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Okay, this is weird

The whole writing avoidance thing has been bugging me for, I don’t know, ten days or so. Just couldn’t get things to go (although I did a prodigious amont of house cleaning, laundry, and so on.) Feeling depressed, creatively constipated — and coincidentally I was also actually constipated.

Yeah, I know, Too Much Information, but stick with me.

So this morning I finally wrote something I’d been thinking about for days. Can’t tell you about it yet, but hopefully it’ll be accepted and then I’ll link it here. (If it doesn’t sell, I’ll actually post it here.)

All of a sudden I feel much better. What’s more, minutes after submitting the piece, and without going into great detail, I also felt much better physically.

Someone once told me to write from the gut, but this seems taking it a bit far.

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  1. amba | 2008-Jul-30 at 14:56 (@664) | Permalink

    Nah. Not weird at all.

    Plus which, creative constipation (which is actually gestation) feels like depression. And so it triggers depressed ideation, all those frantic attempts of the mind to explain WHY you feel so lousy (“because you ARE lousy, you piece of sh*t”) that only make you feel worse. Whereas what’s really going on is the discomfort of an idea turning around and around, trying to get out in something other than breech presentation.


    Welcome to the wonderful world of being a writer.

  2. Charlie | 2008-Jul-30 at 14:59 (@666) | Permalink

    Yeah. Usually the gestation thing feels more like “the lights are out but no one’s home” — just distracted.

    All I can say is if I’m going to spend ten days feeling crappy for it, I’ve gotta get a better word rate.

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