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Sarah Palin: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Here’s traffic for the last couple weeks:

Traffic this morning

Traffic this morning

The spike on the right is traffic since my Palin Rumors page started to attract attention. The high stretch to its right was me playing the the words “sarah heath Palin” and “bikini”, “nude”.

That spike to the left is a mere Instalanche on “Alex Jones is a Consummate Ass”.


Here’s how it looks at about 1550Z with links from Lucianne, Hot Air, Memeorandum, and God only knows who else.

1550Z (0950 MDT)

Updated again:

Here’s the top referrers today.

Top Referrers

Top Referrers

Lucianne is the leader so far. Michelle, you guys better step it up!

By the way, immense thanks and kudos to; after a stumble, they brought this back like champs. If you’re looking for hosting, I can’t recommend them too highly. Click here and tell them I sent you.


Haven’t quite passed 20,000 page views yet today (at 12:14MDT):

1815Z (1215MDT)

1815Z (1215MDT)

Yes, that little bump over to the left is the Instalanche.

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