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#85: Palin believes in Kenyan witch hunter’s power

The combination of 84 rumors and 450 comments seems to have overwhelmed WordPress; I can’t edit the page right now. I guess this means I’d better finish my new version. In the mean time, another new one is that Palin says she won the governorship through the help of a Kenyan witch hunter. This is another one where a bit of truth is being spun out with a lot of fantasy, and a certain amount of anti-AoG or anti-Christian prejudice.

Here’s the real story: Palin’s church was visited by a Kenyan minister who had indeed been known for converting a lot of people in Kenya, and for dealing with someone there who was believed to be a witch by the local population. When he visited Palin’s church while she was still with the AoG, he prayed over her that the big undertaking she was thinking about would come through, not knowing that she was thinking of running for governor. She’s quoted as saying:

“As I was mayor and Pastor Muthee was here and he was praying over me, and you know how he speaks and he’s so bold. And he was praying “Lord make a way, Lord make a way.”

“And I’m thinking, this guy’s really bold, he doesn’t even know what I’m going to do, he doesn’t know what my plans are. And he’s praying not “oh Lord if it be your will may she become governor,” no, he just prayed for it. He said “Lord make a way and let her do this next step. And that’s exactly what happened.”

The video the Times uses goes on to quote her ex-pastor as speaking of the guy’s “prophetic power.” “Prophetic”, got it? “In Western religion, prophecy is the divine gift of speaking the truth, especially about the future. One who speaks prophecy is called a prophet.”

So she isn’t saying the guy helped make her Governor, she’s saying “isn’t it amazing he managed to predict this?”

(Now, this sounds to me like a perfect example of a “cold reading”, so I’m not particularly amazed. But I betcha that if some Animist shaman in Kenya had made the same prediction about Obama, it wouldn’t be nearly as as questionable.)

(The other rumors can be found at Palin rumors.)

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  1. DaveC | 2008-Sep-18 at 11:36 (@525) | Permalink

    Nice job on the Sarah Rumors..

    must keep you VERY busy.

    I saw this today.. I think it’s rather pointless.. it was reported in the news why she went back home to Alaska (and did the ABC interview) to say bye to her son.. Not sure what the Opsec is though.. again.. anything I heard hear say that day was also reported in the news..

    “Palin violated Opsec by announcing to the entire country the day her son left. Right out of the block she’s leaking classified information. Perhaps that’s why the Alaska National Guard outted her by confirming that she lied when she said she had been to Iraq.”

  2. Charlie | 2008-Sep-18 at 11:48 (@533) | Permalink

    God, you have no idea.

    Anyway, yeah, that’s actually in the list at #74. It was announced in May that they were going in the fall, and the ceremony had been announced and planned before she was chosen.

  3. DaveC | 2008-Sep-18 at 12:16 (@553) | Permalink

    there is so many..

    I can’t remember them all.. :)

  4. Charlie | 2008-Sep-18 at 14:58 (@665) | Permalink

    Tell me about it.

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