayers will be paid back, and may actually […]

Krauthammer on the Crisis

I haven’t been very happy with Krauthammer’s stuff recently; early on in the financials crisis, he seemed to me lining up with the “what’s in it for me” crowd. But here he’s right on. I have little doubt that some, if not many, cases of malfeasance will emerge. But what we conveniently neglect is the […]

#96: Palin Lied About Inexperience

Sarah Palin’s trip to New York this week was billed as the Republican vice-presidential candidate’s first chance to meet with foreign heads of state. That perception was fueled by her comment this month, when she told ABC News’ Charles Gibson that — as Alaska governor — she never had met with the leader of another […]

Greg Mankiw on the crisis

Here’s an economist’s POV, via Greg Mankiw: A LOT of payrolls get paid at the end of the month. The next for many companies is September 30. Three different people with hugely relevant knowledge said to me today words to the effect of: “Why don’t your economist buddies want [insert fortune 100 company/companies here] to […]

On 200 Economists vs Paulson

If you wanted advice on whether reverse cowgirl was a stimulating sexual position for the woman, would you ask 200 priests, or an old whore like Paulson who had done it thousands of times before?

More on the financial crisis

Megan McArdle: Should we punish stupid bankers by plunging the entire country into recession? Most of the stupidest ones have already been punished; as I understand it, Dick Fuld lost about $100 million in the Lehman collapse, while the head of Bear lost $1 billion. The mortgage bankers have already been fired. We’re sending a […]

On the financial crisis

Fight now I’m feeling like the Dems think “Hey, the Great Depression got FDR elected” while people like Michelle Malkin are thinking “It won’t be a great Depression, it’ll be a good Depression.”