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{ Monthly Archives } May 2008

One Room Schools for the 21st Century

There’s been a page lurking over on the left for “The CORS Project: A Modest Proposal” for a while. I know it’s already been popular, thanks among other things to a link from my friend Tonya Miller, but I’ve been putting off bringing it to the front because it’s associated with a Pajamas Media piece. […]


This is amazing … I’ve always “seen” Bach like this.


Meanwhile, Yoko Kanno is writing songs like this: Save your tears for the day when our pain is far behind on your feet come with me we are soldiers stand or die Save your fears take your place save them for the judgement day fast and free follow me time to make the sacrifice we […]

You get extra credit

for managing to look hot in a space suit!

My Answers to the Tierney Quiz

Space Exploration Quiz – TierneyLab – Science – New York Times Blog (1) 77,593 years — more or less. Neglecting the radial velocity partial, errors in the distance, the inaccuracy in my number of days per year, and the cosmological constant. 77,593.3421 is what Google Calc says but that’s more digits than I believe. (2) […]

“The last shall be first …”

So, in a relatively short period of time, the social structure has flipped. For as it is written, the last shall be first and the geek shall inherit the earth. — David Brooks

This is a test of ScribeFire

Trying out a Firefox extension.

Take that, Elton

more cat pictures

Talk about an artist

Stripped by a Mechanical Shovel! – video powered by Metacafe

Think about this…

… the next time you watch a samurai movie.