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A puzzle

I’ve been pretty persistent about keeping Explorations non-political, at least directly. At one time, long ago, I created my “Seneca the Younger” persona to keep my political and other postings separate.

Well, what with my PJM stuff, and the American Thinker piece today, that ship has pretty much sailed.

So here’s the puzzle. Should I keep Explorations a non-political blog? Should I make a separate political blog, maybe ? Or should I do political stuff, and categorize it “Commentary”?

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  1. Stephen Green | 2008-Aug-30 at 10:25 (@476) | Permalink

    It’s your blog. And political stuff when you want, and don’t when you don’t.

  2. Stephen Green | 2008-Aug-30 at 10:26 (@476) | Permalink

    Oh, and one other thing: Bikini girls would be nice, any ol’ time.

  3. Charlie | 2008-Aug-30 at 10:28 (@478) | Permalink

    I’m still looking for Sarah Palin in a bikini. That would sort of close the circle.

  4. Robert Stacy McCain | 2008-Aug-30 at 16:11 (@716) | Permalink

    You should definitely do politics. And chicks in bikinis. Great minds, etc.

  5. Wingborn | 2008-Aug-30 at 18:42 (@821) | Permalink

    Charlie, I think your initial idea of keeping Explorations nonpolitical and Seneca The Younger for your politics was a good one. You have a lot to say besides politics, and Explorations is a good place to say it. is a good idea as well. I expect there will be some cross-pollenation, though.

    Oh, and chicks in bikinis is definitely a very good idea!

  6. jeffa | 2008-Aug-30 at 21:27 (@936) | Permalink

    A agree with Stephen but I’d hate to see the political stuff overwhelming the current material.

  7. Charlie | 2008-Aug-31 at 09:50 (@451) | Permalink

    Okay, chicks in bikinis: check.

  8. Terrye | 2008-Aug-31 at 13:37 (@609) | Permalink

    How much time do you have to devote to blogging. I think that if you can do both, you should.

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