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New Comments Thread for Palin Rumors

Frankly, the comments on the original Palin Rumors thread have overwhelmed my installation of WordPress. So I’m closing off those comments; please add additional rumors or questions here.

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  1. DaveC | 2008-Sep-22 at 14:47 (@658) | Permalink

    in case you haven’t heard it yet..

    if you ever wondered just the sheer numbers of the rumors that came flying out of the woodwork about Sarah Palin..

    It looks like there might be a source..

    as a run down on about the astroturfing of the rumors..
    and a short follow up here..

    (and a mention in ‘Day by Day’.. if that’s not cool, I don’t know what is..)

  2. Charlie | 2008-Sep-22 at 20:07 (@880) | Permalink

    Dave, I’ll have an article about that up at Pajamas Media, probably tomorrow.

    Sorry I didn’t put something here first, but they gve me actual money for the PJM stuff.

  3. DaveC | 2008-Sep-22 at 23:26 (@018) | Permalink

    understand.. if it pays the bills..

  4. Indy_Utah | 2008-Sep-23 at 10:41 (@487) | Permalink

    What about the Kenyan witch-hunting pastor that is credited by some (including Palin herself)
    for her election as Governor?

    The Mudflats blogger says that this fellow is coming back to Wasilla:

  5. Charlie | 2008-Sep-23 at 23:45 (@031) | Permalink

    Indy, that would be #85. She didn’t credit him for her election, she said “isn’t that amazing? He prayed that I’d do something big and I got elected!”

  6. bdunbar | 2008-Sep-24 at 07:00 (@333) | Permalink

    Rumor – Sarah Palin is racist because – in 1990 – a woman named Sarah Heath told a guy ‘I don’t do black guys’.

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