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Shoulda been an email

… but some mail readers can’t cope, apparently.

The Sanskrit text I’ve been showing is in the Nagari, or “Devanagari” (“angelic nagari.” “the language used in the city of the angels.”) The fragments are Sanskrit. At least approximately.

I’m starting to learn it, there are too many things I’m finding I want to look at that aren’t well transliterated, much less translated. It’s quite weird: for example. the order of letters can change in a word, like this:

The syllable pi is written with the “ee” sound ि and the “p” sound प — but प alone is pronounced “pa”, and the pair for “pi” are written in reverse order पि . The ि is a “vowel modifier”.

But then that “ee” sound also has it’s own letter, इ

Sure is pretty stuff, though.

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