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Obama Rumors

You know, it strikes me that a list of Obama rumors with the same sort of commentary would be useful too. Plus, maybe I can drive some right-wingers as batty as I’m making the lefties. This time, since I’ve learned something, I’ll start it the list unnumbered, and convert to numbered when it starts to get intractable; once I convert to numbered, I won’t re-order it any longer, so the numbers will be reliable.

  • No, Obama is not a Muslim. Yes, it appears his father was. And his stepfather.
  • No, Obama wasn’t educated in a madrassa, even in Indonesia.
  • Yes, he was a member of a Christian church for twenty-odd years, and considers himself to be a Christian who became one after a conversion experience. Yes, that’s what Baptists call “born again” but I don’t know that Obama has ever used that terminology. Yes, the church is controversial. Yes, Obama did renounce some of the more controversial things his pastor said. Eventually.

As with the Palin rumors, leave me new rumors — true or false — in the comments. Please give me links; if I don’t have to track down citations it’ll be quicker putting the rumors up and in the list.

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  1. tarylcabot | 2008-Sep-08 at 00:14 (@052) | Permalink

    From what I can tell, it’s true that Obama was educated in a madrassa. According to (info & link below) the word means school.

    I realize that some infer that Obama attended an Islamic school, but technically the statement is correct since Obama did attend school in Indonesia for several yesrs. already has a fairly extensive list of rumours & debunkings (link at bottom).

    Fine work on the Palin list (a comment on a Hit&Run Palin debunking linked to you).

    Madrasah (Arabic: مدرسة, madrasa pl. madāris مدارس) is the Arabic word for any type of school, secular or religious (of any religion).

    The word is also present as a loanword with the same innocuous meaning in many Arabic-influenced languages such as Urdu, Bengali, Hindi, Persian, Turkish, Kurdish, Indonesian

  2. dkdknight1 | 2008-Sep-08 at 12:10 (@548) | Permalink

    You want an Obama rumor?

    Obama is the Goa’uld Apophis.

  3. McGehee | 2008-Sep-08 at 20:34 (@898) | Permalink

    Tarylcabot, I suppose the question then becomes, would the word “madrassa” have been applied to the school Obama attended? I could be wrong but I don’t think Arabic is the common language of Indonesia, so I would expect that the word “madrassa” would carry the same connotation when applied there, as it would when applied in the West: a Muslim religious school.

    In any case, I think it’s fair to restrict the use of the word to the specific connotation expected in the West, since any secular educational institution would simply be called a “school” in English, regardless of the common term for it in whatever country it’s in.

  4. ClintACK | 2008-Sep-08 at 21:31 (@938) | Permalink


    I approve of even-handedness.

    Rumors that should be squashed about Obama:

    – the Birth Certificate nonsense (claims that he’s not a citizen)

    – the Selective Service nonsense (claims that he didn’t register for the draft, and therefore is ineligible for any federal employment)

    – the Gerbil thing (

  5. jim | 2008-Sep-08 at 21:47 (@949) | Permalink

    I would like to know what a “community organizer” is. Who paid his salary, what were his objectives, did he manage a staff, meet a budget, etc?

  6. jim | 2008-Sep-08 at 21:48 (@950) | Permalink

    And here’s a rumor about Obama from Palin’s speech – in his Senate career he has not authored a bill of significance. Is that true?

  7. DanSchwartz | 2008-Sep-08 at 22:15 (@969) | Permalink

    Here is a better link for rumor #60 from Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Jack Kelly back on June 4th when he published “McCain Should Pick Sarah Palin for VP” at:

    Hat tip to Michael Barone, who just Monday afternoon published “Palin Was a Secret in Plain Sight” at:

    Dan Schwartz
    Sayreville, NJ

  8. DanSchwartz | 2008-Sep-08 at 22:21 (@973) | Permalink

    PS (and you don’t have to post this): The reason I recommend a MSM source over a blog like PJM is that when a member of the MSM hits your blog, it will source directly back to another source in the MSM…

    Older journalists feel more comfortable getting information from another member of the MSM than from a blog. Yeah, I know it isn’t always fair, but this is how they work.

  9. Clearmoon22 | 2008-Sep-09 at 14:01 (@626) | Permalink

    Did he take the oath of office for the Senate on the Koran?

  10. hambirg | 2008-Sep-09 at 15:34 (@690) | Permalink

    was Obama’s “Community Organizer” stint with ACORN?

  11. tjlm | 2008-Sep-11 at 07:01 (@334) | Permalink

    Here’s a rumor I heard while sitting at a table with a friend:

    Obama is the anti-Christ. Word has it that he’s actually laid his hand on sick people on his campaign, and they’ve been healed! But then he insists that they not tell anyone.

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