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{ Monthly Archives } April 2008

Apologies and a question

I just haven’t had anything to post today. Now, I’m curious: I had my biggest day ever when I posted the Heart Sutra gloss, but I had no comments on it. I’m really curious: who’s reading the Buddhism posts? I’d love to know. You can leave comments here or on the pages with the Buddhism […]

Karen Carpenter

… proves she had one of the great voices of her generation.

Hridaya Prajñaparamita Sutra

More Unbelievable Beauty from APOD


I’ve put my gloss on the Heart (prajñaparamitahridaya) Sutra up under Buddhist texts.

Sineád O’Connor

Her eccentricities keep people from hearing her voice.

IBM System/360

Since I took many grad school courses from the inventors of this thing — as well as it being the second computer I programmed — I’m rather fond of these.

What Your Next Computer Will Do

My new article on Pajamas Media. Complete with annoying arithmetic error. And a great plug from the boss!

More Computer History — the IBM RAMAC

IBM 1401

This is even before I was doing computers.