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#97: Silly Sarah Palin Thinks You Can See Russia from Alaska

Yes, you can so see Russia from Alaska.

More assistance from Beldar.

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  1. bertie | 2008-Sep-27 at 19:06 (@837) | Permalink

    What I want to know is did Sarah Palin ever say, “I can see Russia from my house.” I think it’s funny, no matter who said it first. It just annoys me when people try to use it as proof she’s stupid. That shouldn’t agree with anyone’s reason or common sense.

  2. scrumptious | 2008-Sep-29 at 01:16 (@094) | Permalink

    Has anybody really questioned her claim?

    I mean, really?

  3. Charlie | 2008-Sep-29 at 01:39 (@110) | Permalink

    Yes, and made fun of her obvious intellectual deficit in connection thereto.

  4. scrumptious | 2008-Sep-29 at 02:38 (@151) | Permalink

    Can you provide some links, please?

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