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{ Monthly Archives } August 2008

And Now for Something Completely Different

I’m on TV

Okay, so I’m actually just in the background. Again. I’m telling you, a face made for radio.

Day Three. Thank God tomorrow’s the last day.

My Day Three coverage at PJM. Oh my god, the link starts off with “Live from DNC my feet.” I’m supposed to be on the Martha Zoller show tomorrow at about 11:20AM EDT (which should be 1520Z, or 08:20 PDT.) I’m guessing tomorrows coverage will start with something like Day 4, but I won’t post […]

Ever Wonder What an Instalanche Does?

This: Update: Here’s “by days” as of this morning. Here’s page hits by month:


more animals

Love it.

Hits on “Alex Jones is a Consummate Ass” and “the Practice of Metta” in the same day. I bet that doesn’t happen often.

Alex Jones is a Consummate Ass

But then, from his looks and all, I suspect he’s on his way to an infarct. Cripes, he’s 20 years younger than me; he looks 10 years older. Update: hot damn, my very own link from Vodkapundit! And from some obscure law professor too. I can’t generally promise this kind of excitement, but I hope […]

Round Two, almost in time for Round Three

Day 2 of the DNC at PJM. And see the excitement at the Denver Mint.

What He Said

It’s 1 AM nearly, and I’m still up, barely. Got three hours of sleep last night, after picking up Stacy McCain at DIA at Oh Dark Thirty. Then it was wall-to-wall schmoozing, talking, typing, shooting, snarking… oh, just everything. It’s a convention. The only thing our intrepid crew didn’t do was drugs and women who […]

Jazz Hands

more animals The previous player in the “goofy Abyssinian” role in my house was an Aby I named “Shimbra” (“chickpea” in Amharic, for obscure reasons I’ll explain another time.) I had a kitchen counter on which I used to drop my pocket change when I came in the house. He was utterly fascinated with pennies. […]