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I put that up quickly this morning without comment as I rushed out to do something else, but this is really kind of fascinating. The monkey is Sun Wukong 孫悟空 and the setup is from a very famous Chinese story, the Journey to the West 西遊記. The woman is Kuan Yin 觀音 the Boddhisatva of Compassion.[1] While it’s not super-familiar to us, it would be utterly family to most Chinese kids. It’s quickly summarizing the beginning of Journey… but then ends with a little surprise.

I’d love to see the whole Journey done that way.

By the way, really old folks like me might recognize this as similar to the movie Alakazam the Great, in Japanese Saiyuki, from about 1960. I remember loving it when I saw it and every other kid saying it was dumb.


  1. a/k/a Avalokitesvara, who we’ve met elsewhere in these pages. []

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