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{ Monthly Archives } June 2008


I guess this is going in Commentary, as I don’t have a category for “out and out whining”. Some number of my friends know that I’ve suffered from depression for a good long part of my life; I think my first real acute episode was when I was 13 or so, and certainly I had […]

Sign her up

Coming Soon to a Satellite Near You

Problem Priority

[W]hen you remove your most important problem, your second most important problem becomes your most important problem. — Nicole Tedesco in a comment at PJM.

Pronoia and the Beaty and Truth Laboratory

…. As I cruised at 65 mph between Larkspur and Corte Madera, a blonde in a Jaguar convertible with the top down passed me on the right. Perhaps distracted by the chat she was enjoying on her cell phone, she suddenly zipped in front of me. After hitting my brakes to avoid rear-ending her, I […]

Why Trains Won’t Work

A new post on PJM.

Communication Explained

From Four Block World.

Aware of the status of their discourse

more cat pictures

The Surprise Surprise

From Four Block World.

The Beauty Song

From one of my favorite movies, and with one of my favorite actresses: Stolen from Wikipedia: 北方有佳人,絕世而獨立。 一顧傾人城,再顧傾人國。 寧不知傾城與傾國。 佳人難再得。 Běifāng yǒu jiārén, juéshì ér dúlì. Yí gù qīng rén chéng, zài gù qīng rén guó. Nìng bù zhī qīng chéng yǔ qīng guó. Jiārén nán zài dé. This translation stolen from xahlee: In the […]