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Maxim: The SNAFU Principle

“In any social hierarchy, the noise added to a communication between individuals in that hierarchy is directly proportional to the distance between them, and the factor of proportionality will be proportional to the perceived risk to them.”

( Yes, I know I just put this in an article.  I want it accessible as a separate category.)

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  1. Colin | 2008-Jan-28 at 21:25 (@934) | Permalink

    As a collorary: Hegel’s Master-Slave Dialectic which is partially explained here:

  2. Charlie | 2008-Jan-28 at 23:29 (@020) | Permalink

    Absolutely. And that very aspect of any hierarchic relationship — resentment by the “inferior” of the “superior” — that’s implied by the master-slave relationship, leads to a subconscious revolt by the inferior. So they may not even want to communicate more effectively.

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