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The previous player in the “goofy Abyssinian” role in my house was an Aby I named “Shimbra” (“chickpea” in Amharic, for obscure reasons I’ll explain another time.)

I had a kitchen counter on which I used to drop my pocket change when I came in the house. He was utterly fascinated with pennies. He loved to slide one penny at a time off the edge of the counter, and then quickly try to grab the penny as it fell.

The problem was that once he intercepted one, he would have it balanced on his paw. The first time I caught him at that, he looked at me, and said as clearly as anything with his expression “but wait! I don’t have opposable thumbs!”

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  1. j.ryan | 2008-Aug-26 at 10:30 (@479) | Permalink

    Hi, Charlie. I just saw your bodyguarding film. Great stuff. Calmness drives bullies crazy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    I discovered that while you and I may both program in Java, have lived in London, Ont, and be translating Buddhist texts, we are nevertheless dissimilar in size. If I ever need a bodyguard, I’ll look you up!

    Jim Ryan

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