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Palin Rumors

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  1. Yes, she is Governor of Alaska. No, she’s not the Lieutenant Governor. No, she’s not currently Mayor of Wasilla. Yes, she was Mayor of Wasilla, some years ago.
  2. Yes, as Governor of Alaska, she’s the Commander in Chief of the Alaska National Guard. And yes, her professional military subordinate is quite impressed with her in that role.
  3. And yes, the New York Times says the job of Governor of Alaska is one of the harder, and more powerful, jobs in state government.
  4. Yes, there are people in Alaska who think she’s too liberal.
  5. Yes, she did giggle when someone called Lyda Green a “bitch.” Yes, Lyda Green is a cancer survivor. Yes, it was the same Lyda Green who tried to force a scheduling conflict that would make Palin miss her son’s high school graduation. Yes, this would also be the Lyda Green who complained no one had asked her about Palin during the vetting process.
  6. Yes, she did push for and approve the Wasilla Sports Center. Yes, it did cost a lot of money. (People keep saying $20 million, that article says $14.5 million, but then they also added a $1.2 million dollar food service/kitchen piece. This year, after Palin was out of office as Mayor.) Yes, the city went into debt to do it (how did you buy your house, bunkie?) and raised the city sales tax from 2 percent to 2.5 percent to pay for it. Yes, the city is paying it off early. Yes, there is an ongoing dispute about title (following a struggle with the Nature Conservancy and another buyer. And yes, at the time it was built, Wasilla had a Federal judge’s decision that they had title to the land. Here’s a place to think a little, folks: if Wasilla got a $15 million sports center, and got a mortgage for it, then the city incurred more longterm debt, you bet. It also got a capital asset. You do it with a mortgage; a city does it by setting up bonds and a tax base to service the bonds. Same thing. Whether it was wise or not is another question, but the bonds and tax increase were approved by a special election by the people in Wasilla.
  7. Yes, she did want authority to have wolves culled from the air, because they were taking too many moose and caribou. Which people hunt for food in the back country in Alaska. No, she isn’t shooting them herself. I mean, not that she couldn’t, but I’m sure she doesn’t have time. (Thanks to bluemerlin in the comments.)

    Look, this is one of those that I’m tempted to categorize under “cripes, what city folks will believe.” You don’t sport hunt from the air; this isn’t some fascination with “blood sports.” This is wildlife management; the authority wasn’t general, it was for only a limited number of wolves, and it was to be done by people with state-issued permits. Here’s how this happens in the wild in a predator-prey model: the predators build up to the point that they cut the population of the prey animals dramatically. They then starve. The prey animals then build up again. Repeat. Only, in this case, the predators who would starve include Alaska’s native (and Native) human population.
  8. No, the Downs baby (Trig) isn’t Bristol’s kid, and no, the kid wasn’t born with Downs because (a) Palin flew on an airplane (b) went home to have the baby after an amniotic leak (c) because he was the result of incest between Todd Palin and Bristol.
  9. No, Track (the kid who is leaving for Iraq) didn’t join the NG because he was a drug addict. (It’s worth noting that drug addiction is a medical disqualification for service.) He may have joined the NG because he was tired of people saying his Mom was getting him into the good hockey leagues. (Yes, that one was original reporting. I’ve got sources in Wasilla.) It also wasn’t because he had been caught for some juvenile crimes (see the end of the list.) That “join the army or go to jail” thing doesn’t happen much any more, and in any case he didn’t enlist until two years after the supposed vandalism thing.
  10. No, Willow and Piper aren’t named for witches on TV. Among other things, Willow was born before Buffy came on TV, and Piper was born before Charmed was a popular girls name in 1994. In any case, try to settle on one theory, okay: she can’t both be a witch and be a crazy AoG fundamentalist, can she?
  11. Yes, Trig’s name may be misspelled. Isn’t it usually “Tryg” as in “Trygve”? In any case, I doubt he’s named for the Secretary General of the UN (1948-1952), either. But at least that was before he was born, unlike the others.(Thanks to Chris, via his blog.)
  12. Yes, it appears that she has a Big Dipper tattooed on her ankle. She lost a bet.
  13. No, she’s never been in any porn as far as anyone can find (and God knows I get enough google hits on those very topics.) I would think the Big Dipper tattoo would be a giveaway.
  14. No, no one seems to be able to even find swimsuit pictures of her from her beauty queen days; God knows I looked. The bikini pictures that are around are photoshopped, just like the Vogue cover I have up.
  15. No she wasn’t a member of the (wild-eyed libertarian) Alaska independence Party, although her husband once was
  16. No, neither the (Canadian) National Post, nor Marc Armbinder at the Atlantic have troubled themselves to issue a correction. Yes, the New York Times did finally correct their story of September 1 — on September 5. And on page 14. This was after Elizabeth Bumiller was quoted by Howard Kurtz as saying she was “completely confident about the story.” Yes, that was after the New York Times’s source retracted the story. Yes, this should embarrass the Times, Bumiller, and Howard Kurtz. No, there have been no signs of embarrassment.
  17. No, she was never a Pat Buchanan supporter; even when Buchanan claims she was, she was on the board of Steve Forbes’a campaign in Alaska. Yes, Palin was a Steve Forbes supporter in 2000.
  18. No, she’s not anti-semitic. In fact, she has an Israeli flag in her office. (Contrary to popular belief, the usual Evangelical thinks Israel has a right to exist, granted by God.)
  19. No, I don’t think she’s being “indoctrinated by Lieberman and AIPAC as we speak”; I don’t get the feeling that being indoctrinated is something that Palin does well.
  20. Yes, it seems unlikely that she’s going to be in hiding for the next two weeks seeing as she’s been in rallies twice in the last two days. Or at least it’s going to be real rough, given that she has three media interviews scheduled today (6 September) alone. Note: Since then she’s been interviewed on several occasions, and it’s still not quite two weeks.
  21. Yes, it does appear that Palin’s local pastor preached about an end time when God will judge everyone, even Wasilla, Alaska, and the United States. Duh. This is called the book of Revelation, and while I don’t believe it personally, I don’t see it as a disqualifier for the hundred million or so Baptists, Methodists, Evangelicals, Episcopalians, Catholics, Assembly of God, Presbyterian, Lutherans (traditional and Missouri Synod), African Methodist, and so on Christians in the US.
  22. Yes, I do sometimes wonder about the state of Andrew’s health. All of this is true, but it screws up the numbering. The next update will introduce a new ordering with a new numbering.
  23. No, she’s doesn’t believe that the Iraq War was directed by God. Yes, she did pray that proceeding with the war was God’s will: “they should pray ‘that our national leaders are sending them out on a task that is from God, that’s what we have to make sure we are praying for, that there is a plan, and that plan is God’s plan.’” (Ever hear the phrase “Not my will, but Thine, be done”?) Yes, this apparently freaks some people right out. But it’s worth mentioning that Obama has also prayed that he was acting in line with God’s will. Here’s a little hint for the confused here: if someone prays for rain, that doesn’t mean they think it’s already raining.
  24. It’s a little unclear who Buchanan supports now. At one point, he seemed to be supporting Obama. (Buchanan did think her speech was amazing, but then so do 80 percent of the people who saw it.) Buchanan did say “I stand with Obama” after Obama’s acceptance speech. Buchanan sure doesn’t like McCain though.
  25. Yes, she was apparently pregnant when she got married
  26. No, so far there’s no confirmation she had an affair while she was married, and they’ve denied it pretty strongly. No, she wouldn’t be the first Christian woman who got a little on the side, if it were true.
  27. No, she wasn’t named as a co-respondent in a divorce; there’s no evidence she had an affair with her husbands’ business partner. The partner tried to have his divorce records sealed because he was being harrassed by journalists who used them to get his phone number. The National Enquirer seems to still be pushing this one.
  28. Yes, barring immaculate conception virgin birth (whatever), Bristol appears to have had sex with her fiancee. No, Bristol didn’t receive only “abstinence-only” sex ed.
  29. Yes, I have it on reliable report that Sarah Levi’s mom has been heard screaming “Way to go Levi!” at her future son-in-law son. No, it doesn’t appear to have been when Bristol broke the news to her family.
    Note: I originally understood this story to be about Sarah, not Levi’s mom, in the context of hockey games. As such, it’s shouldn’t be in a Sarah Palin Rumors story, but I like the story too much to delete it.
  30. yes, her 17 year old daughter is pregnant; no, the baby’s father is not an eighth grader; no, having sex at 16 is not statutory rape in Alaska. And no, there’s no way that a 17 year old can be 5 months pregnant as a result of having sex before she was 16. Learn to count for God’s sakes.
  31. yes, she did fire the public safety guy, Monegan — but he said in the Anchorage paper that, for the record, she never, and no one else in her administration ever, tried to make him fire her ex-brother-in-law.
  32. and yes, the state trooper (her sister’s ex-husband) she was worried about did: tase her 10 year old nephew; drive his state patrol car while drinking or drunk; did threaten to “bring her down”; and did threaten to murder her father and sister if they dared to get an attorney to help with the divorce.
  33. yes, the state trooper was suspended when he was put under a court protective order
  34. no, the trooper wasn’t fired
  35. yes, she did fire the Wasilla Chief of Police as Mayor; yes, it was because he was lying to the City Council.
  36. Yes, she did try to cut her own salary as Mayor by $4000 a year; yes, she had voted against the $4000 a year raise while on the City Council. Yes, she did hire a city administrator; she’d tried to get that through while in the City Council, and was apparently part of her platform when she ran for mayor.
  37. No, she didn’t cut funding for unwed mothers; yes, she did increase it by “only” 354 percent instead of 454 percent, as part of a multi-year capital expenditures program. No, the Washington Post doesn’t appear to have corrected their story. Even after this was pointed out in the comments on the story.
  38. No, she didn’t cut special needs student funding; yes, she did raise it by “only” 175 percent.
  39. yes, she did try, clearly unsuccessfully, to get Bristol married off to her fiancee before the story came out
  40. yes, she did ask the librarian if some books could be withdrawn because of being offensive; no, they couldn’t; yes, it was “rhetorical”, at least as was reported contemporaneously in 1996[1] ; yes she did threaten to fire the librarian a month later; no, that wasn’t over the books thing but instead over administrative issues; no, the librarian wasn’t fired either; yes, the librarian was a big supporter of one of her political opponents; yes, the librarian was also the girlfriend of the Chief of Police mentioned above; no, this is not the first time in the history of civilization that someone has been threatened with being fired over a political dispute
  41. No the list of books she wanted to ban that’s being passed around isn’t real; among other things, it includes a number of books published after her time in office there.
  42. No, that hasn’t actually deterred people from claiming it really is true even if the list isn’t correct. For example:
    “This list might not in fact reflect the books Sarah Palin wanted banned. As more than one person in Comments has pointed out, some of them were not published when Palin was in office. It is my hope that the mainstream media will not let this story drop and that at some point an actual list will surface. The very thought of having someone who once advocated book-banning possibly occupying one of the highest offices of our land fills me with profound dread. It should fill you with dread too.”
  43. No, I don’t understand why a fake list is supposed to fill me with dread, either.
  44. no, it wasn’t won’t be [bad tense, hasn’t happened yet] a shotgun wedding; Bristol and Levi been engaged for a good while according to Levi’s mother. It was either an accident or just an unconventional order.
  45. yes, she’s an was an Assembly of God Holy Roller. No, she doesn’t attend an AoG church now. Yes, she did leave the AoG because they were getting too weird for her.
  46. No, she’s not anti-Mormon. No, not all AoG churches are anti-Mormon. (AoG is even more hard-core about allowing each pastor and congregation to make their own decisions than the Baptists are.) (Thanks to AnonAmom in the comments.)
  47. No, she’s not from another planet. No, I haven’t actually heard that one yet, but you wait. Okay, I have now heard it.
  48. yes, she apparently believes in some variant of Intelligent Design.
    Note: This started an argument with my best friend, who is a Biology professor and rather more of an atheist than I manage to be. He thinks this is code for “Creationist”. But let’s look at what Palin actually said:

    In an interview Thursday, Palin said she meant only to say that discussion of alternative views should be allowed to arise in Alaska classrooms: “I don’t think there should be a prohibition against debate if it comes up in class. It doesn’t have to be part of the curriculum.” She added that, if elected, she would not push the state Board of Education to add such creation-based alternatives to the state’s required curriculum.

    An AP article also makes it clear that Palin hasn’t pushed the idea in Alaska schools. Here’s the point, one which the AP seems to have missed themselves. (Another rant for later is on the state of science education among journalists.) “Creationist” generally has a lot stronger meaning than simply believing in a Creator. It’s usually used for people who reject the notion of evolution at all. Palin’s strongest statement on this has been “I don’t pretend to know how all this came to be.” But pretty much anyone who believes in a Deity will end up with some kind of “intelligent design”; even a complete Cosmic Clockmaker Deist thinks of a Designer, a Grand Architect of the Universe. Both Obama and Biden are professing Christians, who believe in a personal Deity, a Creator. So what’s the difference? Only what people have made up about what they think Palin must believe.

  49. no, she didn’t try to force the schools to teach it; she said if someone brought it up, it was an appropriate subject for debate. She did, however, say it shouldn’t be part of the curriculum.
  50. No, she doesn’t believe in “abstinence only” education. Yes, she thinks abstinence is an effective way of preventing pregnancy. Duh. Yes, she believes kids should learn about condom use in schools.
  51. Yes, she did smoke marijuana, when it was legal in Alaska. Yes, she apparently did inhale.
  52. yes, she kills animals and eats them, and wears their skins
  53. yes, she was a beauty contest contestant
  54. yes, she was once a sportscaster
  55. yes, she has a college degree in Journalism, but I won’t hold that against her, as she seems to have found honest work as well
  56. yes, she sometimes wears her hair up; no that’s not a “beehive”
  57. yes, her husband is Not A White Person (he’s a Yup’ik; an Eskimo but not an Inuit as my Inuit cousins have taken some pains to explain)
  58. yes, she has on occasion, as Mayor, tried to get money from the federal government.
  59. yes, she did finally turn down the money for the bridge. Yes, that meant changing her mind about it.
  60. yes, she was vetted extensively, not just in three days — I’ve got links to press reports about people coming to Wassila on 29 May, and we had her on our Veepstakes at PJM from the first day we ran it.
  61. yes, she want to a bunch of colleges before getting a degree. No, that’s not illegal. Yes, she seems to have made something of herself anyway.
  62. no, they didn’t talk to a lot of the R’s power structure during the vetting; that probably has to do with the fact that she beat them in elections and sent a bunch of them to jail caused a couple of them to leave the government, admit wrongdoing and pay fines. (Corrected because they didn’t apparently actually go to jail. Thanks to Frank for the correction.)
  63. Yes, Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech was written by a speechwriter. Duh. No, none of Obama’s, McCain’s, nor Biden’s speeches were impromptu off the cuff things either.
  64. Yes, she did put the Governors plane on eBay. No, that’s not how it was finally sold. Yes, McCain did say it wrong. Bad McCain.
  65. No, Sarah Palin doesn’t have such control of Alaskans that people are afraid to say bad things about her. (What, are you nuts? Look at this list.) No, I don’t think it’s likely that she called Obama “Sambo”. (Good God, man, I’m ten years older than she and I barely remember “Little Black Sambo.”) Yes, it seems unlikely to me that she’s be real racist and marry a Yup’ik (or a part Yup’ik.) But yes, people are capable of amazing things. Yes, I’m sure there are people who don’t like her — I’ve talked with some myself. And no, I don’t think this waitress would have been thrilled to be called an “aboriginal”. And yes, if she called Hillary a “bitch”, I’m pretty confident is wasn’t the first time anyone in politics has said that.
  66. No, she’s not a “global warming denier”, and when the crush dies down remind me to explain why the very phrasing “global warming denier” is anti-scientific, anti-intellectual, and a clear sign of a desire to impose your beliefs by coercion. But in the mean time, while I do believe that she has expressed some skepticism that warming is wholly human-caused, the existence of the Alaska Climate Change Sub-Cabinet and the Alaska Climate Change Strategy work demonstrate that she’s considering the problem and has brought together people more expert than she to advise her.
  67. Yes, Todd Palin did have a DUI. Twenty-two years ago. Get a grip.
  68. No, Sarah Palin’s brother isn’t in jail. Yes, there was a rumor that her brother was in jail. (If he were, it would seem she was in good company with a brother in trouble, see, eg, Billy Carter and Roger Clinton.) But in fact no one seems to have a source for this except for comments posted places like CNN; many of those comments have now disappeared. (Thanks to Galynn in comments.)
  69. Yes, Sarah Palin’s pastor apparently does believe that gays can “repent” and be cured of homosexuality. No, believe it or not, even fundamentalist Christians don’t have to believe every litle thing their pastor believes. Yes, Palin seems to be more libertarian about this. In any case, according to the interview with Greta van Susteren, this isn’t something he emphasizes.
  70. Yes, contrary to press reports, Sarah Palin’s mother-in-law plans to vote for her and the R ticket (when interviewed on Inside Edition.)
  71. No, the fact that some 17 year old was arrested for malicious mischief at the right time doesn’t mean Track Palin was. One of the actual perpetrators was interviewed by the New York Daily News, and he says unequivocally that Track wasn’t involved. The National Enquirer says “unnamed judicial sources” say otherwise. You pick which you believe.
  72. No, she didn’t try to charge rape victims personally for rape kits. This is one of those complicated ones with a tiny hint of truth behind it. First, the Chief of Police in Wasilla (not Palin) did apparently have a policy of asking a victim’s health insurance to pay for the rape kit as part of the ER visit. This, it turns out, is policy in a number of states, including Missouri and North Carolina. Second, the way this became an issue was after the then-governor of Alaska signed a bill forbidding it; this law was signed before Palin was Governor and no one tried to reverse it while she was Governor. Third, what the CoP in Wasilla wanted to do was charge the perpetrator as part of restitution.
  73. Yes, she did say that she figured if “under God” was good enough for the Founding Fathers, it was good enough for her. No, in context I don’t think that means she thinks the Founding Fathers wrote the Pledge of Allegiance.
  74. No, she didn’t violate operational security when she mentioned her son was to be mobilized for iraq on 11 September. That was an announced, public departure ceremony. The way this works is you’re mobilized, then go to a US base for conditioning and final training,and then actually go overseas.
  75. Yes, she is apparently against an expansion of casino gambling in Alaska. No, she hasn’t tried to make home gambling illegal.
  76. No, Palin didn’t institute a “windfall profits” tax on the oil companies. She modified the existing severance tax, which works more or less like a sales tax on resources taken out of the ground. (A windfall profit tax, of course, is based on profits.) Just by the way, how is it she’s both “in the pocket of the oil companies” and supposedly instituting a windfall profits tax anyway?
  77. Yes, Todd Palin works for BP Oil. There is a rumor around that he was some kid of executive; it’s not true. He was originally a plant supervisor, and after the concern about conflict of interest, voluntarily was reduced to be a night shift plant operator, a regular technician job. In any case, he took leave from BP when Sarah became Governor, since she would be negotiating with BP, in order to remove the potential conflict of interests.
  78. No, British Petroleum/BP wasn’t the sole sponsor of her inaugural. It was among 20-odd sponsors. In any case, they certainly didn’t get their money’s worth if they were trying to use the inaugural to buy influence; Palin’s renegotiation of the severance tax cost them a pile of money.
  79. No, Palin didn’t eliminate or “void” the Alaskan WIC program as Newsweek claimed. Warren Throckmorton explored this in detail; the truth is that the WIC funding increased during Palin’s time in office; what was cut was a $15,840 separate line request for office supplies and literature. Based on his work, Newsweek was forced to issue a clarification.
  80. No, Trig isn’t an alien either.
  81. No, Sarah Palin doesn’t think that dinosaurs walked the earth with Adam and Eve 4000 years ago, In fact, this was a purposeful satire that comes from a post actually entitled Fake Governor Palin Quotes. This has, however, kept neither Matt Damon nor Maureen Dowd from propagating them as fact.
  82. No, Palin never said she and Todd would kill as many as 40 caribou at a time. That was from the same damn collection of fake quotes. No does it make any sense: can you imagine field-dressing 40 caribou?
  83. No, she did not cut the Special Olympics funding in a recent budget, except in the Washington sense of “didn’t increase it as much as someone wanted.” Warren Throckmorton shows is was actually a 10 percent increase over the previous year; voxitar in the comments gives a link to the previous year’s budget of $250,000.
    These have gotten sort of silly, though: she has a line-item veto power, and every last one of the cuts she made can be spun, by a political opponent, to say that she is hurting something that sounds good. She cut a new fire station building; she must be against fire departments. She cut an audio system for a grade school; she must be against education.
    But then, if she cut nothing she wouldn’t be a fiscal conservative, would she?
  84. Yes, she did bill the Alaska State Government for per diem on days when she was “home.” This is how it works: she is maintaining two households. The state law defines her official residence in Juneau as “home”, so when she’s up in Wasilla, she’s “traveling”. That’s the way the law is written, and it appears that she has documented and handled her expenses legally and appropriately, even if it seems odd. And yes, her expenses have been anywhere from a third to a fifth of the expenses of the previous Governor. The Washington Post suggests this calls into question her claim to be a fiscal conservative; personally, I think cutting expenses by 70 to 80 percent seems like a pretty good claim to the title.

Anyone who sees a new rumor, leave it in a comment.

  1. and thanks to Cecil Turner@ Just One Minute for this []

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  1. Charlie | 2008-Sep-05 at 20:16 (@886) | Permalink

    Dried Frog Pills?

  2. John_VS | 2008-Sep-05 at 22:01 (@959) | Permalink

    Here’s one I think you missed that was caught by David Freddoso:

    A radio interview with Palin surfaced in which she discussed a petty, last-minute attempt by Lyda Green — the Republican state Senate leader and Palin’s political enemy — to change the time of this year’s state of the state address. The schedule had been set well in advance, but Green cited a transparently bogus scheduling conflict in an attempt to force the speech to a time that would have prevented Palin from attending her son’s graduation. In that context, Palin let loose a small giggle when the radio host called Green a “bitch.”

    So that one’s true, though it was being presented as “Palin snickers as cancer survivor called B##&H!”

  3. DaveCal | 2008-Sep-06 at 01:28 (@103) | Permalink

    Great list. Can you also include whether the lies are on mainstream media (or just radical blogs) since Olberman and Matthews claim its not happening. And, maybe more importantly, can you include whether the Obama website perpetuates the rumors/lies? At some point it needs to be emailed to FOX and then MSM, see if it gets ANY play, see if there’s ANY integrity left…

  4. cjbreisch | 2008-Sep-06 at 05:41 (@278) | Permalink

    I have my own list. See

  5. James Beam | 2008-Sep-06 at 07:31 (@354) | Permalink

    She’s a sitting Governor, not mayor as both Obama and Biden said, and promulgated through the blogs and media.

  6. Charlie | 2008-Sep-06 at 07:32 (@355) | Permalink

    Thanks for the links, everyone!

    Dave, I haven’t been keeping track, but if you hve any of that leve it in comments and I’ll include it.

  7. saint | 2008-Sep-06 at 07:41 (@361) | Permalink

    Re 31: Not quite true -she’s been at an independent non-pentecostal church for the past few years. Despite this news report, one of Palin’s former churches (Wasilla AOG) has a nice sensible statement on its website. Let her speak for herself.

    Re 39: not quite true. AFIK Todd’s mother is 1/4 Yu’pik so he would be 1/8th Yu’pik. Palin’s own words at the RNC speech is to refer to his Yu’pik “ancestry”

    etc etc.

    I suggest you link to sources for all your corrections…and triple check.

  8. Charlie | 2008-Sep-06 at 07:51 (@369) | Permalink

    Saint — thanks! I’ll try to track down the church info; as I’ve been hearing it, she’s been going to an AoG church in Juneau and this non-denom church in Wasilla. On the Yup’ik thing, I don’t know how they handle it; I’m a similar amount Choctaw and Cherokee, and the Choctaw Mation as well as the Cherokee Nation treat it as a boolean: you are or you’re not. But I’ll pursue it.

    Luckily I have Inuit in the family, so I should be able to find out fairly directly.

  9. bluemerlin | 2008-Sep-06 at 10:04 (@461) | Permalink

    There’s the rumor that she shoots wolves from airplanes or helicopters. From reading her various communications as Governor (at I believe she has in fact made it possible for FISH & GAME officers to cull wolf packs by shooting them from the air, but she has NOT allowed any kind of sport hunting of wolves from the air nor has she participated in sport hunting of wolves from the air.

  10. Charlie | 2008-Sep-06 at 10:09 (@464) | Permalink

    Thanks, that’s a good one. I’ll add it.

  11. elHombre | 2008-Sep-06 at 10:21 (@473) | Permalink

    The National Enquirer consistently characterizes the affair story as “incredible.” Check it out. I assume this is their way of publishing sleaze and avoiding a lawsuit.

    Hollis French, the guy ramrodding the “ethics investigation” is a Democrat and an Obama spokesman. See, e.g:

    His “Special Investigator” and his wife are long time associates of the replaced DPS Commissioner dating to when he was with the Anchorage PD.

    I’m an old prosecutor myself and this deal stinks!

  12. AnonAmom | 2008-Sep-06 at 10:24 (@475) | Permalink

    The Utah Democratic Party tried to suggest that Sarah Palin was a member of a Church that is anti-Mormon and therefore Mormons shouldn’t vote for Palin. They have since backed off that position – while some Assembly of God congregations have been actively opposed to the Latter-day Saint religion, the churches Palin has attended have no such agenda.

  13. liberalbyGod | 2008-Sep-06 at 10:51 (@494) | Permalink

    You people are pathetic. Way to keep the conservative media on track to railroad the American people into voting for your candidate once again. Book length posts could have been written about the conservative media’s lies about Hilary Clinton, but I’m sure you were busy contributing to those lies, not railing against them. But then again, consistency and therefore trustworthiness have never been a hallmark of conservatives and your mass market media. Maybe if Sarah Palin, ineffective mayor of a village and governor of the 47th largest state in population, had achieved anything of note that would contribute to her abilities to be vicepresident, we would have something to talk about besides the lies about your lies.

  14. Charlie | 2008-Sep-06 at 11:20 (@514) | Permalink

    Way to keep the conservative media on track to railroad the American people into voting for your candidate once again.

    Golly, I hope so.

  15. Chevy64 | 2008-Sep-06 at 12:43 (@571) | Permalink

    Yes, she also had prior knowledge of 9/11. Ever since Nov. 1963 when she was seen in Dallas on standing on the Grassy Knoll.

  16. Charlie | 2008-Sep-06 at 12:46 (@573) | Permalink


    I hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t add that one. Jim Fetzer might pick it up.

  17. AnthonyJ | 2008-Sep-06 at 12:49 (@575) | Permalink

    It doesn’t seem like Buchanan is supporting Obama from this article:

  18. anon | 2008-Sep-06 at 12:56 (@580) | Permalink

    Are you sure about 41? “At first they had me in a bunch of furs,” she said of the December photo shoot. “Yeah, I have furs on my wall, but I don’t wear furs. I had to show them my bunny boots and North Face clothing.”

  19. Andrew | 2008-Sep-06 at 13:04 (@586) | Permalink

    Two more to verify or debunk, from the editorial page of the Providence Journal from Providence RI…

    Governor Palin didn’t mention that she’s a global-warming denier [and] that she opposes stem-cell research

  20. sallyvee | 2008-Sep-06 at 13:10 (@590) | Permalink

    Please watch the CNN interview at the link below. Another northern star is born… by the name of Meg Stapleton, a former aid of Gov. Palin’s. She does a tremendously competent job refuting the charges and rumors about her former boss.

    Click below then locate the report titled
    Ex-aide defends Palin | 8:19

  21. Bird Dog | 2008-Sep-06 at 13:29 (@603) | Permalink

    Great list, Charles. Looks like you beat me to that sneering LA Progressive article.

    Keep up the great work!

  22. sallyvee | 2008-Sep-06 at 13:50 (@618) | Permalink

    #8 – Photos of Sarah in bikini photos…

    You know what I really want to see? I want to see 18 year old Barack wearing puka shell necklaces while attending Occidental college.

    [SNIP] Mitchell remembers that Obama wore puka shell necklaces all the time, though they were not in style, and that “we let it slide because he spent a lot of time growing up in Hawaii.”

    Old friends recall Obama’s years in LA, NY

  23. docweasel | 2008-Sep-06 at 14:57 (@664) | Permalink

    I wish non-Catholics would quit bandying about the phrase “Immaculate Conception”. It doesn’t mean what you think it does, and I highly doubt Bristol Palin’s situation has a thing to do with the Immaculate Conception, even in jest.

    It’s also kind of a veiled form of ridicule of Catholic beliefs, but it more clearly shows the ignorance of people like you who misuse the phrase thinking it means “virgin birth”. It doesn’t, ok?

  24. Patrick_Lasswell | 2008-Sep-06 at 14:57 (@664) | Permalink

    Newly invented:

    No, Sarah Palin did not have a torrid love affair with GEN Petraeus while she was in Kuwait visiting AKNG troops.

    No, Sarah Palin did not pull Saddam out of his spider hole while she was in Kuwait visiting AKNG troops.

    No, Sarah Palin did not offer mooseburger (or Moosebrugger DD-980) to Kuwaiti sheiks while she was visiting AKNG troops.

    No, Sarah Palin did not offer her services as a “dance hall girl” during the Klondike gold rush or the building of the Alaska pipeline.

    No, Sarah Palin did not set any out of favor members of the Wasilla or Alaska government adrift on an ice floe to preserve the remainder of the tribe. (She might have thought about it from time to time.)

    No, Sarah Palin is not Cher’s new stage name.

    I’m sure there’s a lot more out there.

  25. Charlie | 2008-Sep-06 at 14:59 (@666) | Permalink

    Anthony@36, I watched him explaining on TV how Obama’s foreign policy was better and how McCain was in the grip of the evil neocons. But I’ll link that as well.

    Anon@37, I’ve got pictures on this site of her wearing furs — and consorting with Vikings, by the way. See also the picture of her in her office, with the grizzly bear draped over the love seat.

    I doubt she wears furs as a regular thing, though, as a ski suit is more practical.

  26. Charlie | 2008-Sep-06 at 15:03 (@669) | Permalink

    Docweasel, I promise you that if I’d have meant to make fun of Catholic beliefs you wouldn’t have to be looking that hard to find it.

    In the mean time, I wonder if you could offer us an example of a virgin birth without an immaculate conception?

  27. Charlie | 2008-Sep-06 at 15:04 (@669) | Permalink

    Patrick, I love them, but Ace is the one keeping the joke list.

    I mean the purposeful joke list.

  28. docweasel | 2008-Sep-06 at 15:09 (@673) | Permalink

    You are conflating 2 different dogma, and I don’t even know what your point is. You clearly misused the term in your post, and I see ignorant people do it all the time, and as a Catholic, it’s annoying to see the tenets of your church used as a punchline, and incorrectly to boot.

    Do yourself a favor, look it up on Wikipedia or some easy-to-understand simplified version like that and edify yourself.

    You obviously thought it meant Virgin Birth, a common lunkhead’s mistake. It’s like making a joke based on mixing up a Bar Mitzvah with a Bris. It has no validity in the context in which you used it.

  29. Rightwingnut | 2008-Sep-06 at 15:49 (@700) | Permalink

    Two points:

    First, is that the term “global warming denier” is meant to evoke an analogy to “Holocaust denier”, so it is a loaded term. In the US, it means you are a bigoted lout; In Iran, it means you are the President; In Europe, it is actually a crime. That’s something we have a hard time with in the US because of our strong Free Speech traditions, but in Europe, where it actually happened, it is a much more sensitive issue. Of course it fits in perfectly with the viewpoint of the global warming jihadists who want to criminalize any dissent from global warming orthodoxy.

    My second point is that as a Catholic, Docweasal is right in that the Immaculate Conception refers not to the conception of Jesus by the Holy Spirit, but the Conception of His Mother, the Virgin Mary, who unlike the rest of us, was conceived/born WITHOUT the stain of original sin. Most Catholics don’t understand that, and I had forgotten it myself before Docweasal brought it up. That said, I didn’t get as offended by it as Docweasal did. I am more put off by “Ardent Practicing Catholic” Nancy Pelosi trying to rewrite Catholic Dogma to fit her Pro Choice Political Agenda

  30. Steve | 2008-Sep-06 at 16:06 (@712) | Permalink

    The real Sarah Palin — What the Republican Party has tried to pass off on us is both frightening and insulting.

    I am a resident of Wasilla, Alaska. I have known Sarah since 1992. Everyone here knows Sarah, so it is nothing special to say we are on a first-name basis. Our children have attended the same schools. Her father was my child’s favorite substitute teacher. I also am on a first name basis with her parents and mother-in-law. I attended more City Council meetings during her administration than about 99 percent of the residents of the city.
    She is enormously popular; in every way, she is like the most popular girl in middle school. Even men who think she is a poor choice and will not vote for her cannot quit smiling when talking about her because she is a “babe”. It is astonishing and almost scary how well she can keep a secret. She kept her most recent pregnancy a secret from her children and parents for seven months. She is “pro-life”. She recently gave birth to a Down’s syndrome baby. There is no cover-up involved, here; Trig is her baby.
    She is energetic and hardworking. She regularly worked out at the gym. She is savvy. She does not take positions; she just “puts things out there” and if they prove to be popular, then she takes credit. Her husband works a union job on the North Slope for BP and is a champion snowmobile racer. Todd Palin’s kind of job is highly sought-after because of the schedule and high pay. He arranges his work schedule so he can fish for salmon in Bristol Bay for a month or so in summer, but by no stretch of the imagination is fishing their major source of income. Nor has her life-style ever been anything like that of native Alaskans. Sarah and her whole family are avid hunters. She is smart.
    Her experience is as mayor of a city with a population of about 5,000 (at the time), and less than 2 years as governor of a state with about 670,000 residents. During her mayoral administration most of the actual work of running this small city was turned over to an administrator. She had been pushed to hire this administrator by party power-brokers after she had gotten herself into some trouble over precipitous firings, which had given rise to a recall campaign.
    Sarah campaigned in Wasilla as a “fiscal conservative”. During her 6 years as Mayor, she increased general government expenditures by over 33 percent. During those same 6 years the amount of taxes collected by the City increased by 38 percent. This was during a period of low inflation (1996-2002). She reduced progressive property taxes and increased a regressive sales tax, which taxed even food. The tax cuts that she promoted benefited large corporate property owners way more than they benefited residents. The huge increases in tax revenues during her mayoral administration were not enough to fund everything on her wish list though; borrowed money was needed, too. She inherited a city with zero debt, but left it with indebtedness of over $22 million. What did Mayor Palin encourage the voters to borrow money for? Was it the infrastructure that she said she supported? The sewage treatment plant that the city lacked or a new library? No. $1 million for a park. $15 million-plus for construction of a multi-use sports complex which she rushed through to build on a piece of property that the City didn’t even have clear title to, that was still in litigation 7 yrs later–to the delight of the lawyers involved! The sports complex itself is a nice addition to the community but a huge money pit, not the profit-generator she claimed it would be. She also supported bonds for $5.5m for road projects that could have been done in 5-7 yrs without any borrowing. While Mayor, City Hall was extensively remodeled and her office redecorated more than once. These are small numbers, but Wasilla is a very small city.

    As an oil producer, the high price of oil has created a budget surplus in Alaska. Rather than invest this surplus in technology that will make us energy independent and increase efficiency, as Governor she proposed distribution of this surplus to every individual in the state. In this time of record state revenues and budget surpluses, she recommended that the state borrow/bond for road projects, even while she proposed distribution of surplus state revenues: spend today’s surplus, borrow for needs.
    She is not very tolerant of divergent opinions or open to outside ideas or compromise. As Mayor, she fought ideas that were not generated by her or her staff. Ideas were not evaluated on their merits, but on the basis of who proposed them. While Sarah was Mayor of Wasilla, she tried to fire our highly respected City Librarian because the Librarian refused to consider removing from the library some books that Sarah wanted removed. City residents rallied to the defense of the City Librarian and against Palin’s attempt at out-and-out censorship, so Palin backed down and withdrew her termination letter. People who fought her attempt to oust the Librarian are on her enemies list to this day.
    Sarah complained about the “old boy’s club” when she first ran for Mayor, so what did she bring Wasilla? A new set of “old boys”. Palin fired most of the experienced staff she inherited. At the City and as Governor she hired or elevated new, inexperienced, obscure people, creating a staff totally dependent on her for their jobs and eternally grateful and fiercely loyal–loyal to the point of abusing their power to further her personal agenda, as she has acknowledged happened in the case of pressuring the State’s top cop (see below).
    As Mayor, Sarah fired Wasilla’s Police Chief because he “intimidated” her, she told the press. As Governor, her recent firing of Alaska’s top cop has the ring of familiarity about it. He served at her pleasure and she had every leg al right to fire him, but it is pretty clear that an important factor in her decision to fire him was because he would not fire her sister’s ex-husband, a State Trooper. Under investigation for abuse of power, she has had to admit that more than 2 dozen contacts were made between her staff and family to the person that she later fired, pressuring him to fire her ex-brother-in-law. She tried to replace the man she fired with a man who she knew had been reprimanded for sexual harassment; when this caused a public furor, she withdrew her support.
    She has bitten the hand of every person who extended theirs to her in help. The City Council person who personally escorted her around town introducing her to voters when she first ran for Wasilla City Council became one of her first targets when she was later elected Mayor. She abruptly fired her loyal City administrator; even people who did not like the guy were stunned by this ruthlessness. Fear of retribution has kept all of these people from saying anything publicly about her.
    When then-Governor Murkowski was handing out political plums, Sarah got the best, Chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission: one of the few jobs not in Juneau and one of the best paid. She had no background in oil & gas issues. Within months of scoring this great job, which paid $122,400/yr, she was complaining in the press about the high salary. I was told that she hated that job: the commute, the structured hours, and the work. Sarah became aware that a member of this Commission (who was also the State Chair of the Republican Party) engaged in unethical behavior on the job. In a gutsy move which some undoubtedly cautioned her could be political suicide, Sarah solved all her problems in one fell swoop: got out of the job s he hated and garnered gobs of media attention as the patron saint of ethics and as a gutsy fighter against the “old boys’ club” when she dramatically quit, exposing this man’s ethics violations (for which he was fined).
    As Mayor, she had her hand stuck out as far as anyone for pork from Senator Ted Stevens. Lately, she has castigated his pork-barrel politics and publicly humiliated him. She only opposed the “bridge to nowhere” after it became clear that it would be unwise not to. As Governor, she gave the Legislature no direction and budget guidelines, and then made a big grandstand display of line-item vetoing projects, calling them pork. Public outcry and further legislative action restored most of these projects–which had been vetoed simply because she was not aware of their importance–but with the unobservant, she had gained a reputation as “anti-pork”.
    She is solidly Republican: no political maverick. The State party leaders hate her because she has bit them in the back and humiliated them. Other members of the party object to her self-description as a fiscal conservative. Around Wasilla, there are people who went to high school with Sarah. They call her “Sarah Barracuda” because of her unbridled ambition and predatory ruthlessness. Before she became so powerful, very ugly stories circulated around town about shenanigans she pulled to be made point guard on the high school basketball team. When Sarah’s mother-in-law, a highly respected member of the community and experienced manager, ran for Mayor, Sarah refused to endorse her.
    As Governor, she stepped outside of the box and put together of package of legislation known as “AGIA” that forced the oil companies to march to the beat of her drum. Like most Alaskans, she favors drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. She has questioned if the loss of sea ice is linked to global warming. She campaigned “as a private citizen” against a state initiative that would have either a) protected salmon streams from pollution from mines, or b) tied up in the courts all mining in the state (depending on who you listen to). She has pushed the State’s lawsuit against the Dept. of the Interior’s decision to list polar bears as threatened species.
    McCain is the oldest person ever to run for President; Sarah will be a heartbeat away from being President. There has to be literally millions of Americans who are more knowledgeable and experienced than she. However, there are a lot of people who have underestimated her and are regretting it.
    First, I have long believed in the importance of being an informed voter. I am a voter registrar. For 10 years, I put on student voting programs in the schools. If you Google my name (Anne Kilkenny + Alaska), you will find references to my participation in local government, education, and PTA/parent organizations.
    Secondly, I have always operated in the belief that “Bad things happen when good people stay silent”. Few people know as much as I do because few have gone to as many City Council meetings.
    Third, I am just a housewife. I do not have a job she can bump me out of. I do not belong to any organization that she can hurt. Nevertheless, I am no fool; she is immensely popular here, and it is likely that this will cost me somehow in the future: that is life.
    Fourth, she has hated me since back in 1996, when I was one of the 100 or so people who rallied to support the City Librarian against Sarah’s attempt at censorship.
    Fifth, I looked around and realized that everybody else was afraid to say anything because t hey were somehow vulnerable.

    P.S. – I am not a statistician. I developed the numbers for the increase in spending & taxation 2 years ago (when Palin was running for Governor) from information supplied to me by the Finance Director of the City of Wasilla, and I cannot recall exactly what I adjusted for: did I adjust for inflation? For population increases? Right now, it is impossible for a private person to get any info out of City Hall–they are swamped. Therefore, I cannot verify my numbers.

    You may have noticed that there are various numbers circulating for the population of Wasilla, ranging from my “about 5,000”, up to 9,000. The day Palin’s selection was announced a city official told me that the current population is about 7,000. The official 2000 census count was 5,460. I have used about 5,000 because Palin was Mayor from 1996 to 2002, and the city was growing rapidly in the mid-90’s.

  31. elHombre | 2008-Sep-06 at 16:39 (@735) | Permalink

    liberalbygod wrote: “Book length posts could have been written about the conservative media’s lies about Hilary Clinton.”

    And you think the pro-Obama liberal media didn’t sink Hillary with lies about her and coverups about him.

    Pretty pathetic!

  32. vivi | 2008-Sep-06 at 17:43 (@780) | Permalink

    thanks for the list.
    FYI, “Immaculate Conception” refers to the dogma that Mary, Mother of Christ, was conceived without original sin. “Virgin birth” would be a technically proper description but would still be using an important tenet of a major religion as a punchline.
    Please keep up this list. You are doing important work. thanks again.

  33. Charlie | 2008-Sep-06 at 17:48 (@783) | Permalink

    Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever had seven comments, much less 70.

    Anne, thanks for your note. As I say, I’ve got family and friends in Wasilla and Fairbanks myself; I wouldn’t in a million years claim they were uniformly in Palin’s favor. I will note that googling your name leads almost instantly to a New York Times article that makes it clear you’re both Palin’s political opponent in local politics and a member of the opposing party, and that she was (according to the Times) re-elected 826-255 in 1999.

    For all that, it sure sounds like you’ve listed some good — or potentially good — things she’s done.

  34. Charlie | 2008-Sep-06 at 18:56 (@830) | Permalink

    Oh, Steve? I’m not clear why Anne’s text from the circulated email has been pasted in by Steve without attribution.

    In any case, now we’ve got an attribution.

  35. Perceptor II | 2008-Sep-06 at 19:30 (@854) | Permalink

    Gotta a couple more for you, courtesy of Andrew Sullivan, who is growing more unhinged by the day:

    1. Sarah Palin is “safely indoctrinated by Joe Liebermanand AIPAC as we speak”…presumably in some Zionist conspiracy? A strangely anti-Semitic statement from someone who claims to be against anti-Semitism.

    2. That Sarah Palin has gone into hiding and will stay in hiding for two weeks…hasn’t she been to a couple of rallies since the convention?

    3. Palin’s current pastor said that God will strike out his hand against America. The actual context: the pastor was apparently preaching about Revelations and how God will judge the entire world (a mainstream Christian belief shared by evangelicals, mainline Protestants and Catholics) and was making the point that people in Wasilla, Alaska and the U.S.A. shouldn’t expect to be spared.

  36. fsteele | 2008-Sep-06 at 19:58 (@874) | Permalink

    This is great! Pls make it a heavy duty ongoing site!

    Here’s more detail on the jet plane Ebay project from the Anchorage Daily News, who knows the whole story and background.

    The background is fun, but here’s the bottom line: the Ebay listing/s were serious, just didn’t bring in quite as good offers as the state wanted, so they finally got a better offer through a conventional broker.

  37. schenk | 2008-Sep-06 at 20:06 (@879) | Permalink

    Here is one you missed: Why do Sarah Palin’s kids have witch names?

    Does Sarah Palin have an ankle tattoo of the Big Dipper?

  38. bugdrivel | 2008-Sep-06 at 20:26 (@893) | Permalink

    I’ve been looking for a list of the Palin lies… thanks for all the hard work. :0)

    The Left is getting old, desperate and smelly.

  39. mhkidd | 2008-Sep-06 at 20:37 (@900) | Permalink

    Palin left behind over $18 million in long-term debt as mayor of Wasilla, compared to none before her tenure.

  40. Charlie | 2008-Sep-06 at 20:58 (@915) | Permalink

    mhkidd, that would be #3.

  41. Charlie | 2008-Sep-06 at 21:19 (@930) | Permalink

    Sorry, that’s #4 now.

  42. Ronsonic | 2008-Sep-06 at 21:45 (@948) | Permalink

    Sarah Palin says that she did inhale, but only back when it was legal.

  43. Charlie | 2008-Sep-06 at 21:53 (@953) | Permalink

    Thanks, Ron, got it.

  44. Charlie | 2008-Sep-06 at 21:53 (@954) | Permalink

    And yes, the numbers are changing as I add new ones. I should have just added them on the bottom, but it’s too late not.

  45. Charlie | 2008-Sep-06 at 21:54 (@954) | Permalink

    uh, now.


  46. Perceptor II | 2008-Sep-06 at 22:04 (@961) | Permalink

    One correction: Piper Palin was actually born in 2001, which was during Charmed’s run. But Willow was indeed born in 1995, two years before Buffy started its run. That and just the claim that Sarah Palin is a witch…you just can’t parody some of this stuff.

  47. katieo | 2008-Sep-06 at 22:45 (@990) | Permalink

    Another libelous bit of tripe. Especially good is that this “journalist” claims to preserve the anonymity of his source “Lucille” by not revealing her surname. Apparently there are dozens of 50-60 year-old waitresses named “Lucille” who work at this cafe. I can see the Palin people right now, cursing that they can’t discover a last name, demanding a list of all the “Lucilles” who work there. For anyone who has yet to read his previous post (to which he refers in the link above) it, too, is worth a look. I especially liked the ring of “authenticity” he gives to an Idaho businessman by having him describe McCain’s eyes as “rheumy.”

  48. Patrick_Lasswell | 2008-Sep-06 at 22:50 (@993) | Permalink


    I was taking you seriously right up to the point where you insisted that the state of Alaska should invest the surplus in developing energy technology that would make us energy independent and more efficient.

    Here’s the thing: giving money away is a better investment than constructing an institutional fraud. You are asking the state of Alaska to fund an institutional fraud. We already have technology that would help us make the US energy independent and more efficient it is called nuclear power. It’s clean, it’s safe, it’s carbon neutral, and it is not composed of pixie dust and fairy tales.

    Wind, geothermal, solar, wave action, biomass, and “efficiency” sources give us possibly 10% of our current (not planned) energy requirements. That is if we turn our country into a nasty mess of turbines, solar panels, coastal wave dams, fermentation swamps, and other low efficiency energy sources.

    Take out a sharpie and write this backwards on your forehead so you will remember it for a while: Low density power sources are inefficient and cause massive destructive externalities. Too much for your noggin? Try this: “Alternative energy is fraud.”

    Doubt me? Look hard at what the Enron power traders who didn’t go to jail are doing: Green Power! You are being lied to because power at your outlet is untraceable. When people pay more for “green” power, they have no way of knowing if it is from a windmill or a diesel generator three blocks away.

    Get off Sarah for not investing in institutional fraud.

  49. tlintx | 2008-Sep-06 at 23:47 (@032) | Permalink

    Rumor That Palin Called Obama ‘Sambo’ Spreading Across Internet.

    Here comes the race card again!!! Article states Palin said, ““So Sambo beat the bitch!” Referring to Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton.

    The article was written by Charley James. He has an article, “Sarah Palin and Me” on his blogspot at:

  50. Shezan | 2008-Sep-07 at 00:02 (@043) | Permalink

    Thank you for this. You ROCK!

  51. kgdennis | 2008-Sep-07 at 00:51 (@077) | Permalink

    What is the deal with her saying the Pledge of Allegiance is from the founding fathers? If it is true, it should be addressed. I don’t think it is a big deal, but fair is fair.

  52. devilj | 2008-Sep-07 at 01:48 (@117) | Permalink

    Rumor has it Sarah Palin shot that Bigfoot that was frozen in that guy’s freezer. Why on earth would this woman set back cryptozoology like that. SEE MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. ytba | 2008-Sep-07 at 02:06 (@129) | Permalink

    “(Ever hear the phrase “Not my will, but Thine, be done”?) Yes, this apparently freaks some people right out.”

    Except when O’Bumbler uses it (or equivalent)….
    “and make me an instrument of your will”. And, no, Sarah Palin didn’t steal the note, and I doubt anyone else did, least of all a G-d fearing Yeshivah student.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he gave his prayer to the newspaper for publication, and put an empty note in the Wall. Maybe that’s why the MSM is trying so hard to answer the ObaMasiah’s prayer themselves?

  54. ytba | 2008-Sep-07 at 02:16 (@136) | Permalink

    Steve | 06-Sep-08 at 4:06 pm

    Uh, if you compare Obama’s ABYSMAL, and possibly even criminal, performance as state senator, even the worst things you wrote about Palin are laughably insignificant.

  55. mhkidd | 2008-Sep-07 at 08:54 (@412) | Permalink

    mhkidd | 06-Sep-08 at 8:37 pm | Permalink

    Palin left behind over $18 million in long-term debt as mayor of Wasilla, compared to none before her tenure.

    Charlie | 06-Sep-08 at 9:19 pm | Permalink

    Sorry, that’s #4 now. (Yes, there are people in Alaska who think she’s too liberal. )

    Sorry, Charlie, but that dog don’t hunt. Being too liberal is a perception that can arise from a whole set of nebulous criteria, whether justified or not. Palin’s gross fiscal irresponsibility as mayor of Wasilla is a fact. You can’t blame facts on perceptions, though that is, of course, the only strategy the GOP has for winning elections these days. Keep blowing.

  56. Charlie | 2008-Sep-07 at 09:19 (@430) | Permalink

    mhkidd, sorry, that’s my fault. As I said above, I’m now going to only add new rumors at the bottom so the numbers will stabilize. What I called #4 is now #6, and includes the sentence “Yes, the city went into debt to do it.”

    Whether it’s “gross fiscal irresponsibility” is observer-dependent. For me, on the one hand it sounds like — since she was re-elected after the sports center etc were developed — the people of Wasilla in general didn’t agree with you. On the other hand, I’m libertarian enough to wonder, philosophically, if this is something a government should be doing. But then, continuing around the octopus, on the third hand if a government is going to do it, doing it with an explicit tax increase and bonds strikes me as the fiscally responsible way to do it.

    If you want to make that into a big deal about the GOP etc, I suggest you take that down the hall; this isn’t the arguments department.

  57. galynn | 2008-Sep-07 at 10:07 (@463) | Permalink

    Another rumor found on CNN blog! Check the comments on this blog:

    Commenter #3 calling herself “Linda” says, “…Also did you know she has brothers in jail? check it out!!”

  58. del | 2008-Sep-07 at 10:43 (@488) | Permalink

    I saw this in Anderson Cooper’s blog comments. true or False?

    “As a life long Alaskan, there was a lot of sneaky things that she did in order to win the election for governor. I will be so glad when she is exposed for the fake lier that she is. Also did you know she has brothers in jail?”

  59. Charlie | 2008-Sep-07 at 10:54 (@496) | Permalink

    Del, the brother one is now #68. I’ve read a number of complaints about her campaigns in Wasilla, always from people she beat like a livery stable mule. I’ve got contacts up there though, so will keep looking.

  60. Perceptor II | 2008-Sep-07 at 12:02 (@543) | Permalink

    I can’t locate a link, but I know I’ve read this in a few places. I have to admit it’s entirely plausible and no one has refuted it yet, and it’s perhaps the most troubling rumor of all: is Sarah Palin a Pittsburgh Steelers fan?

  61. rmdw | 2008-Sep-07 at 13:53 (@620) | Permalink

    You might want to consider adding this new rumor: “Sarah Palin threatens the extinction of polar bears”. Here’s a posting that somewhat implies that:

    My counterpoint to this fellow can be found here: (2nd item down)

    Robert W.

  62. Nancy Reardon | 2008-Sep-07 at 13:55 (@621) | Permalink

    Yes, Sarah Palin had a speechwriter, his name is Matthew Scully. John McCain has a speechwriter, his name is Mark Salter. Barack Obama has a speechwriter, his name is Jon Favreau. And Joe Biden has a speechwriter, his name is Neil Kinnock.”

  63. piacere68 | 2008-Sep-07 at 14:00 (@625) | Permalink

    Just goes to show how karma’s a, well, you know. All the OMG OBAMA IS A ISLAMOTERRORIST! is coming back to bite Palin in the keester.

  64. Thanos | 2008-Sep-07 at 14:13 (@634) | Permalink


    I found this information very interesting and would like to share it on some forums..

    Some of the mods there wouldn’t like to see this information and will censor me if I don’t have permission.

    Is there any way you can put a statement on this site stating that permission is given for full reprint of the written content?

  65. snp202002 | 2008-Sep-07 at 14:32 (@647) | Permalink


    Thank you for the FACTS, I am sick of the agendas and envy of so many. This site is very REFRESHING

  66. johnnyrussia | 2008-Sep-07 at 16:37 (@734) | Permalink

    Why won’t this lightweight, unqualified, Jesus-freak demagogue MEET THE PRESS?

  67. Charlie | 2008-Sep-07 at 16:42 (@738) | Permalink

    That would be #20, Johnny

  68. johnnyrussia | 2008-Sep-07 at 16:49 (@742) | Permalink

    Those are rallies–media present, no direct questioning.

  69. jcharles | 2008-Sep-07 at 16:54 (@746) | Permalink

    This is not a rumor – There are pix confirming same.

    She off’d Bullwinkle!!!!!

  70. johnnyrussia | 2008-Sep-07 at 17:04 (@752) | Permalink

    Copy & paste:

  71. johnnyrussia | 2008-Sep-07 at 17:04 (@753) | Permalink


  72. Charlie | 2008-Sep-07 at 17:05 (@753) | Permalink

    jcharles: Oh, that trick never works.

    (PS: Those pictures are a reindeer. You mean “She killed Rudolph.”)

    Johnny, follow the links. Her Saturday schedule had three media availabilities.

    She’s also done Maria Bartilromo’s (sp?) show, and Vogue, among others, in the last few months.

  73. johnnyrussia | 2008-Sep-07 at 17:09 (@756) | Permalink

    I don’t care about the last few months. They are immaterial.

    “Media availabilities” are not interviews. She did not answer questions at these rallies.

    And did Megyn Kelly ever find the pieces from her original nose?

  74. Charlie | 2008-Sep-07 at 17:09 (@756) | Permalink

    Johnny: She’s doing MSNBC this week.

  75. Charlie | 2008-Sep-07 at 17:10 (@757) | Permalink

    You look at her nose?

  76. johnnyrussia | 2008-Sep-07 at 17:14 (@759) | Permalink

    The story is she’s doing a Charlie Gibson interview on ABC. It will be conducted in Alaska sometime during the coming week.

    I’m sure the McCain campaign has set lots of ground-rules; we’ll see.

    I want to see her take live questions. She’s apparently “studying” for those situations.

    Why? Shouldn’t she already be prepared?

    She’s not.

    She’s unqualified, and was a cynical pick to pacify evangelicals and try to get women who don’t read to vote for McCain…

  77. GuyinOmaha | 2008-Sep-07 at 17:21 (@764) | Permalink

    In point 21 you differentiated Missouri Synod Lutherans from traditional Lutherans. WE LC-MS’ers are much more traditionally Lutheran than ELCA Lutherans.

  78. Charlie | 2008-Sep-07 at 18:11 (@799) | Permalink

    Johnny, you know what? You’re right, it was MSNBC reporting that she’s doing ABC. As to your wishes, I’m sure I can come up with an email address for the campaign: why don’t you complain to them? This isn’t a Palin rumor any longer.

    Guy@170, I’m a Buddhist, I’ve got no idea. You tell me how you’d say it.

  79. rmdw | 2008-Sep-07 at 18:28 (@811) | Permalink

    On John Batchelor’s radio program this evening, he’s expressing with great surprise (and delight) about who Sarah Palin backed in 2000. It was not George Bush but Steve Forbes.

    Kinda dilutes the Palin = Bush smear, doesn’t it?


    So wrt #17, perhaps you want to expand it or create a new entry.

  80. ak267 | 2008-Sep-07 at 20:42 (@904) | Permalink

    “For the record, no one ever said fire Wooten. Not the governor. Not Todd. Not any of the other staff …” — Former Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan, Anchorage Daily News, 8/30/08

    In the wake of John McCain‟s decision to select Governor Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate, some in the press are reporting on an inquiry involving the Department of Public Safety commissioner and Governor Palin‟s former brother-in-law, a state trooper. The following are the facts of the matter:

    Governor Palin is an open book on this — she did nothing wrong and has nothing to hide. As a reformer and a leader on ethics reform, she has been happy to cooperate fully in the inquiry of this matter.

    Governor Palin dismissed Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan because of an honest disagreement over budget priorities — that’s it. Though Governor Palin had differences of opinion over department policy, she valued Monegan‟s talents and offered him another position in the administration that was consistent with Monegan‟s skill set and that was in an area where the two shared the same policy goals.

    The allegation that Governor Palin retaliated against Commissioner Monegan for not firing Trooper Wooten is cut from whole cloth — in fact, it was first made, without any evidence, by a blogger who, as Governor Palin’s opponent in her 2006 gubernatorial race (receiving nine percent of the vote), has blasted the Governor ever since she turned down his request for a government job.

    Former Public Safety Commissioner Monegan stated that at no time did Governor Palin, her husband, or anyone on her staff tell him to fire trooper Mike Wooten. Monegan told the Anchorage Daily News, “For the record, no one ever said fire Wooten. Not the governor. Not Todd. Not any of the other staff.” After initially saying he was not certain why he was dismissed, Monegan later said he felt pressured to do something about Wooten, but had no knowledge that pressure was connected with his later dismissal. Gov. Palin stated that she had not pressured Monegan or his Department to fire Wooten, and that she had asked Monegan to take a different position in her administration because she wanted a “new direction” in the Department.

    The questions related to threats made by Governor Palin’s ex-brother-in-law, state trooper Mike Wooten, arise from a particularly contentious divorce between Wooten and the Governor’s sister, Molly McCann, a dispute that began in 2005 (prior to her becoming Governor).
    Mike Wooten, the former husband of Governor Palin’s sister, was a state trooper who made threats against his wife and father-in-law and used a taser against his 10-year old step son. These threats, which resulted in a court-imposed Domestic Violence Protective Order, included telling others that his wife’s father would “eat a f***ing lead bullet” if he helped his daughter get an attorney for the divorce. As a result of these actions, Wooten was suspended from duty with the State Police. In suspending the state trooper, the State Police cited the state trooper’s “serious and concentrated pattern of unacceptable and at times, illegal activity,” and threatened to fire him if his behavior continued. Following this, he issued continuing threats against the Governor and her family. Since his January 2006 divorce from Molly McCann, Wooten (age 35) has married and divorced again — his fourth divorce.

    When Sarah Palin was elected Governor in 2006, the Governor’s security detail routinely asked if she was aware of any threats against her or her family, and learned of Wooten’s actions and threats. Special Agent Bob Cockrell, of the governor’s security detail, instructed that Public Safety Commissioner Monegan be notified about Wooten‟s threats on the governor‟s father‟s life and against the governor because Wooten constituted a security threat. Governor Palin raised the subject with Monegan, and he suggested that it would be better for them not to talk about it, but that her husband, Todd Palin, could contact him about Wooten if necessary. Todd Palin did so, and made follow-up inquiries, as did other members of the Governor‟s staff, inquiring about the appropriate Department of Public

    Safety procedures for dealing with someone they considered a dangerous person and rogue trooper. Monegan never informed Todd Palin of the disciplinary action against Wooten at the time, and the Governor did not learn of Wooten‟s suspension until after Monegan had left the Department of Public Safety. The governor did not learn of these contacts by Todd Palin until August of this year.

    Thereafter, Governor Palin discovered that others in her administration had spoken to Monegan about Wooten, and that there was a recording of one, Frank Bailey, doing so. Governor Palin was the first to disclose the discovery, publicly releasing a tape of the conversation. She stated that she was unaware of Bailey‟s actions, that they were “unauthorized” and “wrong” and she suspended him from his duties. Bailey has testified under oath that no one on the governor‟s staff authorized his inquiry about Wooten, and that he acted on his own initiative because he thought Wooten was a dangerous threat to the security of the governor and her father.

    The legislature and Attorney General are both currently reviewing the circumstances of Walt Monegan’s departure from the Department of Public Safety, and the Governor is fully cooperating with those inquiries. As an appointee of the Governor, Monegan could legally be removed from office for any reason whatsoever, however, the governor removed Monegan from office for reasons related to their differences over budget policy, not for anything connected to her family.

    Background Information On Trooper Inquiry

    In 2005, Sarah Palin Alleged That Her Brother-In-Law, State Trooper Mike Wooten, Threatened Her Family And Had Used A Stun Gun On His 10-Year Old Stepson. “In 2005, Governor Palin alleged that her brother in-law, Mike Wooten, had threatened to harm her sister and father and had engaged in numerous instances of misconduct, including using a stun gun on his 10-year-old stepson, according to state documents.” (Jim Carlton, “Alaska’s Palin Faces Probe,” The Wall Street Journal, 7/31/08)

    An Internal State Police Investigation Confirmed That Wooten Used A Taser On His Stepson, Threatened His Father-In-Law With Violence And Drank Beer In His Patrol Car. “As the investigation got under way in 2005, Wooten was in the midst of a bitter divorce from Palin‟s sister, Molly McCann. The couple was fighting over custody of their two young children. Accusations flew from both sides. Troopers eventually investigated 13 issues and found four in which Wooten violated policy or broke the law or both: –Wooten used a Taser on his stepson. –He illegally shot a moose. –He drank beer in his patrol car on one occasion. –He told others his father-in-law would „eat a f****ing lead bullet‟ if he helped his daughter get an attorney for the divorce. Beyond the investigation sparked by the family, trooper commanders saw cause to discipline or give written instructions to correct Wooten seven times since he joined the force, according to Grimes’ letter to Wooten. Those incidents included: a reprimand in January 2004 for negligent damage to a state vehicle; a January 2005 instruction after being accused of speeding, unsafe lane changes, following too closely and not using turn signals in his state vehicle; a June 2005 instruction regarding personal cell phone calls; an October 2005 suspension from work after getting a speeding ticket; and a November 2005 memo „to clarify duty hours, tardiness and personal business during duty time.‟” (Lisa Demer, “Is Wooten A Good Trooper?” Anchorage Daily News, 7/27/08)

    Wooten Was Suspended By State Police, Who Cited His Record Of A “Serious And Concentrated Pattern Of Unacceptable And At Times, Illegal Activity Occurring Over A Lengthy Period, Which Establishes A Course Of Conduct Totally At Odds With The Ethics Of Our Profession.” “„The record clearly indicates a serious and concentrated pattern of unacceptable and at times, illegal activity occurring over a lengthy period, which establishes a course of conduct totally at odds with the ethics of our profession,” Col. Julia Grimes, then head of Alaska State Troopers, wrote in March 1, 2006, letter suspending Wooten for 10 days. After the union protested it, the suspension was reduced to five days. She warned that if he messed up again, he’d be fired.” (Lisa Demer, “Is Wooten A Good Trooper?” Anchorage Daily News, 7/27/08)

    A State Police Investigation Revealed That After Palin’s Sister Filed Protective Order Against Wooten, He Was Ordered To Surrender His “Department-Issued Guns, Badge, Credentials And Vehicle During His Off-Duty Time, While The Order Was In Effect.” “The troopers‟ investigation into Wooten began after Chuck Heath — Wooten‟s father-in-law and Palin and McCann‟s dad — alerted troopers about a domestic violence protective order McCann had obtained against Wooten on April 11, 2005. McCann filed for divorce the same day, according to the court docket. The trooper had not physically assaulted his wife but intimidated her and threatened to shoot him, Heath told troopers, according to a memo about the complaint. The same day, a concerned neighbor of the couple called troopers with more accusations, including alcohol abuse, based on what Heath and McCann had relayed to him. Wooten seemed „disconnected” lately, the neighbor said. He told troopers that Heath and McCann were afraid to call troopers themselves. „Extreme verbal abuse and violent threats and physical intimidation,” McCann wrote in her April 11, 2005, petition to the court. He had driven drunk multiple times, threatened her father, told her to „put a leash on your sister and family or I’m going to bring them down,” her petition says. A judge issued a 20-day protective order to keep Wooten away. In written orders to Wooten sent the next day, trooper Capt. Matt Leveque echoed the court‟s directive. Leveque, now a major, also told Wooten to give up
    his department-issued guns, badge, credentials and vehicle during his off-duty time, while the order was in effect.” (Lisa Demer, “Is Wooten A Good Trooper?” Anchorage Daily News, 7/27/08)

    In July 2007, Palin Dismissed The Department Of Public Safety Commissioner, Walt Monegan, Who Then Complained That Palin Had Pressured Him To Fire Wooten. “On July 11 of this year, Ms. Palin fired Department of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan. Mr. Monegan then complained that she and her husband had pressured him to fire Mr. Wooten.” (Jim Carlton, “Alaska‟s Palin Faces Probe,” The Wall Street Journal, 7/31/08)
    Palin Agreed To Cooperate With A Legislative Inquiry Of Monegan’s Departure. “Ms. Palin, in a statement, denied that, saying she had removed the commissioner she had appointed 18 months earlier because she wanted „a new direction.” She said she will cooperate with the legislative probe, which is expected to be completed by November.” (Jim Carlton, “Alaska’s Palin Faces Probe,” The Wall Street Journal, 7/31/08)

    Palin Disclosed That She Had Discovered That Administration Staff Discussed Wooten With The Department Of Public Safety. “Palin, who has previously said her administration didn‟t exert pressure to get rid of trooper Mike Wooten, also disclosed that members of her staff had made about two dozen contacts with public safety officials about the trooper. „I do now have to tell Alaskans that such pressure could have been perceived to exist although I have only now become aware of it,” Palin said. (Sean Cockerham, “Palin Staff Pushed To Have Trooper Fired,” Anchorage Daily News, 8/14/08)

    Palin Suspended Administration Staffer Frank Bailey, Who Said He Made Phone Call On Wooten Without Governor Palin’s Knowledge. “Gov. Sarah Palin placed the state‟s director of boards and commissions on paid administrative leave Tuesday while an investigation continues into whether she abused her power when firing former public safety commissioner Walt Monegan. Frank Bailey was one of several officials who placed a call to the Alaska State Troopers questioning the employment of an officer who went through a messy divorce with Palin‟s sister. Monegan has said he felt pressure to fire the trooper, Mike Wooten. Palin denies firing Monegan because he refused to dismiss the trooper. But last week, she acknowledged that at least two dozen calls were made by staff members to Public Safety Department officials questioning Wooten‟s employment, including one by Bailey that was retained on tape. … Bailey has said he made the phone call on his own without knowledge of Palin or her husband, Todd. Nearly a week later after the call was made public, Palin announced her decision to place Bailey on leave.” (Steve Quinn, “Palin Places Bailey On Administrative Leave,” The Associated Press, 8/20/08)

    Palin Said Administration Staffer Frank Bailey’s Actions Were “Unauthorized” And “Wrong”: “His Comments Were Unauthorized As Well As Just Wrong.” “But it was Bailey’s conversation with a trooper, Ketchikan-based Lt. Rodney Dial, that Palin said last week was „most disturbing” and „problematic.” „Mr. Bailey seemed to be speaking on my behalf, but Mr. Bailey was not speaking for me,‟ Palin said last week. „His comments were unauthorized as well as just wrong.‟” (Steve Quinn, “Palin Places Bailey On Administrative Leave,” The Associated Press, 8/20/08)

    Note: The Head Of Governor Palin’s Security, Special Agent Bob Cockrell, Instructed Todd Palin To Contact Monegan Directly About Any Security Concerns: “When Made Aware Of The Security Concerns Regarding A State Trooper, I Instructed The First Gentleman To Contact The Commissioner Of Public Safety.” “Monegan has also raised questions about the propriety of the First Gentleman, Todd Palin, meeting with Monegan right after the Governor was elected to discuss security concerns surrounding a state trooper. That meeting occurred following standard questioning of any newly-elected Governor and First Family members regarding security detail concerns. The First Gentleman was specifically told to meet with Monegan by the Governor‟s top security detail, Special Agent Bob Cockrell, to forward serious concerns that were substantiated in an internal trooper investigation. The concerns regarding the trooper included: using a Taser stun gun on his stepson, illegally killing a moose and driving with an open container in his patrol car. The First Gentleman also expressed concern over death threats made against a family member by the trooper. „When made aware of the security concerns regarding a state trooper, I instructed the First Gentleman to contact the commissioner of Public Safety,” Cockrell said. „It is standard protocol to ask every governor about any threats they perceive or have realized. I will not hesitate to set the record straight in answering these false allegations by former’Commissioner Monegan.’” (Governor Sarah Palin, “Palin Responds To Latest Falsehoods Accusations By Former Commissioner,” Press Release, 7/22/08)

    Note: Monegan Said It Was Appropriate For Todd Palin To Contact Him About Any Security Threats. “The governor raised the issue again in February 2007 during the legislative session in Juneau. „As we were walking down the stairs in the capitol building,’ Monegan said, „she wanted to talk to me about her former brother-in-law. I said, “Ma’am, I need to keep you at arm’s length with this. I can’t deal about him with you. If need be, I can talk to Todd.”„“ (James V. Grimaldi and Kimberly Kindy, “Palin Focus Of Probe In Police Chief’s Firing,” The Washington Post, 8/30/08)

  81. jcharles | 2008-Sep-07 at 21:33 (@939) | Permalink

    This time for sure, Charlie.


    I still think it’s cervucide. Have you seen Bullwinkle recently?

  82. Charlie | 2008-Sep-07 at 21:56 (@955) | Permalink

    Now there’s a word you don’t get to use every day.

    True story: I took my half-Inuit cousin to dinner at a local Brazilian Churrascaria. The man came by with a skewer full of lamb chops, and it turned out she had never had lamb. So I got her a lamb chop; she chewed thoughtfully, not sure she liked it, and finally said “you know what that tastes like? Moose meat dipped in salted seal oil. I’ve had that at home.”

    Just in case you ever wondered what moose meat in seal oil tastes like, now you know.

  83. sweatingbanshee | 2008-Sep-07 at 22:06 (@962) | Permalink

    Could this turn out to be trouble for Sarah?

  84. lmk89 | 2008-Sep-07 at 22:15 (@969) | Permalink

    LOL. I like how this entry concedes that the most popular anti-Palin smear is true, implicitly conceding that she outright lied during her acceptance speech (“I told them thanks but no thanks on that bridge to nowhere”).

    Good times.

  85. Charlie | 2008-Sep-07 at 22:21 (@972) | Permalink

    banshee@192, I suppose it’s possible, but the truth is if I were you I wouldn’t get my hopes up. The “stalling” business is about Palin insisting that the investigation be performed as required by statute; Bailey is the guy that was suspended from his job for exceeding his authority and talking to Monegan; and this is still all about a guy who tasered Palin’s nephew (his stepson) and threatened to murder her father and brother.

    Might I commend to you the text at #184?

  86. gyakuzuki | 2008-Sep-07 at 22:25 (@976) | Permalink

    just heard someone calling Palin a “pentecostal” … this is not accurate nor is her current church a Pentecostal church.

  87. James Beam | 2008-Sep-07 at 22:26 (@976) | Permalink

    According to

    Two days ago, the morons over at MSNBC had their panties in a twist saying that the Mavericuda campaign was hiding Sarah Palin in Alaska to avoid the media. Funny, they could have called Charles Gibson over at ABC who was offered an interview several days ago.

  88. Charlie | 2008-Sep-07 at 22:27 (@977) | Permalink

    implicitly conceding that she outright lied

    You know lmk, you might want to look that word up. I don’t think it means what you think it means.

  89. lmk89 | 2008-Sep-07 at 22:37 (@984) | Permalink


    I apologize for the snark in my previous post. That said:

    lie (n): a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth; a falsehood.

    It was a false statement by virtue of her intent to deceive. She only told the second half of the story specifically to convince people that her bridge to nowhere stance is an example of her as a reformer. Ironically, the story shows that she’s a typical politician.

  90. Charlie | 2008-Sep-07 at 22:41 (@986) | Permalink

    gyakuzuki, as I said farther up above, details of Christian … umm, differential diagnosis? There must be a better phrase but I can’t think of it … anyway, they’re not my specialty. My encyclopedia says Assembly of God is Pentecostal, and my understanding second hand is that Wasilla Bible is pretty Pentecostal in its outlook as well. Can you expand on the distinction and why you think it’s incorrect to say she’s Pentecostal?

  91. Charlie | 2008-Sep-07 at 22:45 (@989) | Permalink

    lmk, we’re asking a lot of any politician if we think they’re never going to change their minds, or if after changing their minds we’re going to expect them to run through the history of why they were wrong, every time they tell us the decision they finally made.

    I had a girlfriend long ago who got very angry with me over having not been pro-choice 20 years before we met, even though I had long since changed my mind. It struck me as unfair then, and this seems awfully stringent now.

  92. sweatingbanshee | 2008-Sep-07 at 22:55 (@996) | Permalink

    Charlie I hope you’re right about the Mother Jones stuff. I’m really hoping Sarah can keep it up, but this image of her including Todd in every decision, and just the whole air of scandal that’s following her, justified or not, could really be damaging. People could make a bigger deal about the AIP if they think that they’re really electing Sarah/Todd instead of just Sarah. The secessionist stuff is a big plus for me, but we’ll see what the other side will do with it.

  93. itobo | 2008-Sep-07 at 23:25 (@017) | Permalink

    “My encyclopedia says Assembly of God is Pentecostal, and my understanding second hand is that Wasilla Bible is pretty Pentecostal in its outlook as well. Can you expand on the distinction and why you think it’s incorrect to say she’s Pentecostal?”

    Assemblies of God IS from the Pentecostal tradition, which believes in not only the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit”, which is sometimes also called the “infilling of the Holy Spirit”, but also the speaking of unknown languages (speaking in tongues) as the evidence that that has occurred. There are numerous denominations in the Pentecostal tradition, some of which have the name “Pentecostal” in their name. They differ with each other on various points of theology and doctrine, including in Whose Name one should pray over a believer. Some believe it should only be in Jesus’ name, others that it should be in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Outside of these differences, they are all in the mainstream of evangelical, and sometimes fundamentalist, believe and practice.

    Having said that, it would not be accurate to say that attendance at such a church would necessarily connote acceptance of all elements of the church’s doctrine. Most evangelical churches, including Assemblies of God, are tolerant of divergent views among their parishioners, particularly in small towns and rural areas where the local Assemblies of God church might well be the only evangelical church available.

    The better questions would be what is the difference between an evangelical and a fundamentalist, and which would Governor Palin be. Short answer to the first would be an evangelical believes in the Bible as the inspired Word of God, providing guidance for belief and practice, and a fundamentalist believes in a literal reading of the Bible, including seven day creationism, as the primary source of knowledge which must be upheld whatever might be the contrary evidence. Most “right wing” Christians are assumed to be fundamentalist. Most of us are not. It appears from the fact that Governor Palin left the Assemblies of God that, if it was preaching a fundamentalist doctrine, it was one with which she was not comfortable. Her current church is by all evidence not fundamentalist, but that could only be confirmed by looking at its Statement of Faith.

  94. Gypsy Man | 2008-Sep-07 at 23:29 (@020) | Permalink

    This whole “Troopergate” witch hunt is one of the biggest anti-Palin smears. Not WRIGHT for America (, Riehl World View ( and Flopping Aces have done an excellent job chronicling this whole sorry affair.

    This “investigation” is overseen by a partisan Democrat, Obama supporter Hollis French. And it gets worse–though the investigation has hardly begun, he has leaked damaging information about how the final report will be “damaging to Palin.” He has also lied about his role in the investigation–he’s supposed to have just a non-substantive role dealing with an independent investigator who has been hired, but in fact this Hollis French is making key decisions to try to undermine Palin! It’s outrageous.

  95. kevinstrong | 2008-Sep-07 at 23:43 (@030) | Permalink

    I continually hear the news media journalist making reference to Palin’s baby “daughter” with Downs Syndrome.
    I am pretty sure Sarah Palin’s baby, Trig, is a boy.

  96. kevinstrong | 2008-Sep-07 at 23:49 (@034) | Permalink

    The $26 million earmarks as Mayor of Wasilla are blatantly false. The number used included all federal spending, the City of Wasilla may be 1/5 or less.

    I work in construction management in Alaska (18 years) and familiar with the area and the earmark project terminology. Because the earmarks included “Wasilla” in the description, each is attributed (falsely) to the Mayor. Many are the Alaska Railroad, AK Dept of Transportation, and Borough (AK version of county). From the provided data below (from “Taxpayers For Common Sense”), less than $6 M can be inferred as the City of Wasilla and includes FY 2003.

    $27,250,000 attributed to Wasilla area during 1996-2002 including AKRR, DOT, Borough, City, etc. on the data sheet
    $5,750,000 might be assigned to the City of Wasilla requests
    $21,500,000 others

    “Wasilla” Earmark Specifics:

    [Not City Earmarks]

    $1,000,000 Transportation FY2000 Wasilla intermodal facility
    $15,000,000 Transportation FY2001 Girdwood to Wasilla, Alaska, commuter rail project
    $500,000 Transportation FY2002 Federal lands: Mat-Su Borough/Wasilla, Alaska
    $2,500,000 Transportation FY2002 New starts: Wasilla, Alaska, alternative route project
    $900,000 Omnibus FY2003 Wasilla Intermodal Facility
    $800,000 Omnibus FY2003 Wasilla Airport, AK
    $800,000 Omnibus FY2003 Matanuska-Susitna Borough for an agricultural processing facility in Wasilla, Alaska

    [Possible City Earmarks]

    $500,000 VA-HUD FY2001 Kids are People, Inc. for a transitional living program for homeless youth and an emergency shelter in Wasilla, Alaska
    $500,000 Omnibus FY2001 Life Quest Community Mental Health Center in Wasilla, Alaska
    $1,000,000 CJS FY2002 Wasilla Regional Dispatch Center in Alaska for technology and communications upgrades
    $600,000 Transportation FY2002 Bus and bus facilities: City of Wasilla bus facility
    $1,500,000 VA-HUD FY2002 Wasilla, Alaska water and sewer improvements
    $750,000 Omnibus FY2003 City of Wasilla, Alaska for a regional dispatch center
    $900,000 Omnibus FY2003 Wasilla, Alaska for water and sewer improvements

    Unfortunately, BO campaign management and many in the media are failing to perform credible journalistic research. I trust you will find the facts informative.

  97. rmdw | 2008-Sep-08 at 02:00 (@125) | Permalink

    Got another one for you, Charlie: In this interview, Donna Brazile compared Barack Obama to Jesus and Sarah Palin to Pontius Pilate:

    To best of my knowledge, the MSM has not yet established a direct bloodline between Sarah Heath Palin and Governor Pilate. Though I do not know whether or not MSM reporters have been sent to Lucerne, Switzerland to collect DNA evidence of a family connection:

  98. kgdennis | 2008-Sep-08 at 02:25 (@142) | Permalink

    I mentioned in an earlier post. In a questionairre while running for Governor of Alaska, she was asked about her thoughts on the “under God” portion of the Pledge of Allegiance. She stated that if it was good enough for the founding fathers it was good enough for her. This link defends her, but I am unsure how much I believe it. The way she answer the question it clearly implies that she thought that the Pledge was written by (or at least at the time of) the Founding Fathers. I could be wrong. Certainly if that was the worst thing they could find about her, then they aren’t going to find anything bad about her becuase there is nothing to find.

    I did a Yahoo! search with the keywords sarah palin pledge allegiance founding fathers. You should see the comments made on the posts where they mention this. Many are flat out disgusting. I wonder how many of those posters knew that the pledge was not written by the founders.

  99. pumartist | 2008-Sep-08 at 02:27 (@144) | Permalink

    I want to debunk rumors as much as the next guy because I love Palin. However, your #10 is incorrect (as is Andrew Sullivan’s editorial about it).

    Sullivan says Piper was Shannen Doherty’s character; no. Her character was Prudence (Pru) Halliwell. Holly Marie Combs played Piper.

    As well, “Charmed” premiered in 1998. Piper Palin was born in 2002. So it’s very possible she could’ve been named after Piper (after all, by that time they already had a daughter that went by Willow, even if she wasn’t named AFTER Willow, Willow Rosenberg on “Buffy” is considered the second most famous witch on TV behind “Bewitched”‘s Samantha, and the whole crowd who watched “Buffy” most often also watched “Charmed”…as at the time they were both very popular on the WB/UPN).

    For trivia purposes, Gillian Anderson–Scully–of “The X-Files” named her baby Piper in 1994(?), too.

    — Sci-fi Geek PUMA John

  100. docweasel | 2008-Sep-08 at 04:56 (@247) | Permalink

    I wasn’t offended at the use of a Catholic dogma as much as the stupidity of misusing it.

    However, the debunking of the Palin smears is a “good work” so I grant thee absolution. Say 20 Hail Marys, 12 Pater Nosters and an Apostle’s Creed and you’re back in good graces.

  101. rondakay | 2008-Sep-08 at 10:32 (@481) | Permalink

    Charlie – it would be OH SO helpful if you would add the ‘source’ of the rumor – I would like to see WHO are publishing these rumors – e.g. CNN, New York Times – or if they are just email and blog items. In arguing that the mainstream media is biased and behaves less than one would expect of true journalists – it would be useful to see exactly which organizations are passing on this sort of trash.

  102. cshtucker | 2008-Sep-08 at 10:54 (@496) | Permalink

    Wondering about the validity of this claim: “Palin is strongly anti-choice, opposing abortion even in the case of rape or incest.” – source of this rumor: “McCain Selects Anti-Choice Sarah Palin as Running Mate,” NARAL Pro-Choice America, August 29, 2008

  103. Charlie | 2008-Sep-08 at 12:38 (@568) | Permalink

    Ron, I agree, and I’m trying to get those cites. When this started, it was a rant on an email list; I need to go back and work over the sources.

    I can tell you that several of them can be traced back, if no to the Obama campaign in any official way, to people closely associated with the Obama campaign, and/or Daily Kos, MyDD, and Democratic Underground. Others, the the one about her brother being in jail, seem to be freelancers.

    cshtucker, that one does appear to be true; not inconsistent for someone who believes that Life in some special sense begins at conception. On the other hand, she appears (see,eg, a bunch of discussion on Volokh to be very strict-interpretationist on most topics like this.

  104. sierra | 2008-Sep-08 at 12:59 (@583) | Permalink

    While perhaps not an active “rumor” per se, there’s this documented line of press inquiry: whether Palin cheated when she won the Miss Wasilla Pageant in 1984.

  105. The Ancient Mariner | 2008-Sep-08 at 13:11 (@591) | Permalink

    re: cshtucker, #225: she said that explicitly in the final general-election debate of the 2006 Alaska gubernatorial race. You can find the video on C-SPAN’s website (though for some reason I’m not getting it to come up today); the question comes up early in the (hour-and-a-half-long) debate.

  106. rmdw | 2008-Sep-08 at 13:20 (@597) | Permalink


    There’s a new smear out there that insinuates that Sarah Palin is trying to destroy the planet. Point by point, I carefully refute each of the key points here:

    As a Canadian what’s doubly interesting to me is how this smear has now connected your country’s election campaign with the one that just began in my country yesterday.


  107. sierra | 2008-Sep-08 at 13:47 (@616) | Permalink

    Sorry, bad character in the URI I sent you. Here’s another mirror:

  108. johnnyrussia | 2008-Sep-08 at 14:58 (@665) | Permalink

    Gov. Sarah Palin made her first potentially major gaffe during her time on the national scene while discussing the developments of the perilous housing market this past weekend.

    Speaking before voters in Colorado Springs, the Republican vice presidential nominee claimed that lending giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had “gotten too big and too expensive to the taxpayers.” The companies, as McClatchy reported, “aren’t taxpayer funded but operate as private companies. The takeover may result in a taxpayer bailout during reorganization.”

    Better send her back to school, huh?

  109. rmdw | 2008-Sep-08 at 15:20 (@681) | Permalink


    You’re being a tad disingenuous, aren’t you? In practice they’re not entirely private companies, are they?

    I provide you with this link:

    And this paragraph: “GSEs such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mae, with their combination of private enterprise and public backing have experienced a period of unprecedented financial growth over the past few decades. The current assets of these two companies combine for a total that is 45 percent greater than that of the nation’s largest bank.”

    Now, who should go back to school?

  110. LT2 | 2008-Sep-08 at 17:28 (@769) | Permalink

    On #71: You know, as well as being a blog, TPM also lets users make diary-like posts to the “TPM Cafe”. That .posting was made by some random person, not Josh,

  111. LT2 | 2008-Sep-08 at 18:07 (@797) | Permalink

    Nice site — it’s too bad that people are so divided and there isn’t a common forum for sorting things out.

    Re the rumors (not comments):

    32: The child asked to feel what a stun gun felt like. I don’t know about you, but if I were 11 I might ask to feel one too, and be upset if I didn’t get to try it. Imagine, for a second, that Todd Palin had let his 11 year son, at the son’s request, feel what a stun gun on training mode felt like.

    48: No comment on this ?

    63: To be fair, Obama does write many of his own speeches. Almost no planned speeches are impromptu.

    Another rumor: … that she has $9 million in assets (would that mean that she’s not middle class?)

  112. SalG | 2008-Sep-08 at 18:21 (@806) | Permalink

    Possible new rumor: Cheated in Beauty Contest (This has to be breaking news!)

  113. johnnyrussia | 2008-Sep-08 at 18:32 (@814) | Permalink

    rmdw: If you buy Sarah Palin’s bullshit–or John “DoubleTalk” McBush III’s–then perhaps “Caribou Barbie”, McBush AND you are already too far gone.

    BTW: If you are a Republican, since when do YOU believe in government bail-outs?

    And under whose watch are we watching the economy being destroyed?

    And who voted with that administration 90% of the time, and promises more of the same?

    Or will McBush’s distraction–Sarah Palin–pray us out of this mess?

  114. johnnyrussia | 2008-Sep-08 at 18:35 (@816) | Permalink

    From Jake Tapper, ABC News (oooo! the LIBERAL media!):

    They’re private entities.

    Though they’re private entities ultimately backed up by the taxpayers.

    But the only way Fannie and Freddie are “too expensive to the taxpayers” is if you’re talking about the bailout announced over the weekend.

    Is that what she meant?

    So, does “too expensive” mean that Palin opposes the bailout?

    Or did she misstate how these entities function?

    I asked the McCain-Palin campaign for an explanation.

    Its response was to send an e-mail from domestic policy adviser Doug Holtz-Eakin:

    “John McCain supports the steps needed to keep the financial troubles at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac from further squeezing American families, and endorses the idea that management and shareholders should not benefit from government backing,” Holz-Eakin said. “While details are not yet available, the actions taken today are consistent with those objectives. Fannie and Freddie have been the poster children for a lack of transparency and accountability, and remind us of the needed reforms to financial markets in general. We need to create jobs and get the economy going — and get way from the practice of sticking Main Street Americans with these bills. If elected, John McCain will continue his crusade for the right reform of the institutions. Sen. McCain will get real regulation that limits their ability to borrow, shrinks their size until they are no longer a threat to our economy, and privatizes and eliminates their links to the government.”


  115. Charlie | 2008-Sep-08 at 18:49 (@826) | Permalink

    Johnnie, it’s been long since settled that Fannie and Freddie were government dependencies, and while I’d certainly prefer them not to be, the issue now is how to wind them up in an orderly fashion, just like any bankruptcy. It’s also certain that they wouldn’t be in the position they are in without a lot of government “help”; on the one hand, they were pressed to loosen loan underwriting conditions to help people buy houses, and on the other, they certainly did their best to make sure they weren’t being constrained by lobbying the hell out of Congress, no matter which party.

    But this is long beyond discussion of any Palin rumor; the notion that saying this was a “gaffe” was silly on its face, and the Huffington Post is being justly ridiculed for it.

    Now, if you’ve got other rumors, I’d love to see them. Other than that, keep a civil tongue in your head.

  116. johnnyrussia | 2008-Sep-08 at 18:56 (@831) | Permalink

    No, Charlie, it has NOT been “long since settled” that Fannie and Freddie were “government dependencies”, and–no Charlie–HuffPo isn’t being “justly ridiculed”, except ,maybe, by FOX News and right-wing blogs.

    Let’s hope Charlie Gibson will actually ask her something useful, and not merely provide a platform for her “hockey Mom” mantra.

    And my “tongue” is civil. Charlie; it’s the current climate of McCain/Palin lies that isn’t.

  117. Charlie | 2008-Sep-08 at 19:24 (@850) | Permalink

    Johnny, I think what we have here is a failure to communicate. This isn’t the Complaints Department. Comport yourself to my standards, or do so elsewhere.

  118. Quinn the Trad Con | 2008-Sep-08 at 19:39 (@860) | Permalink


    MSNBC has learned that at least once during her school years that Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin hired another student to produce and submit required assignments for her.

    Using a team of two handwriting experts, an expert in art history and an economist, MSNBC has been able to construct the following story:

    At some point in late 1968 or early 1969, Palin, then know as Sarah Heath hired another student to produce kindergarten artwork which Palin (Heath) signed and submitted as her own. We can now verify that the other student was Michelle “the fixer” Bondi.

    Here’s how the scam worked:

    Bondi was known throughout Wasilla Elementary School as a student who not only was willing to play fast and loose with the rules, but also had an unnatural fondness for tollhouse cookies. It is now known that at sometime during moose hunting season, when Palin’s (Heath’s) parents were pre-occupied with their yearly moose hunt, an entire tray of chocolate chip cookies, intended for the hunters turned up missing.

    At the same time, MSNBC has been able to obtain 3 different pieces of artwork bearing Sarah Heath Palin’s signature, and experts now believe that while the signature is clearly Heath Palin’s, the artwork most probably is not.

    “Although the signature on the drawings is much different from Heath Palin’s current signature in that the signature on the drawings is printed and consists of the random use of both upper and lower case, one can clearly discern the similarities with Heath Palin’s current signature,” observed handwriting expert Eudora Wolf-Slattery. This assessment was verified with a second handwriting expert.

    Art history expert Forrest Trees made this observation, “ Look here at this earlier submission that we know to be (Heath) Palin’s and compare it to the suspect submissions. The earlier work uses color and a style reminiscent of early pointillism, while the other work is clearly more modern and influenced largely by the cubists. Clearly not the same artist.”

    “Barter is a well known problem in our elementary schools, and certainly cookies would be the coin of the realm in the lower grades, kindergarten included,” stated economist Sonny Graph.

    While school officials were stunned when confronted with these allegations, they stated that it would be difficult at this late date to take corrective action such as rescinding Heath Palin’s kindergarten graduation.

    Michelle Bondi, interviewed from the Polar Bear bar in downtown Fairbanks said “I don’t remember the Heath broad. Yeah I did some stuff when I was younger, but I’ve moved on.”

    The McCain-Palin campaign could not be reached for comment.

    MSNBC will continue to update you on this breaking story.

  119. johnnyrussia | 2008-Sep-08 at 19:39 (@860) | Permalink

    So much for your “civil tongue”, Charlie.

    Sorry, Charlie: I guess the truth about Sarah Palin isn’t welcome on your site.

    Let’s hope the media does its job and exposes this fringe distraction for the fraus she is.

    And that’s not a rumor, either.

    Good-bye, Charlie.

    [insert sound of door slamming, taxi pulling away into the distance. Dramatic music rises.]

  120. Charlie | 2008-Sep-08 at 19:42 (@862) | Permalink

    LT2, I understand your point, and certainly Josh is welcome to adopt any rules he pleases, but he’s providing the server and the platform, and I feel like he has some responsibility for the content. I generally don’t bother with Little Green Footballs, but I know that the “they’re just commenting” excuse rarely seems to get Charles Johnson a lot of slack.

    On the intelligent design thing, what is there to say? If you believe in a Creator at all, you’ll end up with some kind of ID. If you don’t, you won’t. As long as she doesn’t insist on it being the only explanation, what the hell?

    As to the speeches thing, I’m sure Obama has written many of his own speeches; I’m sure Palin used to as well. But the point of talking about how this was a “well-delivered” speech by someone else’s speechwriter was to be derogatory, to treat her as a puppet. Doesn’t that strike you as a little, well, demeaning? Even sexist?

  121. dthumim | 2008-Sep-08 at 21:57 (@956) | Permalink

    Another rumor circulating in certain Jewish circles (and Andrew Sullivan’s blog) is that Sarah Palin supports Jews for Jesus. This apparently is based on the fact that she was in church when they had a guest speaker from J4J… google search “Palin Brickner” for some links.
    The top one at the moment is this one from politico which points to the campaign’s statement in response:

    Here’s part 1 of the video of the speech (parts 2, 3, and 4 are posted on youtube also):

  122. rmdw | 2008-Sep-08 at 22:22 (@973) | Permalink

    Wow, I thought this was a web page devoted to dispelling false rumours about Sarah Palin.

    Clearly some of the DailyKos Kidz don’t like all the attention it’s getting and are now coming onto here to smear the anti-smears. Deep man, deep.

    I stand behind what I said earlier about private vs. public. Any private company that inherently will be bailed out by public funds … and knows that, is not a fully private company.

    Here in Canada we have tons of “private” companies like that: Air Canada, BC Ferries, Bombardier, and a host of others.

    My de facto rule of thumb is to never bail out private companies. The one exception to that might be if the collapse of the company will dramatically hurt the economy of a region or country.

    Can we all agree that making that decision on these 2 huge financial institutions is above our pay grades? Or do have some Ph.D. Economists on here? Even then, if you get 10 economists in a room, you end up with 13 opinions!

  123. MikeWas | 2008-Sep-08 at 22:39 (@986) | Permalink

    There’s a new one, very nasty, and also very false: Saah Palin supposedly made rape victims pay for their own medical exams.

  124. rmdw | 2008-Sep-09 at 01:06 (@088) | Permalink

    Just when I thought the personal attacks couldn’t get any worse, we get a surprise out of the taxpayer funded Canadian CBC “news” network:

    Here’s the column:

    If you can’t get through it without wanting to smash your computer monitor, then you can read a summary here:

    …Sarah Palin … fit of pique … the white trash vote … sexual inadequates … she isn’t even female really … Alaska hillbilly … “white trash” … trailer trash … rural, loud, proudly unlettered … toned-down version of the porn actress … overtreated hair, puffy lips … “pramface” … roughneck fuckin’ redneck … prodding his daughter … ratboy … fizzing with rage and revenge … vicious and profoundly dishonest … good fast listing… nervous wreck with deeply strange hair … the hick vote … ordinary hillbilly … racism? … racism … “rectal fissure” … tense no-hoper ladies … white female marginals …

    Yup, and us Canadian taxpayers are forced to pay for Heather Mallick’s salary. It’s truly pathetic.

  125. nedludspajamas | 2008-Sep-09 at 07:11 (@341) | Permalink

    Don’t you know, the first baby can come at anytime, the next ones take 9 months. :)

  126. RossA | 2008-Sep-09 at 08:08 (@381) | Permalink

    With regard to attacks on Bristol Palin, we should remember that Democratic Presidential candidates are the only ones who have attacked a rival’s daughter openly and in their own words – even in Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates.

    I refer of course to Mary Cheney in 2004.

  127. remjte | 2008-Sep-09 at 09:08 (@422) | Permalink

    # 24- Buchanan

    It’s one thing to say Buchanan doesn’t like McCain; that’s obvious.
    However, saying he supports Obama is flat-out wrong:

  128. sierra | 2008-Sep-09 at 09:13 (@425) | Permalink

    For what it’s worth, Wonkette documents a separate list of books Palin supposedly tried to ban, lengthier than the first but just as bogus.

    But note the qualification: “AND YET … it’s entirely possible that Sarah Palin got an e-mail forward of this banned books list, from one of her creationist snowmobile friends with an AOL account, and bravely decided to cleanse the Wasilla library of these devilish titles.”

  129. TMack | 2008-Sep-09 at 09:27 (@436) | Permalink

    I think I may have found a new one. From the comments on Juan Cole Salon smear piece —

    “This woman wanted rape victims to pay for their rape kits”

    The smear is debunked here:
    Apparently the police dept was billing patient’s insurance companies–when they could–for rape exams. Duh.

    Cole’s entire article is unbelievable — he breathlessly repeats the most ridiculous rumors as if they were facts, trying to make the case that Palin will blithely transform the US into a theocracy–just like Iran and Saudi Arabia. The title alone says it all:

    What’s the difference between Palin and Muslim fundamentalists? Lipstick
    A theocrat is a theocrat, whether Muslim or Christian.
    By Juan Cole [2008-09-09]

  130. josephjcox | 2008-Sep-09 at 10:20 (@472) | Permalink

    Billing rumor up on msnbc:

  131. Charlie | 2008-Sep-09 at 12:18 (@554) | Permalink

    remjte (@268), here’s what Buchanan said about Obama:

    BUCHANAN: “I stand with Obama! It was a genuinely outstanding speech, it was magnificent. I saw Cuomo’s speech, I saw Kennedy in ‘80, I even saw Douglas MacArthur, I saw MLK; this is the greatest convention speech and probably the most important because unlike Cuomo and the others, this was an acceptance speech, this came out of the heart of America, and he went right at the heart of America. This wasn’t a liberal speech at all. This is a deeply, deeply centrist speech. It had wit, it had humor, and when he used the needle on McCain, he stuck it into McCain and it was funny. It was Kennedy’s speech in ‘80. I laughed with Kennedy when he was needling Ronald Reagan.”

    (Emphasis mine, and thanks to the comment from, of all places, No Quarter.) As I say, maybe that counts as support, maybe not. You judge.

  132. johnnyrussia | 2008-Sep-09 at 12:45 (@573) | Permalink


    The billing matter is not a “rumor “. It is based on a Washington Post analysis of her travel documents and confirmed by Alaska gubernatorial spokeswoman Sharon Leighow.

  133. cjbreisch | 2008-Sep-09 at 12:50 (@576) | Permalink

    I believe my list has several that yours is missing, but I’m having a hard time keeping up, so I may be mistaken.

  134. cjbreisch | 2008-Sep-09 at 13:01 (@584) | Permalink

    BTW Charles, you’re doing excellent work. Thank you and keep it up!

    I’ve posted to you several times now and never said that. My apologies.

  135. cjbreisch | 2008-Sep-09 at 13:12 (@591) | Permalink

    BTW, Charles, I wanted to thank you for your excellent work. Keep it up!

    I think I’ve posted to you several times now without mentioning my thanks. My apologies.

  136. cjbreisch | 2008-Sep-09 at 13:14 (@593) | Permalink

    grrrr…sorry about the double/triple posting.

  137. legolas | 2008-Sep-09 at 13:49 (@617) | Permalink

    “Yes, as Governor of Alaska, she’s the Commander in Chief of the Alaska National Guard. And yes, her professional military subordinate is quite impressed with her in that role.”

    You forgot to mention that, Yes, her professional military subordinate has also said he and Palin have no role in national defense activities, and that Palin has a “limited role” in determining how forces are trained and equipped. Or that, Yes, he received a state-level promotion after his appearance on Fox News.


  138. ptalleyrn | 2008-Sep-09 at 16:16 (@719) | Permalink

    This is the newest one going around on LJ:

    “Though this more recent news about the town of Wasilla where she was mayor from 1996-2000 charging rape victims for the privilege of getting a rape kit *done* is far more justifiably rage-inducing”

    That’s about the third or fourth time I’ve seen a reference about this today. Comment?

  139. rmdw | 2008-Sep-09 at 16:35 (@732) | Permalink

    Like everyone else who has a sense of fair play, I am absolutely fed up with the personal attacks against Sarah Palin and her family!

    This morning I was inspired by this:

    So I’ve launched a grassroots initiative to create an “I Am Sarah Palin!” video, comprised of a series of short video segments sent in from women & men and girls & boys from around the U.S. and around the world.

    You can participate too:

    Free Speech is a beautiful thing!

  140. Charlie | 2008-Sep-09 at 16:41 (@737) | Permalink


    Anyway, i’m still trying to track that down. The best I’ve found out so far is that it appears the hospital in Wasilla, and maybe the CoP, were charging women’s health insurance for the ER visit. It sounds to me like the usual hospital chickenshit. I haven’t been able to find out what the usual practice is; I vaguely recall that’s what they used to do at Duke Hospital as well. But I don’t think I have a complete answer yet.

    I really do plan to update again this evening.

  141. andy764383 | 2008-Sep-09 at 16:54 (@746) | Permalink

    Number 24.

    Not sure which Buchanan you are referring to. Pat Buchanan clearly supports her.

    Keep up the good work.

  142. Charlie | 2008-Sep-09 at 17:18 (@762) | Permalink

    I’d like to thank an unnamed benefactor for registering the domain name “” and making it available. For the foreseeable future, you will be able to reach this list in its most current version via .

    On the rape-kit story, that turns out to be the standard practice in, at least, North Carolina and Missouri.

    I’ll also remind everyone that under the law you can’t be denied treatment in an ER for lack of insurance.

  143. marcywrites | 2008-Sep-09 at 18:50 (@826) | Permalink

    Okay so I came here- because a wrote a post critical of Palin on my blog. And a reader suggested I come HERE for the TRUTH. or something like that. But all this list did was solidify my opinion. From this list I confirmed:

    Palin was pregnant when she got married.

    She was pregant at 44 when 87% of all Downs syndrome children are born to mothers over 40. Irresponsible when you already have not 1, not 2 but 4 healthy kids.

    She did try to get books banned from a library

    She did try to FIRE someone for not doing as she asked. Even though book banning is replusive and archaic. Talk about a BULLY

    The books she wanted banned for real (not fake list) are classics to many

    She tried to marry off her daughter before she was ready to save her own skin

    Her son enlisted in the WAR to get away from her

    She supports the war

    She kills innocent animals and encourages her young children to join in the blood bath

    She believes in Intelligent Design

    She smoked/smokes pot

    She charges women for rape kits

    She is against a women’s right to CHOOSE.

    Okay even though I was gonna vote for McCain. This list sealed the deal: Obama 2008 for ME

  144. Charlie | 2008-Sep-09 at 20:03 (@877) | Permalink

    Moby! Loved “We are made of stars”.

    On the off chance you’re not just mobying me, here, Marcy, have you got any citations for this?

    Let’s see.

    Palin was pregnant when she got married. My folks were married on 13 January and I was born on 24 August; you do the math.

    She got pregnant at 43. Yes, most Downs children are born to older mothers; that’s very different from most children born to older mothers are Downs children. In any case, ever heard of an accidental pregnancy?

    Books banned, and the list: I’ve got citations, you’ve got bald assertions. Fifteen yard penalty and loss of down.

    Marrying off Bristol: you’re apparently quite young; among older people who don’t live in big cities, we still remember when getting pregnant was called “getting in trouble” and meant social opprobrium. In any case, her skin seems to be doing fine.

    Her son enlisted in the WAR …: got any evidence? The way I heard it, he enlisted in the WAR to get away from meddlesome busybodies like you, who couldn’t believe was making his way in hockey on his own skills.

    She supports the WAR. Me too. So does McCain.

    She kills innocent animals: what’s more, she eats them.

    She believes in intelligent design: yeah, so? She doesn’t insist you do so. I don’t believe in the existence of “personal identity”: I don’t insist that you do so. If “you” exist.

    She smoked pot: me too.

    She charges women for rape kits: look above in the comments. She doesn’t do it — Governors don’t actually hand out rape kits — and the hospitals in Alaska charge people’s insurance for the ER visits — just like every state I have been able to check so far.

    She is against a woman’s right to CHOOSE: assuming you mean abortion, so is McCain.

    Okay even though I was gonna vote for McCain. This list sealed the deal: Obama 2008 for ME

    I don’t believe you. See, McCain believes in pretty much all these things you claim are turing you against Palin. So, either you’re simply so ill-informed you didn’t realize she was agreeing with McCain on these things, or you’re a not-very-thoughtful troll.

    But thanks for playing; Don Pardo, tell her what her consolation prizes are.

  145. thunderbitch | 2008-Sep-09 at 20:36 (@900) | Permalink

    That because Sarah Palin was born in Sandpoint Idaho, allegedly a haven for white supremecists, that either she or her family are likewise inclined and racist. That she went to 5 or 6 colleges before she got her degree and is therefore stupid and flighty (I am in an argument with my husband over both of these stupid claims)

  146. Charlie | 2008-Sep-09 at 21:00 (@917) | Permalink

    Yeah. Actually, according to Wikipedia, Sandpoint was the center of the resistance to Aryan Nation:

    In the 1980s and 1990s nearby Coeur d’Alene and Hayden Lake attracted nationwide publicity when white supremacist Neo-Nazi groups (most notably the Aryan Nations) set up headquarters in the area. Many Sandpoint residents reacted negatively to such groups; some formed the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force in opposition. In 2001 the Aryan Nations lost a lawsuit filed against them.[5] The lawsuit bankrupted the organization and forced them to give up their Hayden Lake property and disband.[6]

  147. hands | 2008-Sep-09 at 21:14 (@926) | Permalink

    I think she’s scary as hell.
    well, I think she and McCain together are.
    See, I think it’s immoral to send boys and girls out to kill people to get what we want, which is exactly what this administration did.
    I also think it’s real scary to hope that “God is “for” this war” because I think that means she doesn’t have to think about it–just pray about it, while kids kill and die. Doesn’t it behoove her to get the facts:
    1. No 9/11 terrorists were ever even near Iraq (until after we got there)
    (they were Saudis, from Saudi Arabia, with Saudi money–bomb the hell out of them, why don’t we?)
    2. no weapons of mass destruction. Bush was advised NOT to mention WMD in the State of the Union speech (this is on record) he went ahead and said it anyway because he knew Americans would believe him. And we did.
    and 3. that hot, dusty, corrupt country with its tinpot dictator was a DANGER to these United States of America?
    hardly, although I can see that some people might have seen Iraq as dangerous to us–it’s an opinion, not a fact, so it shouldn’t be in my list of “facts.”
    On the other hand the proof of military personnel becoming more and more aware that they are not “defending” anything is that suicide in the troops is up astronomically high. Not the legless kids who come home, but the troops on the ground who become aware that they are killing people, who are not and never were a danger to “our freedoms.”
    I guess, for me, it’s not the economy (yah, i’m stupid) it’s the war. I have a hard time forgiving or forgetting it.

  148. thunderbitch | 2008-Sep-09 at 21:45 (@948) | Permalink

    Thanks Charlie, I did some additional research. Her Dad took her as an infant from Sandpoint to Alaska in the early 1960’s. The Aryan Nation moved to Idaho from California the 1970’s. They came long after the Heath family had left for Alaska, and the leadership and funding for Aryan Nation came from northern California, not Idaho

  149. JosieFB | 2008-Sep-09 at 21:50 (@951) | Permalink

    If you look at her college education chronologically, it really isn’t so scandalous.

    S?/F?82: Hawaii Hilo – left after two weeks
    F82: Hawaii Pacific University, Business Administration (With at least one friend. Could have been the friends’ plan to live in Hawaii for a few months and still work towards a degree.)
    S83: North Idaho College, General Studies (a community college – great way to get basic classes in a cost effective manner, and it looks like a cool place to go to school.
    F83: North Idaho College, General Studies (ditto)
    S84: No college listed (took a semester off to earn a little money)
    F84: University of Idaho, Journalism (?).
    S85: University of Idaho, Journalism (?).
    F85: Matanuska-Susitna College, Journalism (?) (About 14 miles from her hometown of Wasilla. Spent the semester at home, but still took classes.
    S86: University of Idaho, Journalism
    F86: University of Idaho, Journalism
    S87: University of Idaho, Journalism

  150. michael_aa | 2008-Sep-10 at 00:51 (@077) | Permalink

    Any truth to this rumor:
    Her pastor,Ed Kalnins, and church in Wasilla are deeply involved with both Third Wave activities and theology– Intensive prayer to “confront demons controlling America and demon called the Queen of Heaven,” considered by them to be one of the most powerful over the earth and figuring prominently in the sermons of Texas megachurch pastor and Christians United For Israel founder John Hagee, former endorser of John McCain’s 2008 presidential bid. They also claim that the Queen of Heaven is Mary, the MOther of Jesus, venerated in the Roman Catholic Church. (Huffington post)Hagee is deeply anti-Catholic.

  151. michael_aa | 2008-Sep-10 at 01:22 (@099) | Permalink


    Beside fighting to keep Polar Bears and Beluga whales off the Endangered Species List as their home ice melts under the bears’ paws and they have to swin 400 miles or drown, as the whales disappear, Sarah Palin also re-introduced bounty on wolves: Bring in a wolf’s foreleg and get $150! She promotes “aerial hunting” not only of wolves, but wolverines and other species of bears; these animals are chased by a planes or helicopters until exhausted and then shot. Many are left to lingering deaths.

  152. Damian G. | 2008-Sep-10 at 02:04 (@127) | Permalink

    There is a smear that the city of Wasilla forced rape victims to pay for their own rape kits during Palin’s time as Mayor.

    Actually, the cost was placed on the criminal:

  153. ptalleyrn | 2008-Sep-10 at 05:34 (@274) | Permalink

    LJ is the abbreviation for Live Journal – a blogging service that is quite popular right now.

    I’m not sure where the “Palin charges for rape kits” came from, except it suddenly popped up as fact in several journals. It was my impression that there was a newspaper article about it- perhaps in the town where she was Mayor.

    I work in an ED and we’re not allowed to discuss finances with any patients. However, we usually send our rape victims to “rape crises”, a center that does the kits, and refers the women to the appropriate community support system. I would imagine that Alaska has the same type of set up. You might look there for reference. So maybe, the women were being charged (or not!) when they were taken to the rape crises center? If they were being charged, when did this practice begin and did Palin have anything to do with it directly or indirectly through any legislation she proposed or signed?

    I think I may be the person Marcy was talking about who gave her the link here. I only know her by her LJ name however. The fact is, I’m not trying to sway anyone in any direction. I’m just trying to find out the facts so I will be an informed voter in November. The point is, your research may find out a rumor is the truth. It could just as well be damning for Sara Palin.

    I just want the facts- no matter what that may end up being – and the rumors and assumptions have simply gotten out of hand. It makes my head hurt.

  154. Charlie | 2008-Sep-10 at 06:40 (@319) | Permalink

    And when I do find a truthful rumor, I say so (see, eg, the intelligent design thing.) A lot of these rumors do have a truthful component: Anne Kilkenney is shopping this notion she was supressing books, which has a kernel of truth: Palin did ask what the policies and procedures were. On the other hand, the list is a malicious fraud.

    As I say, I’m still trying to track this thing about the rape kits; the thing about the rape crisis center idea is that this is a town of 7000 to 9000 people. I kind of doubt there’s a separate rape crisis center.

  155. Charlie | 2008-Sep-10 at 07:06 (@337) | Permalink

    Dude, everyone knows its not the melting icecap killing polar bears. Sarah is killing them herself. With her bare hands.

    Damien’s link to The Frontiersman is helpful. It turns out that it’s been illegal for police to bill rape victims insurnce for the rape kits since 2000. The Wasilla police chief at the time, Charlie Fallon, said he doesn’t think it’s fair police have to pay, he says the criminal should pay, and pay restitution to the victims as well. So the connection here is that Palin as Mayor appointed a guy who said criminals should pay restitution for the costs, in commenting on a law that says no one has to pay for the cost of the kits. That’s pretty damn weak tea there.

  156. Charlie | 2008-Sep-10 at 07:07 (@338) | Permalink

    michael, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, I’m really not up on current Christian stuff. Can you give me any references that would help sort that out?

  157. dlmenche | 2008-Sep-10 at 11:16 (@511) | Permalink

    This is such a great site and I have e-mailed my friends about this and have encouraged them to pass this on. We need to do something about all of these lies. Debunking them is a good defense.

  158. shellbell858 | 2008-Sep-10 at 12:19 (@555) | Permalink

    How about letting Palin speak for herself? Maybe if the republicans actually trusted the woman to answer questions and talk to reporters people would actually have something of substance to talk about. Obama talks about issues, so we discuss the issues. What does palin talk about? I don’t know. So, with nothing of substance to go on, the nation is left to rumors. This is evident in the LONG list for Palin and the short list for Obama. Is it because Obamadrones like to smear more than Palin/McCain people? no. It’s because we are not allowed to know who she is or what she stands for until after the republicans tell her who she is and what she stands for. I’m also a strong, quick witted woman who can shoot a gun, hunt for food, likes my meat bloody and prays to god every day that Obama wins this race for the freedom of the american people to have the right to choose life, choose marriage, choose atheism and choose to read!!

  159. shellbell858 | 2008-Sep-10 at 12:23 (@558) | Permalink

    By the way here is something I’d like to personally start, a T-shirt that says: Sarah Palin for Vice President? Thanks, but no thanks!

  160. Charlie | 2008-Sep-10 at 12:32 (@564) | Permalink

    Shelibel, the only thing you can conclude for the short list for Obama is that I’ve been too busy to update either list. I’d also be careful what I wished for on that, as an awful lot of the rumors or FAQs for Obama will end up being, like “yes, he does want to raise taxes, even in a recession, except when he doesn’t” with links to direct quotes on both sides.

    You might also want to hve a look at #20.

  161. shellbell858 | 2008-Sep-10 at 14:10 (@632) | Permalink

    Charlie, raising taxes is a necessary evil of all governments. Unfortunately, unlike private industries with products to sell the government is funded in large part by the public ie…taxpayers. Tax hikes may be easier to bare had the government stepped in before the forclosure crises, had the government stepped in before futures drove the gas prices through the roof, had the government not spent billions on a the war. Taxes will be necessary, I am willing to pay for my government through taxes so long as my government protects my freedom. I do not think Palin will protect my freedom. I’d trust McCain before I’d ever trust her.

  162. shellbell858 | 2008-Sep-10 at 14:20 (@639) | Permalink

    Rumor: Is it true that McCain put out an ad accusing Obama of insulting Palin by using the phrase “lipstick on a pig” which is in fact a term started by republicans years ago and actually the title of a book? Is it true the McCain camp actually believes Obama using the term “lipstick on a pig” is sexist and is it also true they are actually the ones who coined the phrase? There’s another saying that comes to mind…something about glass houses I think and throwing stones….

  163. shellbell858 | 2008-Sep-10 at 16:05 (@712) | Permalink

    PS Refering to #20, okay so I researched it and found an interview she did with People magazine. When asked why she is more experienced than Obama the response from John McCain was: “…She ran for office in 1992. That’s 16 years experience. Then she was directly asked if she’s ready to be Veep, her response: “Absolutely, yup yup.” Other than that the questions were what do they have for dinner, what’s it like changing diapers etc about her personal life. I’d like more than “yup yup” for a response and more questions that address the issues. Also, running for office in 1992 does not equal 16 years experience. If I put on my resume that I applied for a job in 1992, I can say today that I have 16 years experience doing the job unless I actually did the job for 16 years!! Here’s the link for a “direct quote” by the way…,,20222685_2,00.html

  164. ascension2020 | 2008-Sep-10 at 16:51 (@744) | Permalink

    This may have been mentioned already, but in regards to rumor #69 (“Yes, Sarah Palin’s pastor apparently does believe that gays can “repent” and be cured of homosexuality”) Fox News posted an interview by Gretta with their former pastor.

    It looks like his church doesn’t promote the repent and be cured thing. Some of them might believe it, but they don’t promote it.

    The pastor makes it clear that his church has no official affiliation with that seminar. He said that the church made a brief mention of it in one of their bulletins. He goes on to explain why they did that.

    He said there was a sense of endorsement, but he makes it clear that it was his decision. His explanation of why he did it is really good.

    Here is the link; start watching with about 7 minutes 30 seconds left (the flash player counts down, not up):

  165. Charlie | 2008-Sep-10 at 17:04 (@753) | Permalink

    Sheli, when in that interval was she out of public life? Either in office, or actively running for office? If you want to compare the current offices, I’ll go back to what Victor Davis Hanson said: how is it that a half term as Governor doesn’t qualify her to be VICE President, but a half-term as Senator qualifies Obama to be President?

    On the tee shirt thing, I’ll be happy to help you create a cafepress store if you feel you can’t cope on your own.

    On the point @325, that’s not a Palin rumor, now, is it? One of the things that goes into the Obama rumors when I can catch up is “No, he didn’t really mean to call Palin pig.” I’m sure Biden didn’t really mean to denigrate her service as Governor when he called her “Lieutenant Governor”, and Obama didn’t purposefully point only to her service as Mayor, even though it was far to his advantage in the comparison, versus identifying her as the Governor. (Uh, and how does that apply to #20? I’m not getting the point here.)

    As I told Johnny up above, however, this isn’t the complaints department; blogger would be happy to let you create your own blog.

  166. anonanana | 2008-Sep-10 at 20:38 (@901) | Permalink

    Can you please stop adding to the crud that you claim to be fighting! You are obviously not as interested in the facts as you are in partisan nonsense. Lots of people out there are looking for her record, to find out where she stand on the issues, and I think that it is just crazy how offended people are that I and others feel entitled to a little more information about her before casting our votes. I hope that she does some of the interviews that you say very soon so that all of this can stop.

  167. Charlie | 2008-Sep-10 at 21:41 (@945) | Permalink

    Anon, you mean like the interviews starting tomorrow with Charlie Gibson of ABC?

    On the quesiton of whether I will stop, well, no.

  168. sierra | 2008-Sep-10 at 22:52 (@994) | Permalink

    Another one: that Palin “violated operational security” when she mentioning where her son was being deployed in Iraq.

  169. johnnyrussia | 2008-Sep-11 at 02:01 (@126) | Permalink

    Well, they were right about John Edwards, huh?

  170. Charlie | 2008-Sep-11 at 07:32 (@356) | Permalink

    I thought you left.

    I’m not buying the print Enquirer unless I can find someone who will deliver it in a plain brown wrapper, but from the article it appears we’ve got two new allegations.

    First, that Track is a drug addict. Hard to prove he’s not, but I’ll note that a history of drug addiction is a disqualifier for the military.

    Of course, having a kid with drug problems is what ended Al Gore’s political career and forced him to withdraw from public life.

    Second is that the Palins may not have been thrilled when they figured out Bristol was sleeping with Levi and made an effort to break them up, to which I can only reply “Gee, you think?”

    The third one, not new, is the “afair” story; that one didn’t pan out before when they floated it. I want a better source than “someone tried to seal their court records and it might have something.”

  171. johnnyrussia | 2008-Sep-11 at 08:27 (@394) | Permalink

    Sorry, Charlie; I only left for that night…

    Al Gore didn’t leave “public life”, Charlie. Remember the Nobel & Oscar?

    Al Gore left politics when the Supreme Court gave an imbecile his job; Gore’s kid wasn’t first arrested until 3 years after that…

    Another rumor debunked!

  172. Charlie | 2008-Sep-11 at 10:29 (@479) | Permalink

    “Irony is a literary or rhetorical device, in which there is an incongruity or discordance between what a speaker or a writer says; and what he or she means, or is generally understood.”

  173. tutoress | 2008-Sep-11 at 12:05 (@545) | Permalink

    These are teh statements I have received on my Youtube video about Sarah Palin. PLS feel free to respond.

    browniegirl189 (1 minute ago)she didn’t sell the jet on ebay.
    she posted it on ebay, it didn’t sell and she sold it privately for a $600,000 LOSS
    that plane was to transport prisoners!

    browniegirl189 (3 minutes ago) I was expecting ACTUAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS
    all that is here is being nominated for vp, catching a fish and visiting troops (literally the ONE time she has left the country)

    I’m sorry love the video but I fail to see what she has accomplished. Goodness an African American celebrity singer used for the theme song…wow what a great choice. I still choose Obama…

    JL0vely (16 hours ago) Fuck sarah gaylin
    shes a racists…go to alaska and talk to the native tribes and they will tell you all about this whore. no wonder they call alaska the mississippi of the farrrrrr north

    browniegirl189 (29 seconds ago) she joked about a cancer survivor being called a “cancer b*tch” on the radio. isn’t that lovely.


    chevon1920 (2 days ago)
    She actually sold it for a loss. And the new owner is wanting another $50,000 for repairs, LMAO. Everything she touts as an atribute is either a lie or a non-issue.
    Basically vote Palin-McCain(lol), if you hate America!

    chevon1920 (2 days ago) User Lol, those are accomplishments, they’re just pictures taken in the last several months as I see it. This woman is a freaking joke!

  174. Charlie | 2008-Sep-11 at 12:24 (@558) | Permalink

    Rebekah, I’m updating the post (at last!) right now.

    She didn’t *sell* it on eBay, she did *put it up for sale* on eBay, see #64. As to selling it “at a loss”, well duh. Again. What happens when you sell a used *car*? She made back the $600K loss in the first year in decreased expenses.

    Her Yup’ik husband (see #57) doesn’t think she’s a racist. Neither do my Inuit cousins. People in the lower 48 forget that the Nations are a major part of the population, about 16 percent. Since my family is Choctaw and my cousin’s wife is Inuit, we’re pretty sensitive to this.

    “cancer bitch” is a slime job. She did giggle when Lyda Greene was called a bitch, see #5; the “giggle” link is to audio. I think Palin has the defense of truth on this one: Lyda Greene *is* a bitch, no matter what her previous medical history may be. See the link about trying to force Palin to miss Track’s HS graduation.

    On the black guy one, well, I think your commenter is showing who the racist really is.

  175. johnnyrussia | 2008-Sep-11 at 12:31 (@563) | Permalink

    But, Charlie, John McCain claimed she SOLD it on eBay—at a profit.

    From Newsday:

    As he launched his new ethics and reform campaign for the White House in Cedarburg, Wis., Friday morning, John McCain told his favorite anti-corruption story about his new running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. “You know what I enjoyed the most, she took the luxury jet bought by her predecessor and sold it on eBay,” he said. “And made a profit.”

    And–all due respect–your Inuit cousins and Choctaw heritage do not provide a basis in fact to decide the racial viewpoint of a woman all of us are only now beginning to know.

  176. ddfatic | 2008-Sep-11 at 12:43 (@571) | Permalink

    Have you heard this one?

    She’s also against gambling – even in private homes, and she ordered private poker games shut down in Wasilla.  The whole police force was out canvassing private residences and people were, literally, taken from their homes and arrested.  Never mind that there were more meth houses per capita in Wasilla than almost anywhere else in the country at the time.  Guess she’s more against friendly home card games than she is against drugs.  Oh, I almost forgot….God talks to her (she says) and probably told her to have her police force raid those citizens playing cards in their own homes.

    Just thought I would pass this one along, too.

  177. Charlie | 2008-Sep-11 at 13:04 (@586) | Permalink

    Johnny, please read the damned list! #64 clearly says “Yes, McCain did say it wrong. Bad McCain.”

    I just approved — or thought I approved — a comment about Palin wanting to forbid in-home gambling. Don’t have any information about that one yet; I’d really appreciate a link to the rumor.

  178. Charlie | 2008-Sep-11 at 13:17 (@595) | Permalink

    Ah, there it is. Must be the caching.

  179. highrunner | 2008-Sep-11 at 14:22 (@640) | Permalink

    Thanks for your list Charlie.

    There is incredible push back against this #2 pick in our local small town paper. She has energized McCain’s entire campaign and given him upward momentum. That wasn’t supposed to happen for a boring, old nominee following an unpopular president. It seems the strategy to change that momentum is to attack Governor Palin.

    The latest attack had a list of 6 objections to Governor Palin that I found all over the internet. They are seemingly regurgitated without verification on blogs everywhere to prove how bad she is. Research on them led me to you and you greatly helped on 5 of the 6. One is not on your list.

    Rumor: BP sponsored Governor Palin’s inauguration proving she is in Big Oil’s pockets.
    This attack is incredibly disingenuous.
    This site:
    lists BP among the 20+ ‘individuals and businesses that have donated their time, services, or funding to one or more of the 2007 Governor’s Balls. hmm … parties

    Her record against Big Oil should thrill most of those who oppose her. Here are a few facts:
    On 2/19/07, just weeks after Sarah Palin became governor, the NY Times Story had a supportive (wow!) story on her bold actions to back away from the negotiations that her predecessor had been pursuing with the three major energy companies. She had criticized the extensive incentives and tax breaks would have benefited the energy companies, BP, Exxon Mobil and ConocoPhillips, far more than they would have Alaska. See the story here:

    On 8/1/08, the AK legislature authorized awarding a AGIA license to TransCanada Alaska to to permit, develop and build a 1,715-mile natural gas pipeline from a natural gas treatment plant at Prudhoe Bay on the North Slope to the Alberta Hub in Canada.
    Link here:
    Under Governor Palin, AK established contract guidelines / benchmarks (AGIA) that the big oil companies could not or would not follow.

    As if that weren’t enough, Alaska passed a tax increase on oil profits. BP’s magazine online makes clear their ‘love’ for Governor Palin.
    “BP, Europe’s second largest oil company, will review its investment plans in Alaska following legislation by the state to raise taxes on oil producers there. The move by the state government is a blow to all oil companies doing business in one of the most important oil regions in the world’s third largest oil producer. Sarah Palin, Alaska’s governor, in December signed the tax rise into law, boosting levies on the net value of oil from 22.5% to 25%.
    Financial Times
    Governor Palin defended controversial oil and gas initiatives on 15 January at the annual Alaska state address. She credited a revamped state petroleum production tax and investment tax credit programme with ushering in a new era of stability, and creating a vigorous investment climate in the state, in spite of warnings by operating companies that the higher state tax will cause reductions in investment. The tax change will result in production taxes that exceed 50% of producers’ net profits in some situations.
    see page 5 on this link:

    Her treatment of Big Oil should bring her cheers, but instead they attack her by pointing to a party that BP threw or some such thing.

    Also, to add to your #66 …

    Actually, Governor Palin believes in global warming. The information below shows that she has acted clearly in ways that might even impress her opponents who examine the facts with an open mind.
    Governor Forms Alaska Climate Change Sub-Cabinet
    September 14, 2007, Juneau, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin today signed Administrative Order 238 establishing a sub-cabinet to prepare a climate change strategy.
    Many scientists note that Alaskas climate is changing, Governor Palin said. We are already seeing the effects. Coastal erosion, thawing permafrost, retreating sea ice and record forest fires affect our communities and our infrastructure. Some scientists tell us to expect more changes in the future. We must begin to prepare for those changes now.
    Press Release link here:
    Administrative Order here:
    Climate Change Strategy with many other links here:

  180. Charlie | 2008-Sep-11 at 16:14 (@718) | Permalink

    Thanks, Highrunner, those will go in as well.

  181. WA-mom | 2008-Sep-11 at 16:20 (@722) | Permalink

    Gloria Steinem 9/4 LA Times article: “…she doesn’t just support killing animals from helicopters, she does it herself.”
    & “she tried to use taxpayers’ millions for a state program to shoot wolves from the air…”

    I did a little research, but can’t anything specific about her personally shooting animals from aircraft.

    I learned:
    -It is illegal for any recreational hunters to shoot any animal from aircraft.

    -Sarah Palin wants the dept of game management to be able to use aircraft to kill wolves in some locations where the government believes wolves are decimating the moose and elk populations. depended Subsistence hunters depend on the moose & elk.

  182. Charlie | 2008-Sep-11 at 16:32 (@731) | Permalink

    Well, I think you’ve got it about right. She does support a wildlife control program that shoots wolves from the air, and the state does pay for it. (This would be #7 by the way.)

    As to the rest of Steinem’s comments, I can only say what I used to say every so often when I worked on Wall Street.

    “Sheesh. City folks.”

  183. Charlie | 2008-Sep-11 at 16:54 (@746) | Permalink

    ddfatic, I’ve done some research, and the best I can find out, she has not supported expanding gambling in Alaska. I can’t find anything whatsoever to support your contentions. I’d love to see some links.

  184. sjcmm | 2008-Sep-12 at 05:11 (@258) | Permalink

    Thank you for the exhaustive list. You missed the one where she supposedly called dinosaurs lizards of Satan, made up by a blogger in Olympia. CNN interviewed him.

    The Anne Kilkenny letter is also a total fake, written by a woman in NY.

    It is as fake as the book banning issue.

    And while I am a Democrat, I have to say, her changed position on the Bridge to Nowhere is far less damning than Obama supposedly running on a platform that promised we would get out of Iraq ASAP, to, ‘well, we will see’ once he got the supposed nomination, to now supporting troop surge in the Middle East.

    He said anything he had to in order to secure the nomination, he is now saying anything he has to in order to make himself acceptable to mainstream voters, and that is far worse than looking into a matter more deeply and drawing a more educated conclusion.

    He has completely broken his word. Why isn’t everyone screaming about THAT instead of this woman? She is not running for President. OBAMA is.

  185. shellbell858 | 2008-Sep-12 at 10:48 (@492) | Permalink

    re 328…good questions Charlie. I don’t think it was the democrates who cast the stone of inexperience. I do believe that was the beloved McCain who said Obama was inexperience. You agree then they have the same experience, just double standards? Good. I’m glad I won you on that one. Thanks for your help with the cafepress, I accept your offer and I certainly would never be able to cope alone, no human could.

  186. shellbell858 | 2008-Sep-12 at 10:54 (@495) | Permalink

    Regarding Biden’s slip…he probably didn’t know much about Sarah Palin either. It’s hard to know her…the real her anyway. I bet the republicans are lying about her even being a governor, so many people seem to eat it up. Did you read about that fact checker website that condemned the mccain group for their out and out lies? I’m not complaining…just providing additional “facts” on the Palin issue. you don’t like public comments…you don’t have to post a public blog.

  187. WC | 2008-Sep-12 at 14:18 (@637) | Permalink

    In the spirit of this page, I thought I would take it upon myself to help Obama dispel some unfair rumors about him being a sexist. The following is a from a post by Jim Geraghty at NRO. I changed it to your “Yes/No” format:

    No, there is just NO WAY Barack Obama could have meant to infer that Sarah Palin is a pig with his lipstick comment.

    Yes, it’s just a REALLY BIG COINCIDENCE that when he’s facing a woman opponent, the most eloquent and gifted orator in the Democratic Party in recent memory, he just happens to pick really awkward metaphors that have secondary meanings that many women would find demeaning.

    Yes, he said during the primaries, “You know, over the last several weeks since [Hillary] fell behind, she’s resorted to what’s called ‘kitchen sink’ strategies. . . . She’s got the kitchen sink flying, and the china flying, and the, you know, the buffet is coming at me.” No, he’s never accused a male opponent of throwing china at him. Yes, that’s just a coincidence.

    Yes, he said, after a particularly tough exchange with Hillary, “You challenge the status quo and suddenly the claws come out.” Yes, that’s an apt and completely non-sexist metaphor… if he had he been running against Wolverine from the X-Men. No, he has never accused a male opponent of bringing out the claws.

    Yes, he said, “I understand that Senator Clinton, periodically when she’s feeling down, launches attacks as a way of trying to boost her appeal.” Yes, to the untrained ear, “periodically” and “feeling down” sure do sound like references to the menstrual cycle and PMS. No, he’s never used that line to describe a male opponent. Yes, “moodiness” is close enough the “temper” issue that Democrats have thrown at McCain.

    Yes, he called a female reporter, “sweetie”. Yes, he assured us, calling women around him “sweetie” is a bad habit he’s trying to break. ( Yes, it’s quite common for Harvard-educated law school lecturers to call women they don’t know “sweetie.” Yes, it happens in big city law firms all across the country, and yes, women generally appreciate that cute little nickname instead of being called by their names or “ma’am.”

    Yes, it’s just unthinkable that a guy who punctuates his speeches with gestures from Jay-Z videos ( could ever exhibit a less than appropriate level of respect for women opponents.

  188. Charlie | 2008-Sep-12 at 14:48 (@658) | Permalink

    Sheli, I’ve got a link to the alaska .gov page with her as governor.

    On the other part, the experience, you’re completely correct: I d think Obama is qualified to be VICE President.

    Let me know when he runs for that office. Currently he’s running for President. Or hadn’t you heard.

  189. shellbell858 | 2008-Sep-12 at 16:07 (@713) | Permalink

    In other words, the VICE president does not require any particular experience is what your saying? I compare Obama to Palin for the simple fact that Palin could be forced into a position of Presidency. That may not be a big deal nor a topic of discussion where it not for the republicans insisting Palin has the experience to be vice-president AND president if forced to step up but claimed Obama did not. Just one of MANY examples of malicious misinformation being generated by the McPalins.

    Thanks for the link to, but you know…you can’t always believe what you read on the internet. To explain my “not really gov” comment, check out this website:

  190. WC | 2008-Sep-12 at 16:55 (@746) | Permalink

    shellbell858. I’ll take Palin’s experience over Obama’s any day of the week. She is 3 years younger than the Blessed Messiah, but in that time, she has run a business, run a town and run a state. Obama, hasn’t run anything but his mouth. When he wasn’t voting present in the State Senate, he was voting to deny legal protection to babies born AFTER abortion. He also voted to teach Sex Ed to 5 year olds. I know Obamaniacs get mad when we say that, BUT IT’s true. Read the bill!!! As a community organizer, he came to South Chicago to help people unemployed when the steel mills closed down, and living in a hellish housing project. After he left (and to this day) most of them are STILL unemployed and STILL live in that same hellish project.

    BTW, if Obama isn’t sexist, how come Hillary isn’t coming to his defense?

  191. WC | 2008-Sep-12 at 16:57 (@748) | Permalink

    And No, I wouldn’t trust him to the Vice Presidency either. Under the Constitution, that entails breaking tie votess in the Senate and serving as the back up Prez.

  192. Mat-Suvian | 2008-Sep-12 at 17:12 (@758) | Permalink

    [Okay, this was a comment that was considerably longer than my original posting, not least because it included every single word I wrote in the list. Let’s be sensible here, huh? I sent an email to the author requesting something of a more feasible size.–CRM]

  193. shellbell858 | 2008-Sep-12 at 17:13 (@759) | Permalink

    WC: I’m not too religious, but I think Palin is a lot more than 3 years younger than the blessed messiah, more like what 3000? I don’t know, didn’t read the entire bible. There’s also to be a messiah, savior of the Jews, but I don’t know, I haven’t seen any “signs” that such a being has emerged. But any way I digress. I do not hate when you say he want’s to teach sex ed to 5 year olds. I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention to mainstream america…but 5 year olds are bombarded with grotesque amounts of sex and violence. I have been teaching my children sex ed since they could talk. So far I have a 15 and 7 year old daughters who are not pregnant, maybe when they are 17 they will be ready for those mistakes like I was.

    As far as being governor or mayor…have you ever worked for a Mayor? I’ve worked for several, dear lord if you only knew how little the know about running anything. One of the worst mayor’s was one that ran a multi-million dollar business. Trust me, you don’t want those people at the helm. And governors….I’m from California… we have the govenator Arnold, so again, my personal experience is that they are not qualified based on these reasons.

    What SHOULD qualify a person is the issues. And I agree with Obama’s stand on freedom, real freedom…not the freedom only for those who are like minded. Republicans want us to vote for McPalin because she’s been a mayor and governor. If there was one thing I could get across to today’s voters is this: Vote ISSUES! That’s what matters.

  194. ddfatic | 2008-Sep-12 at 23:04 (@003) | Permalink

    Charlie, I hope that you don’t think that I believe that rumor I posted. It was something that I received from a liberal that I would love to be able to refute. It was a new one for me and was hoping to get some more info. Thanks for the research.

  195. Charlie | 2008-Sep-12 at 23:54 (@038) | Permalink

    Uh, Sheli, if he wins the election, won’t he be forced into the position of the Presidency? That’s kind of the point, isn’t it? Palin’s experience is at the very least comparable, and given that it’s experience as Governor, I’d count it as a tad better. On foreign affairs, Obama suffers from the problem that not only does he not have a lot of actual experience, but he’s been stubbornly wrong on at least one major point, ie, the “surge”, and what’s more can’t come out an admit it.

    Yes his experience is supposed to be adequate as President, while Palin’s is supposed to be inadequate as Vice President.

    It just doesn’t add up.

    On the cafepress thing, you need to get some graphics program to have your logo in a .png or something like it. I’ll try your email address for further details.

  196. spitfyre | 2008-Sep-13 at 00:38 (@068) | Permalink

    Charlie, I’m volunteering with the local chapter of the Republican Party. I’m thinking of suggesting that we (Republican Party) should come out with a flyer with “Sarah Palin Facts” to counter the misinformation. Is it okay if I incorporate most of the stuff from your list?

    Thanks. And great job, by the way.

  197. Charlie | 2008-Sep-13 at 00:42 (@071) | Permalink

    It’s okay with me, on two conditions: (1) make sure you include a link (or, since you’re talking about silly outmoded print, the URL), and (2) I’ve got a couple of corrections coming, as well as ome new rumors, so I’d rather you wait until/ Monday.

  198. dieselm | 2008-Sep-13 at 02:50 (@160) | Permalink

    Charlie, You’d get more exposure if change the title of your page to “Palin Rumors / Palin FAQ”. I looked for “palin faq” on google and you’re nowhere to be found. And This is absolute the best resource on the net. No only best, but genuinely fair on both sides with references. Thank you so much for your effort. but the keywords “FAQ” and “facts” would make it a ton more findable.

    Even better if you coordinated with which owns, if you guys set up a page on the and got your trackbacks to point to it, it would be again, the top site for palin faq.

    if you need help with this, email me at newnumber [at] I don’t have your email. Thanks again!

  199. inaz | 2008-Sep-13 at 12:10 (@549) | Permalink

    Have you seen this? Wondered the whole story might be:

    Under video post:
    As governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has championed aerial gunning of wolves and bears. Using powerful images of this needless and brutal practice — and the indisputable facts about Palin’s promotion of it — we’ve created a hard-hitting new television ad to educate voters about what Governor Sarah Palin really stands for.

    As governor, Sarah Palin…

    Proposed paying a $150 bounty for the left foreleg of each dead wolf.

    Approved a $400,000 state-funded propaganda campaign to promote aerial hunting.

    Introduced legislation to make it even easier to use aircraft to hunt wolves and bears.

  200. Charlie | 2008-Sep-13 at 12:58 (@582) | Permalink

    Inaz, that would be #7. Honestly, I should tag that one “sigh, city folk.” They use aircraft not because it’s more fun — it isn’t — but because they up to their armpits in wolves. They are killing wolves to cut down the losses of caribou (reindeer) and moose and so forth.

  201. Charlie | 2008-Sep-13 at 13:01 (@584) | Permalink

    dieselm, thanks, i’ll pursue that. I’ve been thinking I needed to reorganize this a little more like a FAQ anyway.

  202. rmdw | 2008-Sep-13 at 16:31 (@730) | Permalink

    This isn’t a rumor, in the traditional sense but … there is false belief (and thus a rumor by definition) that Sarah Palin made a big gaffe re the Bush Doctrine.

    We learn today that this is not true. You can read about it here:

    So who’s the ignoramus now, folks? Certainly not Sarah Palin. Or is Anne-Marie Slaughter, a Dean at Princeton University uninformed as well?

  203. spitfyre | 2008-Sep-13 at 16:44 (@739) | Permalink

    Charlie, re Palin Facts flyer, thanks. Of course we’ll add your link as the source. We’re meeting on Tuesday, and I’ll broach the topic then.

    As for that Bush Doctrine issue, Krauthammer (who is credited for coming up with the phrase to begin with) came up with a great column, too. He’s basically saying Charlie Gibson didn’t know what the Bush Doctrine is either.

  204. sierra | 2008-Sep-13 at 17:27 (@768) | Permalink

    Again, maybe not an active rumor, but Randi Rhodes’ strong insinuation that Palin likes to sleep with teenage boys.

  205. James Beam | 2008-Sep-14 at 00:42 (@070) | Permalink

    “Obama Partisan Tampers with Palin Subpoena List”

  206. just wondering | 2008-Sep-15 at 12:53 (@578) | Permalink

    I have heard that as mayor Palin fired the police chief and hired a person more agreeable to her philosophy of government. He was pressured to cut spending, and as a result women were actually to be charged money for their own rape kits and medical examinations if they filed charges of rape or sexual assault. Is this true?

  207. shellbell858 | 2008-Sep-15 at 15:39 (@694) | Permalink

    Re 367: “he’s been stubbornly wrong on at least one major point, ie, the “surge”, and what’s more can’t come out an admit it.”

    What Obama said about the surge:
    Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama said Thursday that the escalation of U.S. troops in Iraq, which he had opposed, has succeeded in reducing violence “beyond our wildest dreams.”

    But Iraq still has failed to achieve the political reconciliation and self-sufficiency that is required, he said, and he vowed to withdraw American troops and end the war.

  208. shellbell858 | 2008-Sep-15 at 15:46 (@698) | Permalink

    Re 381: Prove these rumors were started by registered democrates. That statement is typical hot air coming from the McPalin camp with no substantical proof, isn’t it?

    What democrates are trying to do is dispell the rumors so that everyone will focus on the facts which are inconsistant and at times…lies. Notice how much time has been spent here on what’s Not true instead of providing information on what Is true. Anyway, just an observation.

  209. shellbell858 | 2008-Sep-15 at 16:03 (@710) | Permalink

    Palin opposes earmarks and lobbyists. But asked for earmarks and hired a lobbyist. Is it true?

  210. shellbell858 | 2008-Sep-15 at 16:10 (@715) | Permalink

    [ Sorry, Sheli, this is a Palin rumors thread. Start your own blog if you want to start your own threads.]

  211. theporch | 2008-Sep-15 at 17:05 (@753) | Permalink

    Don’t you just love how the kos kids get on here and flop around trying to make a point with their propaganda? It really is funny to watch. I really like those that say
    “I was a republican but am switching to BO”. Do they really think those get any tractions?

  212. theporch | 2008-Sep-15 at 17:08 (@756) | Permalink

    They come on here and think they can control the discussion. It really is hilarious to watch. They have no answer to Gov Palin but lies and inuendos. One can read it on the kos kids and DU site. I have seen it and I quote: “Let’s make up stuff and keep repeating it until our friends on the MSM pick it up and carry the ball for us”. Incredible that the want their power so badly that they will stoop to this type of campaigning.

  213. theporch | 2008-Sep-15 at 17:12 (@758) | Permalink

    The kos kids and du are even working at corrupting wikipedia to harm Gov Palin. Incredible how low they will go.

  214. theporch | 2008-Sep-15 at 17:14 (@759) | Permalink

    Some their attempts to drive and control the discussion remind me of the question “when did you stop beating your wife”. To answer them gives them the respect they do not deserve but crave.

  215. theporch | 2008-Sep-15 at 17:17 (@762) | Permalink

    The dems have banks of people who bombard(call) local newspapers with comments trying to over whelm the papers with negative comments about Gov Palin. Never positive about their candidate just trashing their opponents.

  216. theporch | 2008-Sep-15 at 17:21 (@765) | Permalink

    Don’t you just love “Steve” and all the work he did in copying and pasting that long response together. I have seen that on many other posts. Word for word. He just passes the same , uh crapola around from site to site. Of course he hides. lol nice going Stevie! You been had.

  217. theporch | 2008-Sep-15 at 17:27 (@769) | Permalink

    Please people– don’t be led into some of these discussions by the kos kids and du. It only emboldens them to repeat the same things just to get a response. When you discuss something intelligent with someone who has an agenda you really can’t win. It only gives them the stature that they so much crave and need.

  218. theporch | 2008-Sep-15 at 17:34 (@774) | Permalink

    Don’t respond and enable those who would like to disrupt this Gov Palin rumor busting blog.!!! It only gives them the credence they desire and must have to propagate their trashing of a very good woman, Gov Sarah Palin. Just ignore them. Don’t allow them to control the issues like they are begging to do. Gov Palin, the dems worst nightmare.

  219. Charlie | 2008-Sep-16 at 09:48 (@450) | Permalink

    Porch, speaking of trying to control threads — take it easy, would you?

  220. martyred_cars | 2008-Sep-16 at 13:35 (@607) | Permalink

    I just found this list — thanks! I don’t think I saw it on there, but the latest thing I heard about was rape victims in Wasilla having to pay $1200 for their own rape kits while Palin was governor. I don’t know if the rumor includes whether she knew about it or not. I don’t know that a mayor can be expected to know about every hospital or police station policy in a town, even though this one seems pretty egregious.

  221. Charlie | 2008-Sep-16 at 14:53 (@662) | Permalink

    Okay, I’d just truly love to know how you came up with “martyred_cars”.

    Anyway, as with a lot of these, there is a hint of truth in here. The truth is that the Chief of Police in Wasilla was asking potential rape victims’ insurance to pay for rape kits (this is a policy in many states,) and wanted the authority to make the perpetrator to pay for it as part of restitution. The news coverage came when the previous governor of Alaska signed a bill forbidding cities from charging for rape kits at all, so the part about it being while Palin was governor was false; $1200 is higher than what I’ve seen quoted elsewhere as well.

    Oh, and it’s worth mentioning here that it’s against the law in the United States for an emergency room to refuse treatment to anyone for financial reasons.

  222. martyred_cars | 2008-Sep-16 at 16:09 (@714) | Permalink

    Thanks! That makes a lot of sense as an explanation. And also, I shouldn’t be shocked but I am, about how distorted that got, and how my liberal friend who threw it my way (getting her PhD, even) seemed to take it seriously.

    Martyred Cars is the name of a (currently unpublished) novel I wrote about a junkyard that has brushes with the supernatural. I’m glad to hear it’s eye-catching! :)

  223. just wondering | 2008-Sep-16 at 16:40 (@736) | Permalink

    I just found this:
    “The Frontiersman / May 23, 2000

    ANCHORAGE – Gov. Tony Knowles recently signed legislation protecting victims of sexual assault from being billed for tests to collect evidence of the crime, but one local police chief said the new law will further burden taxpayers.

    While the Alaska State Troopers and most municipal police agencies have covered the cost of exams, which cost between $300 to $1,200 apiece, the Wasilla police department does charge the victims of sexual assault for the tests.

    Wasilla Police Chief Charlie Fannon does not agree with the new legislation, saying the law will require the city and communities to come up with more funds to cover the costs of the forensic exams.

    According to Fannon, the new law will cost the Wasilla Police Department approximately $5,000 to $14,000 a year to collect evidence for sexual assault cases.”

    So rape victims were actually billed or had their personal insurance billed for the police to do their job. Unbelievable! I wish people who don’t even like serving the public wouldn’t even bother running for office. ublic service entails a lot more than rhetoric or slashing taxes.

  224. Charlie | 2008-Sep-16 at 17:15 (@760) | Permalink

    just_wondering, that’s indeed the news coverage I mentioned. You, however, left off the part where Fallon says he wants the perpetrators to pay. I’m sure that was simply an oversight on your part, right? I’m betting you didn’t go so far as to look into whether it was an unusual practice, either, did you?

    As for the other part, well, it happens I was beaten up by a gang when I was in high school; taken to the hospital bloody and semiconscious. Guess who paid for that hospital visit? Hint: it wasn’t the police.

  225. just wondering | 2008-Sep-16 at 18:09 (@798) | Permalink

    You’re right Charlie, I didn’t see that part. I’m sure that any self-respecting police officer would dearly love to see the perpetrators pay. But that wasn’t my point.

    I’m sorry that you were injured, and I don’t want to belittle your trauma; it sounds like you were very fortunate to get out of it alive. But a rape kit includes more than medical care. It is the systematic collection of physical evidence that is very necessary in order to successfully prosecute a crime. So, yes, the city absolutely should pay for it! All of it! (And since you were assaulted at a (public?) school , they should have paid for your medical care also.)

    That really IS my point. We pay taxes for these very things. There’s nothing wrong with that. It provides a basic level of stability for all of us and for our businesses.

    I just can’t understand the thinking of a mayor that would be so adamant to cut the budget with this result, and at the same time build a multimillion dollar sports complex. I guess it’s just a matter of judgement.

  226. martyred_cars | 2008-Sep-16 at 18:40 (@819) | Permalink

    just wondering — I agree with you almost completely, though I’m just wondering myself how exactly it reflects on Palin herself, rather than larger systemic backwardness in the city. And how it’s newsworthy at the current moment when it was not an uncommon practice in other states and Tony Knowles signed legislation changing it statewide, so the problem has been solved. To link Palin directly to the issue just seems a stretch, unless there’s more evidence about her involvement.

    Also, isn’t a sports complex a positive thing? Keep kids off the streets and all that? Encourage community and exercise and healthy behavior overall? I can see your point about priorities but you make a sports complex sound like it’s a yacht club for the rich or something. I don’t think that’s the case.

  227. Charlie | 2008-Sep-16 at 19:03 (@836) | Permalink

    just_wondering, you’re still not quite capturing the point here: first off, you don’t know it was Palin’s policy; it has always been ascribed to the Chief of Police, not Palin.

    Second, this is not an uncommon policy. I can agree with you that it’s perhaps not a good policy, but then the only way it ever came up was when the policy was changed by the state of Alaska anyway. (And just in passing, there is an evidence collection process that goes with an assault even if it’s not rape, and yes, that’s included in that ER visit too.)

    And finally, your judgment point is completely off the mark, because the sports center was separately proposed and separately funded, and was funded after the new state law about rape kits. So there’s just no connection of any sort. I think Martyred_cats has the right point directly following: “[H]ow it’s newsworthy at the current moment when it was not an uncommon practice in other states and Tony Knowles signed legislation changing it statewide, so the problem has been solved. To link Palin directly to the issue just seems a stretch….”

    MC, on the sports complex, I suspect it is a positive thing. More important, though, is that it was a separate proposal that the whole city got to vote on. Palin didn’t just get up one morning and decide Wasilla should do it, it went through a whole process and was voted on by the city. They apparently wanted a sports complex.

    Now, there are people in Wasilla who don’t like it even yet. They’re entitled to feel that way. They’re even entitled to feel that Palin isn’t a “true fiscal conservative” because she was willing to get a “mortgage” to build the sports complex. But what it comes down to is she won, they lost.

  228. McGehee | 2008-Sep-16 at 20:04 (@878) | Permalink

    Re Item #77: “Yes, Track Palin did work for BP Oil.”

    I think you mean Todd. I doubt BP would have had a high school kid as a plant supervisor.

  229. just wondering | 2008-Sep-16 at 20:13 (@884) | Permalink

    Well, Charlie, Martyred_Car, you both make good points. Of course a sports complex is a positive thing! (Assuming you don’t go broke paying for it.) And I suppose if there were plenty of accurate information and plenty of time to evaluate it freely, we wouldn’t be reduced to culling through the minutia of Sarah Palins mayoral years just to try to figure out for ourselves who she really is. But how else are we to decide? It’s exactly 7 weeks until the election. The newsworthiness of these issues are directly related to the election. To the extent that Ms. Palin is an unknown quantity, at least to those of us who don’t live in Alaska, we have to burrow on if we want to unearth a reasonably full picture. She is certainly NOT making it easy. She can speak well, which is a plus. But when she speaks of slashing spending, I can’t help but wonder if she is referring to the Federal equivalents of the sports complex…or the rape kits. It does make a difference. She talks of bringing transparency to Washington, but the McCain campaign today released a statement saying she is not going to be cooperating with the investigation in Alaska regarding the firing of the public saftey commissioner (after she said she would). McCain says he’ll make famous those who send earmarks to his desk; Palin is currently requesting 100+million in earmarks?
    Some (or all) of these things may have perfectly reasonable explainations, but with so short a time left, Palin loses the benefit of the doubt by stalling. She looked in the camera and said she was ready to be president. Yes, the press can be petty and dumb at times. But the job doesn’t get any easier if she wins.

    PS.. CONGRADULATIONS! According to Marketwatch, we just bailed out AIG for $85 Million, and got a 79.9% ownership stake. I feel wealthier already.

    [As I pointed out to Sheli above, this isn’t the complaints department; if you want to start a new thread, start your own blog. The next big veer from ‘Palin Rumors’ will be edited mercilessly, but not deleted, because I will use it to deride your reading comprehension.]

  230. just wondering | 2008-Sep-16 at 20:16 (@886) | Permalink

    Correction: $85 BILLION. Sleep well; someone should.

  231. voxitar | 2008-Sep-16 at 20:21 (@889) | Permalink


    I’ve been lurking on your site since you began the list, and decided to register to first say “job well done,” in keeping up with the hysterical smears and lies from the left-wing media directed at Sarah; secondly, I wanted to add info to the rape kit smear attempt – as I understand it, there were NO rapes reported in Wasilla between 1995 and 2000 when the state law was changed. If that’s true, then I’m not altogether certain the Wasilla PD’s policy on Rape Kits would be commonly known, even by the town council and mayor’s office – I mean, I doubt Sarah walked in after being elected and immediately demanded to see the PD’s policy on rape kits, right? How would Sarah know what the policy was if there were NO rapes and NO complaints about the policy?

    Lastly, I wanted to ask if you’d seen the latest smear – that Palin slashed the Alaskan Special Olympics budget in half? Here is a link to the .pdf of the 2008 state of Alaska Budget – the allocation for the special olympics (page 100, line 30) does appear to be lined out and changed to half the original amout, but I can’t tell for sure what it means.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work.

  232. voxitar | 2008-Sep-16 at 20:22 (@890) | Permalink

    oops – forgot to include the link:

  233. Charlie | 2008-Sep-16 at 20:23 (@890) | Permalink

    Dammit, I had that typo there for maybe 15 minutes. Yes, you’re right, I caught it.

  234. Charlie | 2008-Sep-16 at 20:24 (@892) | Permalink

    just_wondering, you’re simply flinging crap in hopes that it sticks. Give me some citations.

  235. Charlie | 2008-Sep-16 at 20:35 (@899) | Permalink

    Voxitar, thanks for the kind words. From what I can see, she did reduce the Special Olympics budget using her line-item veto. On the other hand, as with, eg, the WIC and Covenant House budgets, what it doesn’t tell us is what the previous year’s budget was. What has seemed to be a consistent theme with these stories is that “cut” is getting the special inside-the-beltway Washington interpretation, ie, a “cut” means “not as much money as someone asked for.”

    Honestly, I scanned a little further through this bill, there are probably a hundred other stories of this sort: cutting a new fire station one place, a school A/V system another. The truth is that you can’t cut things out of a budget without causing people to scream when it’s their budget being cut. But if you can’t ever cut anything in the budget, the budget just grows. I just don’t see any way around it.

    It’s getting to the point, though, where a lot of these criticisms are contradictory: she spent too much money, but she cut money ruthlessly (mostly, as I say, by not expanding the spending as fast as someone else wanted.) She’s a nutty Christianist theocrat, but she’s also a secret witch as evidenced by her children’s names and her tattoo.

  236. voxitar | 2008-Sep-16 at 20:43 (@905) | Permalink

    Hey Charlie – I just did some deep googling about the Alaskan Special Olympics, and discovered something…there are TWO sessions – one in the summer, one in the fall. Perhaps the summer session of the Special Olympics was budgeted for in the 2007 state budget, I wonder?

    I can’t wrap my head around Palin just deciding on a whim to cut the Special Olympics budget exactly in half, particularly when she INCREASED funding for special needs education programs.

  237. Charlie | 2008-Sep-16 at 20:48 (@908) | Permalink

    Voxitar, it could well be. But I can imagine cutting the Special Olympics funding, too — as I say, cripes, there’s nothing you can cut that won’t cause someone to complain of their gored ox.

  238. voxitar | 2008-Sep-16 at 20:59 (@916) | Permalink

    Charlie – I think I’m on to something – look at this .pdf:

    It’s a request by “Special Olympics Alaska” for travel and event costs, and what appears to be some land acquisition – the request is for EXACTLY $275,000.

    I’m gonna bet there’s more to this story than a simple slashing of the Special Olympics budget in half. I will continue researching.

  239. voxitar | 2008-Sep-16 at 21:14 (@927) | Permalink

    OK, one more link and then I’m too tired to do any more research tonight – here’s the final 08 budget, published in 07…it shows a Special Olympics budget of $250,000:

    At the VERY least, it would appear that Palin increased the budget by $25,000 from 08 to 09. I’m still convinced there’s more to the story, though.

  240. Charlie | 2008-Sep-16 at 22:06 (@963) | Permalink

    Sure enough, voxitar; see the Warren Throckmorton post I’ve linked above as wel. She didn’t cut the budget, she merely increased it by 10 percent.

  241. voxitar | 2008-Sep-16 at 23:08 (@005) | Permalink


    Given that we’ve established, with documentary proof from the Alaskan Budget website that Sarah did in fact INCREASE funding for the Special Olympics, shouldn’t #83 start with “NO, she did not cut funding for the Special Olympics, she actually increased it….”?

  242. Charlie | 2008-Sep-17 at 07:24 (@350) | Permalink

    Sure enough, voxitar; edited to better reflect that.

  243. voxitar | 2008-Sep-17 at 09:59 (@457) | Permalink

    Smear merchant alert – Christina Pelosi, daughter of “drill your heads” Nancy Pelosi, was on Hannity and Colmes last night and went on a 5-minute tirade about how Governor Palin “charged rape victims for rape kits.” Neither Pelosi or Hannity obviously had read Charlie’s list of debunked Palin smears.

    This particular smear seems to have some traction, and I think we could expand the debunking of it a little more with some more information, and perhaps some context, like the fact that as a matter of policy, several states charge victims for rape kits – including ILLINOIS:

    Link here[US News link, edited into HTML by CRM]

    “[F]eedback from the field indicates that sexual assault victims are still being billed.” Knecht says she’s recently heard from caseworkers in Illinois, Georgia, and Arkansas reporting that rape victims continue to be charged for their forensic exams.”

    Furthermore, it seems to me to be a stretch to assume that Palin even KNEW what the PD policy was regarding rape kits, because if I’m reading these stats correctly, there was exactly ONE rape in Wasilla between 1995 and 2000, when the law was changed to allow the state to pay for the rape kit:[Edited by CRM]

    Sarah Palin’s statement on the issue couldn’t be clearer:

    Palin spokeswoman Maria Cornella told USA Today that Palin, “does not believe, nor has ever believed, that rape victims should have to pay for an evidence-gathering test.”

    Any additional info we can gather on this is more ammo to debunk this ongoing smear.

  244. voxitar | 2008-Sep-17 at 10:40 (@486) | Permalink

    Hey Charlie – NEW SMEAR ALERT – She spent 50,000 dollars redecorating the Mayor’s Office without city council approval.


    “Sarah’s Wasteful Ways” –

    Four years later, the ambitious Palin won the Wasilla mayor’s office — after scorching the “tax and spend mentality” of her incumbent opponent. But Carney, Palin’s estranged former mentor, and others in city hall were astounded when they found out about a lavish expenditure of Palin’s own after her 1996 election. According to Carney, the newly elected mayor spent more than $50,000 in city funds to redecorate her office, without the council’s authorization.

    According to Carney, Palin’s office makeover included flocked, red wallpaper. “It looked like a bordello.”

    “I braced her about it,” he said. “I told her it was against the law to make such a large expenditure without the council taking a vote. She said, ‘I’m the mayor, I can do whatever I want until the courts tell me I can’t.'”

    LOL – I just gotta say it – that last quote looks and sounds like a made-up line ripped from a junior high creative writing class.

  245. just wondering | 2008-Sep-17 at 11:49 (@534) | Permalink

    Wow, Charlie. I didn’t see that coming.

    If I had known I was tapping into a hive of republican apologists, I wouldn’t have troubled myself, or you.

    Make fun of my comments if you want to, but merciless derision is the notorious refuge of people who can’t carry their point by rational discourse.

    The moderator always gets the last word, so I won’t bother you again.

  246. Charlie | 2008-Sep-17 at 14:24 (@641) | Permalink

    The moderator always gets the last word, so I won’t bother you again.

    Yeah, I’ve had that promise before.

    In any case, see above where I suggested Sheli need not start a general McCain and Republicans are bad thread? Why would you imagine I’d treat you differently?

  247. martyred_cars | 2008-Sep-17 at 16:15 (@718) | Permalink

    Re this: “if I’m reading these stats correctly, there was exactly ONE rape in Wasilla between 1995 and 2000.” I think it’s important to nitpick here: “one rape REPORTED in Wasilla,” if your stats are correct. I’m sure there were a lot more actual rapes than that.

    That also seems like a factoid that could use a double checking. One rape reported in five years in Wasilla? Maybe it’s true, but it seems pretty incredible. I live in Anchorage, I’ve seen Wasilla, and I don’t want to talk smack, but seriously. Considering the rape statistics of the state (which I know to be on the above average side) and the, well, colorful town town that it is, I have trouble believing it, unless there really was a problem with the way rapes were being reported to the police or through the hospital.

    Still, I would need to see some kind of org chart or statute about the responsibilities of the mayor in order to see any significant connection to Sarah Palin on this. She wasn’t queen of the city, afterall.

  248. voxitar | 2008-Sep-17 at 16:44 (@739) | Permalink

    martyred_cars, you may be right – there may have been more than one reported rape in Wasilla. Conventional wisdom is that there are always more crimes than crimes reported, including rape. But it seems to me to be unfair to criticize Palin for unreported rapes or any unreported crimes, for that matter. She’s not a mind reader, nor was she, as you mentioned, Queen of the City.

    One thing that might be possible is for someone to simply ask the Wasilla Chief of Police how many times the town has charged victims for rape kits over a period of time, say, 10 years?

    Another avenue would be Alaskan media reports – a cursory search by me of both the Frontiersman site (Wasilla’s Newspaper) and the Anchorage Daily News yielded NO reports…not a single story, not a letter to the editor, not an op-ed….about anyone charging victims for rape kits. I wonder – did ANYONE in Alaska care to ask about or complain about this practice before Palin got the VEEP nod?

  249. shellbell858 | 2008-Sep-17 at 16:55 (@746) | Permalink

    It’s true…my comments were filtered for beign too “mcCain’ish”. But in Charlies defense it’s his/her blog he or she can respond however they see fit. Come on, you really expect to come on here assert a disenting opinion and not get criticized? I welcome the attack.

    Just wondering does have a point though, it’s not merely paying for a hospital visit Charlie. It is the collection of evidence that would be used by the Police to catch a criminal and/or protect an innocently accused person of rape. Is this within the relm of the Mayor or even an issue that should be brough to the national attention? Not really it’s a reflection of the Police Chief more than anything. Yes the mayor approves the budget and oversees the city manager who oversees the Chief, but really it isn’t her doing.

    Why does it matter to dem’s or anyone who is cautious of Palin? Because she claimed to be a reformer, someone willing to buck the system and make changes despite the status quo good ol boys and this may be an example of going with the status quo of the “good ol’ boys” she claims to be a maverick of. It’s a stretch, but that’s really why this is brought up, it is just often presented poorly and commonly it is misunderstood why this could be a sign of palin problems.

  250. shellbell858 | 2008-Sep-17 at 16:59 (@749) | Permalink

    Really this story should be breaking news if the Police Chief had been picked vp. Mayor’s have FAR less actually responsibilities than say a “community organizer”. I’ve worked for Mayor’s. The Police Chief, the City Manager, the Public Works Director, the Finance Director, the Parks and Rec Director, the Librarian…they do the work for the City, the propose and prepare budget’s for review and approval and they should be the one’s getting props for anything good or bad. The Mayor simply won a popularity contest.

  251. voxitar | 2008-Sep-17 at 17:11 (@758) | Permalink

    “Mayor’s have FAR less actually responsibilities than say a ‘community organizer'”

    Really? Wow, shellbell, maybe you’ll be the first to explain to us what the “responsibilities” of a community organizer are? Others have tried – and failed.

    Be that as it may, the insinuation has been that the evil Sarah Palin is Satan incarnate for having these poor victims of sexual assaults and rapes pay for their own rape kits. There are two obvious followup questions – given the size of Wasilla and the fact that exactly ONE rape was reported between 1995 and 2000 according to FBI stats, was Mayor Palin even aware that this was the policy of the PD? And the second question is, was any victim every actually charged for a rape kit by the town?

    Until we know these answers, the insinuation really is nothing more than yet another attempt to smear Palin.

  252. martyred_cars | 2008-Sep-17 at 17:17 (@762) | Permalink

    I don’t think it’s unreasonable for voters to be learning about Wasilla, and I don’t think anyone would accuse the town of being a hotbed of civility and culture. Sure, it’s all worth considering, to see what kind of a place Palin comes from, and what she may or may not have done to improve the city, to ultimately decide if she’s somebody you’d vote for. I think the problem is taking any social problem that can be found in Wasilla, making it sound more egregious than it is, and then insisting that it reflects on her, her leadership, her image, her whatever. It’s just not rational. Again, she was neither queen nor dictator, and if she acted like it she would have been accused of micromanaging the place.

  253. lindajean | 2008-Sep-17 at 19:25 (@851) | Permalink

    This is listed a s a rumor in your site:

    # Yes, she did want authority to have wolves culled from the air, because they were taking too many moose and caribou. Which people hunt for food in the back country in Alaska. No, she isn’t shooting them herself. I mean, not that she couldn’t, but I’m sure she doesn’t have time. (Thanks to bluemerlin in the comments.)

    Look, this is one of those that I’m tempted to categorize under “cripes, what city folks will believe.” You don’t sport hunt from the air; this isn’t some fascination with “blood sports.” This is wildlife management; the authority wasn’t general, it was for only a limited number of wolves, and it was to be done by people with state-issued permits. Here’s how this happens in the wild in a predator-prey model: the predators build up to the point that they cut the population of the prey animals dramatically. They then starve. The prey animals then build up again. Repeat. Only, in this case, the predators who would starve include Alaska’s native (and Native) human population… not supported by any scientific evidence.

    Her Deadly Wolf Program

    Get the facts straight, rumor-buster!

  254. Charlie | 2008-Sep-17 at 19:53 (@870) | Permalink

    Oh, good, I’m getting commenters talking to each other.

    On the Rape Kit question, I am very suspicious that this is one of those places where someone with malicious intent has started a story by careful spin. Searching the Frontiersman and the ADN, I can’t seem to find much about this except the notice that Knowles had signed a bill forbidding it. In that one story, the CoP says he doesn’t think it’s fair for the cities to have to pay out that much. Here’s the quote from USA Today: “In the past, we’ve charged the cost of exams to the victims’ insurance company when possible,” then-chief Charlie Fannon told the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman, the local newspaper. “I just don’t want to see any more burden put on the taxpayer.”

    Palin wasn’t asked directly about it until Knowles (a D, a major Obama supporter and the person Palin defeated for Governor) started raising the issue (I think that’s a point at which I get suspicious). When asked, her spokesperson said: “Palin spokeswoman Maria Comella said in an e-mail that the governor “does not believe, nor has she ever believed, that rape victims should have to pay for an evidence-gathering test.”
    “Gov. Palin’s position could not be more clear,” she said. “To suggest otherwise is a deliberate misrepresentation of her commitment to supporting victims and bringing violent criminals to justice.”

    It just seems pretty tough to make the case that this actually was something in which she participated directly, and it doesn’t seem the Wasilla police ever really charged people personally.

    As far as Palin’s power as a mayor, I don’t think the idea that she didn’t have much responsibility was supportable. In Wasilla, at least, the mayor is the executive; a lot of towns in the lower 48 have arrangements like city-manager-council, where being the mayor is much more ceremonial. This is evidenced by the fact that when Palin took over, she could request the resignations of everyone from the City Museum head to the librarian, all of whom served at the pleasure of the mayor.

    As far as my tiny bit of thread control, remember I did promise to start an open thread every so often; if you want to spit on the mat and call the cat a bastard, that’s where to do it.

  255. Charlie | 2008-Sep-17 at 20:29 (@895) | Permalink

    Lindajean, look up “predator prey systems” or the Lotka-Volterra model. And don’t expect Salon to be a good source for scientific information.

  256. martyred_cars | 2008-Sep-17 at 23:08 (@006) | Permalink

    Have you guys found anything about Palin and the Kenyan witch hunter? It was up on Drudge, but now it’s gone. That was just… puzzling.

  257. NTW | 2008-Sep-18 at 08:56 (@414) | Permalink

    Lindajean and Charlie–

    This is a general comment about journalists and scientific opinion. I’m an experimental scientist, and my particular area of expertise occasionally draws a journalist to my office. My experience with journalists is quite mixed. Occasionally they really are seeking an informed opinion, and that is good. But just as often, the subtleties of my own professional opinion vanish on the floor of the editing room, and all that remains is a wildly distorted version of my opinion, presented as my true opinion, by the method of selective quotation out of context. In this case, the journalist in question simply manufactures professional corroboration for whatever view they already hold. The trouble here is that the viewer or reader really has no clue which kind of journalism they are seeing.

    I would add that I have yet to meet any theory about the behavior of animals and/or humans that isn’t contradicted by some empirical work. Someone did that empirical work, and that means one can always find a bona fide conscientious empirical scientist who will tell you “theory X is rejected by data set A.” The real question in sciences is whether theory X is better supported than theory Y, by the available body of evidence that addresses both theories. Any truly knowledgable empirical scientist will then have a fairly nuanced story to tell about the relative support received by theory X. Even an honest and well-meaning journalist can meet a fanatic at the university; and it takes an exceptionally skillful journalist to deliver the correctly nuanced view in an engaging and digestible way.

    The short story, to me at least, is “be wary of all science journalism.” This is not simply, or even mostly, because some journalists are ideological buffoons out to persuade rather than inform. It is because real scientific scholars are frequently in a state of well-informed doubt themselves.

  258. cynicalsister | 2008-Sep-18 at 09:11 (@424) | Permalink

    Just got a forward with tons of Palin rumors supposedly via Eve Ensler (Vagina Monologues fame) meant to scare the hell out of the sisterhood(thought I was part of it myself until I read the email). Included this tidbit: “Sarah believes in guns. She has her own custom Austrian hunting rifle. She has been known to kill 40 caribou at a clip. She has shot hundreds of wolves from the air.” “Believing” in guns & hunting myself, kind of hope these are true, but rather doubt it. One for the ever-growing list…

  259. voxitar | 2008-Sep-18 at 09:32 (@439) | Permalink

    Charlie, speaking of Salon, they had a long article yesterday on how Sarah Palin spent 50,000 dollars redecorating the mayors office….their source, of course, was one guy who didn’t like Palin, but has anyone turned up anything else on this that you know of? Just curious.

  260. Charlie | 2008-Sep-18 at 10:49 (@492) | Permalink

    NTW, I’m completely in agreement. My PhD work was in computer science, and as we all know, if it has to have the word “science” in the name, it isn’t one. But I at least worked with wet lab biologists and population ecologists, as well as being interested mathematically in emergent behaviors in complex systems. In this case, there’s a “scientific opinion” on which the Salon article is based that comes from what we might call an “opinion scientist”: someone whose job is to convey a particular POV to the media. Doesn’t make it wrong, but lowers the information content.

  261. Charlie | 2008-Sep-18 at 10:50 (@493) | Permalink

    cynicalsister, that would be #82, and it’s taken directly from the “Fake Palin Rumors” satire.

  262. Charlie | 2008-Sep-18 at 10:52 (@494) | Permalink

    MC, there are a number of links; apparently an African minister visited her church once and blessed her while she was thinking about running for Governor. Congratulations, you got #85.

  263. alaskanemesis | 2008-Sep-18 at 16:45 (@740) | Permalink

    Sarah Palins childrens names at least some of them are not that uncommon in Alaska.

    Bristol is the name of the large bay in western Alaska that is famous for red or sockeye salmon. The palins do have a fishing boat that does fish in bristol bay.

    Willow is the name of the town to the north of Wassila, Alaska. It is a very small town but was selected as the site of Alaska’s new capital.

    Piper is from piper cub a brand or type of small airplane. It is very natural that a alaskan family would want to name their children with alaskan names.

    Yes Sarah Palin when she found she was going into labor while in Texas decided that she just couldn’t allow any child of hers to face being a Texan so she made a emergency flight back home to Alaska. I think most Alaskan Mothers would crawl thru broken glass to make sure their kids were not born in Texas.

    Sam Goodman

  264. Charlie | 2008-Sep-18 at 17:36 (@775) | Permalink

    Sam, I’m a native (and Native) Coloradan, so I certainly understand Sarah’s reaction.

  265. theporch | 2008-Sep-18 at 22:07 (@963) | Permalink

    As far as the civic center is concerned, the people wanted it and her proposal was this. They would have to raise the city sales tax to pay for it and so they put it to a vote and the “people” voted to raise the sales tax. Seems like the right way to do things if you ask me. And another– Todd is from Bristol Bay and that is why they name their daughter by that name.

  266. voxitar | 2008-Sep-18 at 23:29 (@020) | Permalink

    alaskanemesis, as a Texan who would rather die than have one if his children born anywhere other than the Lone Star State…I understand the Governor wanting to return to Alaska to give birth to Trig :)

  267. torquewrench | 2008-Sep-19 at 23:32 (@022) | Permalink

    I seem to be hearing the rumor very frequently out here in California that Sarah Palin has re-authorized sport hunting of animals from aircraft.

    A popular variant of this is that Palin has personally killed “hundreds” of wolves by shooting them from an aircraft or helicopter. (Blame Eve Ensler for this last one. WTF is it with entertainment celebs and bogus factoids?)

    It is worth pointing out in the rumor rebuttal that sport hunting from aircraft was made illegal in all fifty states by federal law in *1972*. In other words, for just slightly longer than Joe Biden has been in the Senate.

    So, no, Sarah Palin hasn’t been hunting wolves from an airplane for sport, and neither has anyone else.

    There is an exception in the 1972 law which allows culling for predator control to be done from aircraft. This is what is done in Alaska with wolves, in a program overseen by state biologists. The culling is performed by trained officers of the State of Alaska’s Department of Fish and Game, or by specifically licensed private individuals in remote areas where state enforcement is difficult to rely on.

    Anyway, thanks for the invaluble list, Charlie! There is so much mud and FUD out there about Sarah Palin that it’s difficult at times to refute it all. Having a tool like the list is of great utility.

  268. Bev OToole | 2008-Sep-21 at 16:32 (@730) | Permalink

    I saw an Inquirer headline today that states that Bristol was caught doing drugs. (well, I didn’t open the issue, so it may have been Willow)

    I get furious over this kind of trash.

  269. whirlybob | 2008-Sep-21 at 17:10 (@757) | Permalink

    I got this attack on Palin from a leftist friend who believes everything (bad) said about the Governor. From the Alaska Daily News blogsite : “Palin has attacked Alaska Native Subsistence Fishing” and 3 other similar allegations. I have no idea as to the accuracy or the background to this story.

  270. fsteele | 2008-Sep-22 at 00:07 (@047) | Permalink

    From an anonymous poster at

    Palin Used Part of the City’s Funds from the Alaska Revenue Sharing Fund to Fund Anti-Abortion Center. In 1997, Palin signed an ordinance appropriating $2,354 in funds to the Valley Crisis Pregnancy Center from the State of Alaska Revenue Sharing fund. The Valley Crisis Pregnancy Center lists itself as an “abortion alternative” in the Yellow Pages. [Ordinance 97-23, 4/14/1997;]

  271. fsteele | 2008-Sep-22 at 01:55 (@122) | Permalink

    On the beauty contest, here’s a quote from the winner saying Sarah didn’t cheat.

  272. BoyScout | 2008-Sep-22 at 13:27 (@602) | Permalink

    I’d like to find out more about this quote from Nick Carney, a Palin political advisor. He states that he asked about redirecting funds from a highway project to redecorate her office: “When I braced her about that, her response, and I will never forget it, is ‘I’m the mayor and I can do anything I want until the courts say I can’t,'”

  273. Charlie | 2008-Sep-22 at 13:40 (@611) | Permalink

    BoyScout, that would be rumor #87.

    As it notes, Carney is a formal political mentor of Palin, from the time before she started to challenge the party establishment in Alaska. I also note there that there appears to be no contemporaneous recognition of this, and in fact there are no stories about it except the very recent one, quoting Carney.

    I further note that since Wasilla has a total budget of about $12 million, he’s suggesting that she managed to redirect about 4 percent of the city budget, without City Council approval or any notice in the press.

    So it’s seems very unlikely; if you have other support for it than the Salon article, I’d love to see it.

  274. Charlie | 2008-Sep-22 at 13:43 (@613) | Permalink

    Okay, folks, I’m closing this thread’s comments; it’s gotten too much for WordPress. Please add additional comments at the new Palin Rumors thread.

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  88. Cassandra | 2008-Sep-07 at 14:25 (@642) | Permalink

    The Twin Blessings of Denial and Projection…

    Over on Pajamas Patrick Poole posted a rather good analysis of the post Conventions landscape in America.

    In “Obama’s Existential Crisis” he suggests what many a Republican has already concluded for himself: the McCain campaign is in far……

  89. […] […]

  90. Debunking the Palin Rumors | 2008-Sep-07 at 14:36 (@650) | Permalink

    […] Martin is keeping a running list of all the Sarah Palin rumors and putting them to rest once and for all. Check it out if you are interested. There’s […]

  91. sisu | 2008-Sep-07 at 15:10 (@674) | Permalink

    “If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me” …

    If you haven’t got anything nice to say about anybody, come sit next to me, Alice Roosevelt Longworth is famously said to have famously said. She would have lots of company these days as Palin Derangement Syndrome spreads — with…

  92. Debunking Sarah Palin Rumors « Tiger4Truth | 2008-Sep-07 at 15:11 (@674) | Permalink

    […] Explorations/Charlie Martin: Palin Rumors […]

  93. Cold Fury | 2008-Sep-07 at 17:00 (@750) | Permalink

    Litany of shame…

    Charles Martin has done a fine job rounding up all the raw sewage tossed at Sarah Palin by Lefty smear pimps like Randy Andy and oh, so many others. He’s up to 69 as of this writing, and the list is sure to grow and grow as the desperation deepens….

  94. American Sentinel » Trash On The Beach | 2008-Sep-07 at 17:45 (@781) | Permalink

    […] it.  Fortunately, Michelle Malkin is keeping track, and there is a listing with hotlinks on the Explorations blog […]

  95. […] Palin Rumors List.  Kind of a catch-all of the ginned-up rumors, smears, and trivial facts the Left is trying to use to discredit Sarah.  Kind of what I’m talking about above, but in a scaled-down manner, and really only geared towards her.  Yeoman’s work, nonetheless. […]

  96. Dummocrats | 2008-Sep-07 at 18:17 (@803) | Permalink

    Playing the Political Game…

    Ladies & gentlemen, I’m pleased to report that our national epidemic of Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS) is over. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the “cure”, Palin Derangement Syndrome (PDS), may be worse than the disease. I’m……

  97. Brutally Honest | 2008-Sep-07 at 18:29 (@812) | Permalink

    Palin Rumor Central…

    Over at Explorations. Currently up to 69. Here’s a handful: Yes, she is Governor of Alaska. No, she’s not the Lieutenant Governor. No, she’s not currently Mayor of Wasilla. Yes, she was Mayor of Wasilla, some years ago. Yes, as…

  98. Making My Job Easier | American Princess | 2008-Sep-07 at 18:55 (@830) | Permalink

    […] gone and compiled all of the answers to the Palin Rumors, which is helpful because, come Tuesday, the blogging is going to slow down big time because my […]

  99. […] is keeping a running tab of Sarah Palin allegations and rumors. 6. Yes, she did push for and approve the Wasilla Sports Center. Yes, it did cost a lot of money. […]

  100. List Of Palin Rumors at The Commentaries | 2008-Sep-07 at 19:42 (@863) | Permalink

    […] Palin Rumors […]

  101. The Definitive List « Blue Lyon | 2008-Sep-07 at 19:45 (@864) | Permalink

    […] Posted on September 7, 2008 by bluelyon Texas Hill Country points us to this exhaustive list of Palin Rumors and the facts of the matter. As of this posting there are sixty-nine […]

  102. Sarah Palin rumours debunked | Kiwiblog | 2008-Sep-07 at 20:07 (@880) | Permalink

    […] Charlie Martin has set up a page listing and confirming or debunking all the rumours about Sarah Palin. I suggest anyone writing about her in the media check with this page, before repeating something […]

  103. […] The Complete Palin Rumors list and answers Sphere: Related Content […]

  104. […] Charlie Martin has set up a page listing and confirming or debunking all the rumours about Sarah Palin. I suggest anyone writing about her in the media check with this page, before repeating something […]

  105. Tel-Chai Nation | 2008-Sep-07 at 20:43 (@905) | Permalink

    A flood of anti-Palin smears from the left…

    John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin for VP candidate has led to an avalanche of terrible, but probably unsurprising, smears and other forms of vile reactions, against her. For example, US Weekly published one of the most disgusting attacks on Pali….

  106. Shots Across The Bow | 2008-Sep-07 at 20:43 (@905) | Permalink

    Liberal Lies about Palin…

    Lie #1: She wants to force Creationism into school curricula. Truth. Plain believes that discussions in the classroom should not be artificially restricted, and that if the subject comes up, teachers and students should be free to discuss any theory. T…

  107. […] Martin’s blog Explorations has exploded since he started listing and addressing the Palin Rumors. He links here about the Post article saying Palin cut funds to teen moms. Digg […]

  108. […] Charlie at Explorations has a list of “Palin Rumors.” […]

  109. […] Fact or Fiction about Sarah Palin […]

  110. […] Media: A Collection UPDATE 8 Sept 2008: Looks like there’s another list, over at Explorations. Kudos, fight the Obamedia […]

  111. […] […]

  112. Stix Blog | 2008-Sep-07 at 22:44 (@989) | Permalink

    Palin Rumors debunked…

    If you want to learn the truth about all the rumors and disgusting thing s that have been said about Palin go to Explorations. Here are just a few:Yes, as Governor of Alaska, she’s the Commander in Chief of the…

  113. Little Miss Attila | 2008-Sep-07 at 22:49 (@992) | Permalink

    The Snopes Site of the Palin-sphere….

    For those who haven’t seen it yet, Charlie Martin of Explorations has the Definitive List of Palin Rumors, with the status of each. (“Yes, she does have a tattoo of the Big Dipper on one ankle; she lost a bet.”……

  114. […] If you want to learn the truth about all the rumors and disgusting thing s that have been said about Palin go to Explorations. […]

  115. […] This looks like a good clearing house on Palin rumors. Dear […]

  116. […] Palin Rumors | Explorations […]

  117. […] Blogger Charlie Martin has helpfully compiled all of the smears that the left has hurled at Sarah Palin. 54 and counting! […]

  118. […] this is the complete list of Palin Rumors, at least as it stands about midnight Mountain Time on 7 September 2008.  (The link will take you […]

  119. […] Palin rumors debunked Palin Rumors | Explorations Interesting site. Yes, it is a blog. No, it doesn’t appear to be biased. Charlie Martin is a […]

  120. Classical Values | 2008-Sep-08 at 04:11 (@216) | Permalink

    Palin Rumor Control…

    I’m sure by now you have heard many rumors about Sarah Palin. I think the latest is that she censors books. Well no. Here is a site and its blogspot mirror that can be used to check out rumors. It……

  121. […] worth perusing: this comprehensive Palin myth-busting site; comment #59 is especially interesting (a long, firsthand and, it would seem, […]

  122. […] Martin at Explorations continues to unearth lots of material regarding the Palin rumor. He has a link to this 1996 article […]

  123. […] is a partial list of some of the lies told about Sarah Palin, reprinted with permission from Explorations. For the full list, which by the way is quite long, click […]

  124. […] Palin Rumors Clearinghouse […]

  125. […] BTW: This looks like a good clearing house on Palin rumors. And this one.  Dear friend, […]

  126. The Opinionated Bastard | 2008-Sep-08 at 16:22 (@723) | Permalink

    Continuously updated list of Palin Rumors…

    Which generally result in their being debunked. Meanwhile, I seem to be the only person to have noticed she’s not actually pro-life, but pro-woman. He’s up to 71 different rumors so far! Fun to Read Palin……

  127. […] Palin Rumors […]

  128. […] on top of the Palin rumors Charley Martin’s blog. He’s at number […]

  129. […] the rumors about Senator John McCain’s running mate, Governor Sarah Palin. Charles Martin at Explorations has started a list of debunked Palin […]

  130. […] Martin, hero of the Mint mobbing of Michelle Malkin, has a list that clarifies 70+ rumors about Governor Sarah Palin. Filed under: 2008 […]

  131. Weekend Pundit | 2008-Sep-08 at 21:40 (@944) | Permalink

    Palin Smears By Left Countered With Actual Facts!…

    The rumors have been flying in an attempt to smear Sarah Palin, but a number of blogs and other websites have been working to dispel those rumors and counteract the attacks from the Left. First, Charlie Martin assembled the……

  132. […] Lies, myths and rumors about Sarah Palin? There are ALOT of them and it’s damn near a full time business addressing them. Here is FoxNew’s top seven and here is a damn near comprehensive list of them. […]

  133. […] are some lies about Palin. (click the […]

  134. […] Palin Rumors Charles Martin Explorations […]

  135. […] Palin Rumors Charles Martin Explorations […]

  136. […] times, fun times! (Seriously though, here’s a great source of 71[and counting] debunked Palin […]

  137. Vox | 2008-Sep-09 at 00:33 (@064) | Permalink

    Loving This…

    Palin rumor central……

  138. […] 9, 2008 by scrubone Well, the list of Palin rumours has reached 71. He’s missing the car wash […]

  139. […] insulting essay after another, Palin is a creature up with which the left will not put, and any auld smear will do, no matter how […]

  140. […] A small sample from Palin Rumors […]

  141. […] Martin has the be-all-end-all list of Palin rumors and their subsequent debunking. And he writes about it here at […]

  142. Sarah Palin Rumors | Rey's A Point | 2008-Sep-09 at 09:43 (@446) | Permalink

    […] second is a (growing) list of rumors that have been flying around and which answers them and often links to evidence.  Some of it even made its way into my Facebook […]

  143. […] Palin rumours, debunked.  They’re on #71, at last count. […]

  144. […] exactly the way it went down, Juan. Yes (#40), she did make the enquiry, in the course of a general and open discussion, soliciting the […]

  145. […] Explorations […]

  146. […] Charles Martin, who has been debunking Palin rumors left and right, has this at #24: No, Buchanan doesn’t […]

  147. 09-09-08 | Drive Time Happy Hour | 2008-Sep-09 at 12:26 (@559) | Permalink

    […] Charles Martin has established a clearinghouse for all the existing rumors about Sarah Palin, and any new ones you want to make up! […]

  148. […] une liste ( impessionante) de ces rumeurs , aller ici lagrette @ 13:20 Catégorie(s): Présidentielle américaine […]

  149. In the News at Semicolon | 2008-Sep-09 at 15:28 (@686) | Permalink

    […] Palin Rumors: Charles Martin is keeping a list of Palin rumors and comments as to their truth or falsehood. The book-banning thing is numbers 40-42 on the list. […]

  150. […] Palins brother isnt in jail. No matter what the commenter at Anderson Coopers page says. Palin Rumors | Explorations __________________ […]

  151. Sarah Palin | Art La Flamme | 2008-Sep-09 at 16:44 (@739) | Permalink

    […] not really sure what the big hubba-boo is about Governor Palin. I ran across this list (thanks, Michelle) today of rumors about her — and they contain many of the ones I have […]

  152. […] adults not only dignify but actually believe it. A website that exclusively lists and debunks Palin rumors as of September 6 listed seventy-one Palin falsehoods. It warned that the number continues to grow […]

  153. […] while you’re at it, take the time to read this highly informative list of ‘fact vs. fiction’ by Charlie Martin.  There are 71 rumors in all, so […]

  154. […] […]

  155. Rumor Central « Majen’s Weblog | 2008-Sep-09 at 23:49 (@034) | Permalink

    […] Palin Rumors […]

  156. Hyscience | 2008-Sep-10 at 06:01 (@292) | Permalink

    National Enquirer Strikes with ‘Palin Family Shockers’…

    National Enquirer has a page up declaring in caps: “PALIN FAMILY SHOCKERS: WHAT SARAH’S REALLY HIDING!” According to the “shocker”:The NATIONAL ENQUIRER’S exclusive ongoing investigation of GOP VP Nom Sarah ‘Barracuda’ Palin’s goes far beyond …

  157. […] is a site that keeps track of all of the rumors being spread about Sarah Palin, just about all of which are vicious lies. The list has 71 entries, and I suspect it will keep […]

  158. […] Palin Rumors Debunked My apologies if this has already been posted. Links are included in the text. I don’t know how accurate this list is but it’s frequently updated. Palin Rumors | Explorations […]

  159. […] glad someone is doing this — Charles/Charlie Martin’s Palin Rumors accumulation (HT Dean Barnett at the Weekly Standard blog) is, for the moment, the ad hoc place to go for info […]

  160. […] Here’s a link to a site kind enough to both list, and then debunk the litany of Palin rumors and half-truths floating about the blogosphere. Well that and a response to a really hilarious email from the “dude I thought xians were supposed to be …” file. […]

  161. […] glad someone is doing this — Charles/Charlie Martin’s Palin Rumors accumulation (HT Dean Barnett at the Weekly Standard blog) is, for the moment, the ad hoc place to go for info […]

  162. […] he’s gone through the trouble of making a list (and, I assume, checking it twice) here you go… addthis_url = […]

  163. DogfightAtBankstown | 2008-Sep-10 at 12:32 (@564) | Permalink


    It’s been quite an experience to sit down to read the news online every night, and wonder if I have been transported into a parallel universe where right is wrong, up is down, and every bit of mindless astroturfing fecal…

  164. […] these Palin conspiracy theories and personal attacks, critically or not. See Charlie Martin’s now famous list (h/t) of all of the ridiculous Palin […]

  165. […] For a great dump of every rumor, check this out. Staggering, […]

  166. […] You can’t make this shit up. Anyone who’s read the excellent Palin Rumors page will immediately see that Cole’s piece is full of lies and half-truths. The only really […]

  167. […] 1) This article is full of the standard half-truths about Palin (see […]

  168. […] Bonus fun link: Sarah Palin rumor watch. […]

  169. […] obsess they do. Did you hear? Sarah Palin named her daughters after witches! Sarah Palin banned books! Sarah Palin is against […]

  170. PrestoPundit | 2008-Sep-12 at 00:28 (@061) | Permalink


    her statements on global warming:PALIN to GIBSON:  I think you are a cynic because show me where I have ever said that there’s absolute proof that nothing that man has ever conducted or engaged in has had any affect, or……

  171. […] that spirit, I have to thank my friend Jeff Hawkins for a pointer to a list of debunked Palin rumors. I don’t agree with the list’s take on TrooperGate, and I notice that it doesn’t […]

  172. […] rates 109/hr). The five most posted links are displayed and – not too surprisingly – Exploration’s listing of Palin rumors tops the rankings.Continue reading NowPublic Unleashes Scan: Crowd Powered […]

  173. […] Here is a good list of rumors and accusations with links to the facts that debunk them. Palin Rumors. […]

  174. […] what little you think you know seems to have been culled from the Daily Kos. For […]

  175. […] it. Next you’ll be telling me that Chicago has corrupt politics, right ? Enough with the slanderous allegations being spread around with no proof. Oh…. […]

  176. Leaning Straight Up | 2008-Sep-15 at 03:21 (@181) | Permalink

    What PDS really shows Part 3 : A lie told often enough……

    …Becomes truth.  Words spoken long ago by Lenin, they have never before been truer.
    The Democrats are not dumb, they quickly realized that they have a tiger by the tail, so in good old Democrat tradition, they launched a campaign of disinformati…

  177. […] Léelos enteros. Lo tratan con mucho humor: Palin Rumors […]

  178. Jules Crittenden » Dairygate | 2008-Sep-15 at 08:10 (@381) | Permalink

    […] UPDATE: Chas Martin is keeping a running Palin rumor tally. […]

  179. […] the list of debunked Palin rumors, check out Explorations – currently at 71 entries and growing. addthis_url = […]

  180. Sarah Palin 2 | 2008-Sep-16 at 04:38 (@234) | Permalink

    […] Palin Rumors […]

  181. […] 109/hr). The five most posted links are displayed and – not too surprisingly – Exploration’s listing of Palin rumors tops the […]

  182. […] they couldn’t; yes, it was “rhetorical”, at least as was reported contemporaneously in 1996[1] ; yes she did threaten to fire the librarian a month later; no, that wasn’t over the books thing […]

  183. […] 109/hr). The five most posted links are displayed and – not too surprisingly – Exploration’s listing of Palin rumors tops the […]

  184. […] Martin’s Palin rumors and lies list is up to 82. #81 is a howler — “Sarah Palin doesn’t think that dinosaurs walked the […]

  185. […] Martin’s Palin rumors and lies list is up to 82. #81 is a howler — “Sarah Palin doesn’t think that dinosaurs walked the […]

  186. […] Site debunking Palin smears- […]

  187. […] also stirring up rumors, half-truths, and untruths about Palin at breakneck speed — so far totalling 84, according to Charles Martin, who has taken on the unenviable task of monitoring […]

  188. […] also stirring up rumors, half-truths, and untruths about Palin at breakneck speed — so far totalling 84, according to Charles Martin, who has taken on the unenviable task of monitoring […]

  189. Snapped Shot | 2008-Sep-20 at 20:09 (@881) | Permalink

    Oh Palin They Love You. Let Us Count The Ways…

    A tip of the hat to Tom Blumer over at Newsbusters and his article on the attacks on Gov Palin by the Media hounds.

    Check out this site: Explorations. Site owner, Charlie Martin, has been tracking and debunking all of the attacks and rumors that ha…

  190. Little Miss Attila | 2008-Sep-21 at 05:33 (@273) | Permalink

    Another Palin Rumor Bites the Dust . . ….

    From Charlie’s masterful debunking of Palin rumors over at Observations, the truth about the “victims charged for rape kits” allegation: No, she didn’t try to charge rape victims personally for rape kits. This is one of those complicated ones with….

  191. […] So whats the difference? Only what people have made up about what they think Palin must believe. Palin Rumors | Explorations From […]

  192. […] […]

  193. […] Charlie Martin has set up a page listing and confirming or debunking all the rumours about Sarah Palin. I suggest anyone writing about her in the media check with this page, before repeating something […]

  194. […] […]

  195. […] Palin and CNN – Byron York – The Corner on National Review Online= Palin Rumors | Explorations When someone moves on to something else, they quit what they were doing before. The whole quitter […]

  196. […] does not exist. Sarah Palin Africa Story a Hoax – Associated Content – Palin Rumors | Explorations In the future, please do a little research before repeating MSM […]

  197. […] the media-maligned Sarah Palin trails Obama by only two […]

  198. Another smear cleaned up « Public Secrets | 2010-Sep-26 at 07:44 (@364) | Permalink

    […] rage since John McCain picked Sarah Palin as his running mate. They’ve floated all sorts of rumors about her and resorted to slander to try to dent her genuine popularity. They’ve even gone […]

  199. […] is a blogger out there named Charles Martin.  He has done us all a favor and put together a comprehensive list of all the Sarah Palin […]

  200. […] [back] [back] […]

  201. […] What bothers me is that, while the media has been quick to investigate and shoot down every claim that Sarah Palin makes—that she stopped the Bridge to Nowhere, that she opposes earmarks—the nasty rumors are taken at face value. It takes bloggers, working on their own time and with tools no fancier than Google, to figure out that she’s not personally sending bills for $1,200 to traumatized rape victims and that no, she did NOT cut funding for teen mothers, unless you define “cut” as not providing as much of a budget increase as had been had asked for (same with funding “cuts” for Catholic Charities and the Special Olympics). […]

  202. […] woman, piped up immediately: ‘Well, Lyda Green is a bitch.’”) [ Palin Rumors] (Charles Martin clears up each item on a running list, and provides links to the correct […]

  203. Sarah Palin: The Truth Will Set You Free | 2013-Apr-08 at 07:33 (@356) | Permalink

    […] website that actually verified that many statements about Sarah Palin were untrue. I also found This Website run by Charlie Martin, who has researched and set the record straight on over 70 Sarah Palin […]

  204. […] (If you are having a hard time keeping up with them, I suggest visiting Charlie Martin’s numbered list of rumors, followed by the truth.) As my wife pointed out, “It’s as though all the freight train […]

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