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{ Monthly Archives } May 2008

“This Childish Quest…”

I think this childish quest to assign moral or ideological cowardice or weakness because of a different interpretation of the lay of the political landscape to be wholly unpersuasive. — Jonah Goldberg


The Bodhisattvas are great tricksters, Sacrificing their own purity to save all sentient beings. But their words only cloud the glass. Better they had kept their mouths closed. (From Broken Koans; I’m betting he didn’t understand.)

“This is a Presidential Campaign…”

This is a Presidential campaign, not a search for reason and perspective. — Tom Maguire

Change Your Mind, Change Your Brain

Matthieu Ricard at Google.

Allegorical Cats

THERE IS ONLY one species of cat, but it is given different names according to its size. Thus the largest cats are called “lions”; the smallest “housecats”; and intermediate sizes have various names like “lynx” or “panther.” The size range is similar to the range in sizes of the domestic dog; but in other respects […]

You can learn anything on the Internet

Alien Life

Harding’s Plan on Immigration

From Dr. Boli’s Magazine, which highly recommended.

Radha Mitchell Interview at Esquire

I’m a recovering actor, and always interested in good interviews with thoughtful actors. This Radha Mitchell interview is one. She’s also just painfully gorgeous.

Offender Now in Captivity

This means that Scientology, which is a cult, can now pedal its wares without fear of impunity. Aside from the issue of whether Scientology is a cult, how many errors can you find in that sentence? . Captured in the wild here