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Back in the days of the construction of the DEW line, Air Force men would be stationed in extremely remote locations above the Arctic Circle. Because of the weather, and the state of communications in the 50’s, these locations were very isolated, especially in winter. New personnel rotated in when there was an opportunity.

One of these new guys had just arrived, and was in the mess hall for the first time. He was sitting with a group of old hands. During the conversation, one of them said “59” and there were appreciative chuckles rom the group. Then another said “103” — more chuckles. Then someone said “207” and the group broke out into rolling belly laughs.

For the net-educated younger people, that would be two “LOL”s and a “ROFL”.

The new guy was obviously puzzled. After eating, as they took their trays to be washed, he asked one of the old hands “Why was everyone laughing at those numbers?”

“Oh, it’s just that we’ve been up here so long, we gave all the jokes numbers, just to save time.”

He thought about it for a second, and asked “Well, why did everyone laugh so hard at 207?”

“Oh, we hadn’t heard that one before.”

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