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{ Monthly Archives } July 2008

It’s My Job

In the middle of late last night I was sittin’ on a curb I didn’t know what about but I was feeling quite disturbed A street sweeper came whistlin’ by He was bouncin’ every step It seemed strange how good he felt So I asked him while he swept He said “It’s my job to […]

Shoulda been an email

… but some mail readers can’t cope, apparently. The Sanskrit text I’ve been showing is in the Nagari, or “Devanagari” (“angelic nagari.” “the language used in the city of the angels.”) The fragments are Sanskrit. At least approximately. I’m starting to learn it, there are too many things I’m finding I want to look at […]

Okay, this is weird

The whole writing avoidance thing has been bugging me for, I don’t know, ten days or so. Just couldn’t get things to go (although I did a prodigious amont of house cleaning, laundry, and so on.) Feeling depressed, creatively constipated — and coincidentally I was also actually constipated. Yeah, I know, Too Much Information, but […]


Metta practice

I have to admit that I don’t take this whole unemployment thing well. I’m not actually in any financial trouble, in fact this ought to be like a vacation — full pay and benefits until mid-September, followed by significant severance if I haven’t rejoined Sun somehow — but I still don’t do it well. What’s […]

Comments Notice

They’re allowed. That is all.

Best. LOLcat. EVER!

more cat pictures.


I put that up quickly this morning without comment as I rushed out to do something else, but this is really kind of fascinating. The monkey is Sun Wukong 孫悟空 and the setup is from a very famous Chinese story, the Journey to the West 西遊記. The woman is Kuan Yin 觀音 the Boddhisatva of […]


more cat pictures.

McCain and the Lama

A new piece up at PJM.


Yeah, I know, no new posts for the last few days. tomorrow for sure — I’ve been practicing writing avoidance and cleaning up my apartment.