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IBM 1401

This is even before I was doing computers.

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  1. Amano Nisang | 2008-Apr-25 at 11:00 (@500) | Permalink

    What’s with this picture of four tape drives? The 1401 I worked with was a punch card only 4k (core memory) machine. In 1965 we were paying $4000 per month rental and employing the computer for service bureau work in an accounting firm. Among other things, I got this machine to perform complete checking account processing (demand deposit) for a medium size bank. Among other things, I figured out how to record up to 20 transactions in an 80 column punch card.

  2. Charlie | 2008-Apr-25 at 11:57 (@539) | Permalink

    Hey, the supply of video of the 1401 is sorta limited….

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