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太 初 有 道 , 道 与 神 同 在 , 道 就 是 神 。

John 1 in Chinese. At

My translation back from Chinese would be something like

“In the beginning was the Path. The Path was with God. The Path was God.”

Path, here, dao4 道, is the same word I translated as “principle” in the “Eight Step Program” post. It meant, originally, a simple road; you can think of it as a pathway along which one is naturally guided.

One of my favorite translations of the dao4 de2 jing3 道德经 would render that as Direction.

In any case, this is a really cool Bible site. See also

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  1. kittent | 2008-Apr-24 at 17:35 (@774) | Permalink

    If the Path is god and thou (you are god) are you the path?

  2. Charlie | 2008-Apr-24 at 18:22 (@807) | Permalink

    Who is this “you” you mention?

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