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{ Monthly Archives } March 2007

Happy Friday

I started the day by bouncing down the front steps — due to a little black ice I didn’t notice. Sprained one ankle mildly and my back hurts as usual. Grumble.

If we have free will, does Mr Data?

I want to ask the question “what is the difference between being ‘merely’ unpredictable, and ‘free will’?”

In Transit

Very odd day today. Cathy Seipp died, after a long struggle with an aggressive lung carcinoma.  (She told us the actual histology in her blog, but I’ve forgotten now; it was one of the weird bad ones that just apparently comes from nowhere.  She was not a smoker, as every obit seems required to note.) […]

Let a thousand flowers bloom

(Heavy geekery warning, by the way.)

“Stone Soup”

Those of us of a certain age remember the Captain Kangaroo show. One of the features of the show was a woman with a pleasant voice reading children’s books, while they showed the illustrations on the TV and moved them around, producing a sort of illusion of animation; one that I remember in particular was […]