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Has to be a pony here somewhere

Some days ago, Andrew Sullivan — who I stopped reading long ago, but sometimes get a link to — wrote that he heard John McCain say “horseshit” during the debate.

Yep: McCain clearly swore twice when challenged by Obama on his disdain for the Spanish prime minister. You can hear him cuss Obama out at around the 4:30 mark in this video. A little taste of what most of his fellow senators have had to listen to for the last two decades.

Riehl blogged about it here.

I’m quoting Reihl here, because Sullivan has changed the post. Now it reads:

I’ve removed the original post of a little time ago because after listening to the clip about two dozen times, what sounded like McCain saying “horseshit” actually comes through as having a hard “c” at the front of it. My husband insists that McCain said “Course not.” I think now my hubby’s right, although it’s very muffled. You can hear the moment at around the 4:30 mark in this video. I’m sorry for mis-hearing this. I’ve heard McCain say worse in my presence (and thought none the less of him for it) so it wasn’t exactly bizarre.[Emphasis mine.]

To which my instant reaction is two parts:

  1. If you didn’t think less of him for occasionally swearing like a sailor, why did you make a big fuss about it?
  2. Did it puzzle you at all that you were the only one to hear it?

In the same post, he writes:

[Update II: I just listened to it all over again and now I’m not clear again. Oh, the joys of blogging in real time. If anyone has another translation for what was an under-the-breath remark by McCain, I’d be happy to air anything that makes sense. I’d email the McCain campaign but they won’t answer blogger emails.]

You know, Andy, that’s funny: the McCain campaign answers my emails.

Do you suppose it could have anything to do with your continuing insistence that Palin ought to prove Trig is her child with DNA tests, and that you claimed McCain was swearing on TV and no one else noticed?

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  1. Hank M. | 2008-Sep-28 at 22:24 (@975) | Permalink

    Palin loves the state of Alaska. Sullivan loves the state of High Dudgeon.

  2. McGehee | 2008-Sep-29 at 08:30 (@396) | Permalink

    High Dudgeon? Is that one of the additional seven or eight states I hadn’t heard about until Obama started campaigning?

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