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Fan Letter

… to Rusty Warren, who most of you won’t remember.

Subject: Old fan, … who started as a very young fan here. I just found your web site because I was mentioning you in an article I’m writing about the music industry (for Pajamas Media); I’m glad to see you’re still around! Back a zillion years ago, my folks used to play “Knockers Up!” at parties, late at night, when they didn’t realize I was still awake. As a result, I was the only five year old boy in the state of Colorado who could sing the whole song.

My parents were not whole-heartedly pleased by this feat.

I’ll be ordering some CD’s shortly, and I’m really pleased, at this point, to finally be able to write you the fan letter I would have written you then — if I’d have known what a fan letter was, or, for that matter, how to write.

Best regards

Charlie Martin

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