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More rumors coming

Frankly, trying to keep up on this is weaing me out. I need to do a few other things today; will catch up on comments and new rumors this evening.

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  1. Dales | 2008-Sep-06 at 16:30 (@729) | Permalink

    If I might suggest a ‘tagline’ for your Palin Rumors threads, might I suggest what I hinted at to Glenn Reynolds/Instapundit here: ? It is a line from Barracuda by Heart–

    “If the real thing won’t do the trick, you better make up something quick!”

    I think it fits the Palin rumors thing oh-so-perfectly.

  2. Dales | 2008-Sep-06 at 16:48 (@742) | Permalink

    I might also suggest a little turn of the phrase regarding how quickly these rumors end up on 80000000 lefty blogs and message boards. Some call it Astroturfing. I think it should be called Cross-Palination.

  3. Dales | 2008-Sep-06 at 16:50 (@743) | Permalink

    Hmm. I see my ‘new’ comment awaiting moderation, but not my first. !?!

    If it was lost, I was going to suggest a tagline for the Palin rumors threads. As I pointed out to Instapundit, , while the song Barracuda is a play off her high-school basketball nickname, the lyrics fit.

    “If the real thing won’t do the trick, you better make up something quick!”


  4. Charlie | 2008-Sep-06 at 17:51 (@785) | Permalink


    I like it.

    My traffic has grown by four orders of magnitude tody; I think my poor server is hanging on my teeth and fingernails. I think everything is out of the queue and posted now.

  5. texan4hillary | 2008-Sep-06 at 19:23 (@849) | Permalink

    new palinsmear on ap claiming she went to some church that called for converting gays to straights. of course palin is not quoted saying she approves this-but tis another smear implying she hates gays and wants them converted. we need to debunk this one

  6. Gypsy Man | 2008-Sep-07 at 02:29 (@145) | Permalink

    Here’s a rumor–I hear the person in charge of the Troopergate investigation is Hollis French, a partisan Democrat Obama supporter who has leaked comments damaging to Palin and now has been shown to have lied, claiming he was not involved in the investigation when he really is.

    What a second, that’s no rumor! It’s all true–

  7. galynn | 2008-Sep-07 at 10:10 (@465) | Permalink

    Another rumor in comments of CNN blog! Check out commenter #3 (“Linda”) who says: “…Also did you know she has brothers in jail? check it out!!” Link is:

  8. Charlie | 2008-Sep-07 at 10:27 (@477) | Permalink

    Thanks, Galynn, got it.

  9. jcmeredith1 | 2008-Sep-07 at 11:14 (@510) | Permalink

    Wow, it’s so exciting to see so many people go digging into Sarah Palin’s past and dig up what might be construed as evidence that she is not cut out for high office.

    Maybe they’ll find out that she launched her first campaign for elective office in the home of a man who thinks domestic terrorism is suitable political discourse.

    Oh you say Obama did that? Hmmm.

    Okay, maybe they’ll get audio footage of Palin earlier this year cold-heartedly saying she doesn’t actually mind that gas prices went way, way up, but regrets that there wasn’t more of a “gradual adjustment…”

    Oh, Obama said that TOO? Uh-oh…

    Well then, maybe they’ll find an example of some Dan Quayle-like incompetence on her part – maybe some audio footage of her saying that there are “57 states.”.

    What? THAT one is taken? Obama actually said that? Hmmm.

    Allright, here’s an idea: find out if she ever had a large multi-day campaign rally and afterwards, thousands of American flags were put in large Hefty trash bags bags and left as trash. THAT will surely be a huge embarrassment, wouldn’t it?

    Huh? The Dems already did that in Denver? Oh, and they’re not embarrassed? This is going to be tough.

    But I sure hope they’ll keep trying…

  10. Terrence of Arabia | 2008-Sep-15 at 12:59 (@583) | Permalink

    Eve Ensler (author of Vagina Monolgues)published a feverish diatribe in the Puffington Host:

    She rehashes and perpetuates several of the rumors already addressed on this list. A new one is that Palin “…she has been known to shoot 40 caribou at a clip…”

    Any truth to that rumor?

  11. Charlie | 2008-Sep-15 at 15:00 (@666) | Permalink

    Forty caribou at a time? I don’t think so. Can you imagine field dressing 40 caribou?

    These folks hunt for food.

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