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#94: Palin Racist, “Doesn’t do black guys.”

Is Sarah Palin Racist? “Well, She Ended Our Conversation When She Learned I Was Black”

A year or two after her marriage, when she’d just had Track and was very likely pregnant with Bristol, she was hanging out in a fast food joint in Anchorage trolling for musicians and told this guy she doesn’t do black guys. And he remembers being shut down, and her name, 18 years later.


I especially like the “when she learned I was black” part. Here’s the guy:

Apparently she really does need the glasses.

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  1. McGehee | 2008-Sep-24 at 09:58 (@457) | Permalink

    I’ll bet Greg Royal doesn’t do black guys either.

  2. Charlie | 2008-Sep-24 at 11:13 (@509) | Permalink


  3. bdunbar | 2008-Sep-24 at 18:38 (@818) | Permalink


    Racist homophobe.

  4. McGehee | 2008-Sep-24 at 19:12 (@841) | Permalink

    Or is it “homophobic racist?”

  5. DaveC | 2008-Sep-24 at 19:45 (@864) | Permalink

    I think the correct term is ‘homo gay basher’..

    (the ‘Homo Gay Basher’ is a South Park line.. credit due)

  6. Charlie | 2008-Sep-24 at 20:14 (@885) | Permalink

    Them’s my home boys.

    I grew up just south of South Park.


  7. DaveC | 2008-Sep-24 at 22:11 (@966) | Permalink

    I was born in Casper Wyoming..

    I feel the show.. I feel it. :)

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