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{ Monthly Archives } February 2008


This has turned out to be a more complicated, and busier, week than I’d expected, and plain simple blogging has taken the back seat; I’ve instead spent my time on several things of a more financially rewarding nature. In the mean time, at least, I expect to have a new essay up on PJM in […]

A Contribution to Cultural Literacy

Don’t Panic About Disk Encryption

A new article on Pajamas Media. Update: Article text below the fold.

How Bad is the National Debt Really?

I’ve heard a lot of people quoting numbers like “the national debt is nearly $200,000 per person.” If you look on Google, for example, the first thing that comes up for ‘”national debt is” “per person”‘ is this page, which gives a figure of $161,287. There are also comparisons of GDP against the deficit, GDP […]

White Rabbit

Real Administrative note

More real content coming soon; in the mean time, I’ll have another piece in Pajamas Media, either today or tomorrow. Update: click here to see it. Another update: the comments have been fascinating (and why don’t I get comments here grumble grumble?), especially the ones that say “I don’t care what your silly arithmetic says, […]

Martin’s Heisenbergian Observation on Intelligence

In all cases, under all circumstances, anything said by an anonymous intelligence official will be exactly what is most politically convenient.

Administrative note

Another Test

I’m writing this without the “help” of the WordPress visual editor. I’m finding the visual editor very frustrating: I do something creative with it (like right-aligning an attribution on a quote) and it will happily accept it, show the right thing on preview, and then rewrite my code so my creative thing goes away. This […]


This is something [talk radio] supporters are likely to forget … when they have to come out of their bunkers and deal with the rest of us. They think we’re RINOs and DINOs, but we’re just Americans doing our normal thing and trying to figure things out. — Roger L. Simon