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Some new features

Well, one new feature.  I’ve added a contact form in the “About me” page and the “Contact me” page.

Also RSS should be working.

Seems to be working

If there’s anyone still following this blog, leave me a comment.


Okay, by adding a newer “fix the RSS feed” plugin (from here), I seem to have the RSS back.  now to see if I can re-install a bunch of plugins I removed.

Yet Another Test

I’m back, trying to fix the RSS issue. Grrrr.

Another test

This appears to be a known bug, but the WordPress forums don’t have an explanatino, and login on the WP forum site appears to be broken.

Yes, that’s impressive.

This is a test

According to a comment, the RSS feed isn’t working, and I don’t know why.

I’m Baaaaack

As of 24th August (coincidentally my 55th birthday) I’m not longer an editor at Pajamas Media. This should allow more time to write, among other things, including writing for PJM some more.

Tech Issues for PJM

I’m sort of the editor who looks at tech issues now (be nice, kids, the other editors are pure writers, not impure ones like me) and until/unless I convince Roger we need an editors blog within the site, use this to leave comments about the tech.

And yes, this will be moderated to, don’t get all excited.

In case the blog seems somewhat moribund…

… there is a good reason: I’ve been made Science and Technology Editor at Pajamas Media.  That’s occupying a lot of blog time.

Oh my God what a voice.

And what a face.